Throwback Thursday



When we first moved to Connecticut, we lived in a small apartment. One day, when there had just been a big nor’easter, we had a snow day. We made a big brunch and watched movies all day.

Later that afternoon, while it was still snowing, we bundled up and took a walk around the neighborhood.

Although plow trucks had been removing snow from the bigger roads throughout the storm, they hadn’t yet come around to the smaller residential streets. All the roads and sidewalks around our apartment were still covered with a fluffy layer of snow.

It was so quiet and peaceful, and the only sound was the wind in the branches above, and the muted crush snow beneath our boots. We didn’t see anyone else out there during our brief walk. It was as though we had the world all to ourselves, and we were the only ones in it.

This memory is such a random one. I was scrolling through photos on my phone and when I came across this one, it made me smile.

It’s crazy how different apartment life is from house life. When we lived in the apartment, a snowday meant a break from work, movies, and potentially also some sledding or a snowy walk.

Now, being the responsible homeowners that we are 🙂 snowdays mean a lot of blowing and shoveling to clear the stuff from our driveway and porch. It doesn’t mean we can’t still do the sledding or walking, it just means that there are additional things to take care of now.

Even though there are times when I miss the carefree days of apartment life, I also remind myself that when we lived there, we didn’t love being able to hear everything through the walls, floors, and ceilings (dogs barking, babies crying, music, TV, people walking/stomping around). We were also quite at the mercy of our property management company who were not always on top of their game.

All in all, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to both apartment and house life. For example, it’s easy to relocate when you are renting, because you don’t have to worry about what to do with the property.

Chances of us relocating in the foreseeable future are pretty slim, so this isn’t something I’m necessarily concerned about. But the fact remains that it is often much tougher to sell a house than to break a lease.

Anyway, we’re pretty happy with our decision to own a house. We love where we are, and could see ourselves staying here forever. Even if it means having to shovel snow from the driveway every year. 🙂


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