Off to a good start, and some things that aren’t my favorite!



Welcome back!

I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start, gang.

I talked about things I like to do in my last post, and figured it I’d balance all that positivity out by sharing a few things I dislike (hah!).

Now I don’t exactly want to spiral into a dark hole – it’s a little early for that – so to keep from getting too dismal, let’s focus on just the minor stuff for now.

Bluetooth earbuds that don’t work

Wireless earbuds are an amazing invention. However, mine always die within a year, nomatter how well I take care of them. Granted, I only use them for running, so they get drenched in their daily share of salty sweat. However, the kind I use is supposed to be water resistant, and I always make sure to clean any sweat off them with a damp cloth. Further, I never charge them while they are wet/damp. Despite all of this, I have never had a pair last longer than a year.

New England Winters

Having lived in New England for 4 years, and having zero chance of relocating in the foreseeable future, I have had to come to terms with the fact that each year from December-March, I simply do not want to be outside. I am half Kenyan and half Singaporean, grew up practically on top of the equator (Nairobi), and spent 8 years living in the sweltering land of Texas. Don’t get me wrong, Connecticut has its perks, but winter is most certainly not one of them.

Stinky fridges

A few weeks ago Joel and I hosted our very first lobster bake. It was an absolute blast. We had a couple lobsters left over, and so we put them in the fridge. The next day, we found that some of the “lobster water” had leaked onto the fridge. No big deal, we cleaned it right up. However, the fridge progressively smelled worse and worse over the next few days. No amount of cleaning would get rid of the smell. By the time a week had passed, the stench was almost unbearable. I finally had to take everything out of the fridge, disassemble all the drawers and shelves, and scrub the entire thing top to bottom. The end result was a sparkling, stink-free fridge. Phew! But damn, that smell was real while it lasted.

Getting injured

As I have mentioned, I love to run. All that running has led to more than one injury along the way. I ran my first marathon injured with plantar fasciitis. By the time I realized I was injured, it was too late to do anything about it. The week prior to the race, my podiatrist stuck an enormous needle in my foot and shot me up with cortisone. I finished the race, but it wasn’t until 4 months later that I was able to kick the plantar fasciitis to the curb. Nowadays, I try to train smart, so as to avoid injury. Many lessons learned.

Getting to the season/series finale of an amazing show that you don’t want to end

This has happened more times than I can count, and is always a bit of a bummer. Gracie and Frankie, and Glow are two shows that I can think of where I was left wanting more.


Noisy, crowded places

As an introvert, I really do not enjoy being jostled by crowds, or having to yell to be heard. Last Christmas Joel and I were on vacation in the Bahamas, and we were persuaded by some friends we met there to join them at a local parade. It started off fun, but the drunken crowds wore on me after about 30 minutes. It was also super loud, and spectators were packed in very tightly on the sidelines. It was hard moving around and I was almost knocked down more than once. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

When there are 20 empty ones, but they get on the treadmill right next to you

I always feel weird when the only other person at the gym gets on the machine right next to me. This doesn’t happen often, but has happened enough times that I feel justified commenting on it. It’s weird. I can’t explain why, it just is.


Another running-related pet peeve is chafing. I am no stranger to it. I always use anti-chafe balm (my favorite is Body Glide) but every once in a while I still chafe. One of those times was during my second marathon, when it rained the entire time. You’re more prone to chafing when you’re wet, and boy was I ever. I chafed everywhere, even around my neck from the neck-hole of my shirt!

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