A few of my favorite things!



Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things! It’s a random collection of things that I genuinely LOVE.

Oiselle Mac Roga shorts.Β I’ve mentioned before that I have run 2 marathons.Β I run almost every day, distances between 6-12 miles depending on the day. These Mac Roga shorts by Oiselle have been my favorite running shorts for a couple years. I own multiple pairs in several different colors. They are comfortable, flattering, and yes, short. I prefer short shorts as there is less fabric to cause chafing problems. Also, when they are short, they don’t do that horrible “riding up” thing in the crotch. They don’t go see-through when wet, which I appreciate. You can tell when the lighter colors are wet/sweaty, so if you don’t like that, stick to darker colors. Oiselle also makes longer versions, like the Roga and Long Roga. I own 2 pairs of the Rogas, which are awesome for casual days.

Jaybird Freedom bluetooth earbuds.Β I have used bluetooth earbuds for several years, and my favorites so far have been the Freedoms from Jaybird. There is a Jaybird app that allows me to control features like bass, treble, etc. The sound is crystal clear! I always amp up the bass. πŸ™‚ There are also lots of Jaybird playlists that I can access in the app (it links to my spotify). I use them for running mostly, but sometimes I also use them when I’m doing chores around the house. Something to note though…I have owned several pairs of bluetooth earbuds, but none have lasted longer than a year. If my Freedoms last longer than that, I will be even more impressed.

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning perfume.Β I discovered this perfume about a year ago when I received a free tester from Sephora. I couldn’t believe how beautiful this scent was — simultaneously fresh and gourmand. It never feels heavy or “too much.” I love it during the warmer months. It was definitely my go-to summer perfume this year. I got many compliments while wearing it, which made me feel good lol. One guy asked me what perfume I was wearing because he liked it so much that he wanted to buy the same for his girlfriend lol! It’s pricey, but I happily purchased a big bottle because I love it so much.

Roomba vacuum cleaners.Β We got our first roomba 6 months ago (we now have 2 of the same model), and I can honestly say I wish I had gotten them years ago.Β It’s crazy how much dust they pick up, even in rooms that look totally “clean”. When we first got them, I realized that they sometimes choke on computer cables or phone cords if left lying around, and they don’t do well with random socks that are left on the floor. We now store any cables/cords off the floor, and make sure to pick up our socks, and voila, no issues! The roombas have smart sensors, which means they won’t throw themselves off the stairs. One of my favorite things is that can easily navigate under beds and dressers, no more dust bunnies!

Birkenstock sandals. When Birks came back onto the scene several years ago, I didn’t get it. And now here I am, not only wearing them nearly every day, but thoroughly loving them. They give me enough support that I can walk for miles in them with no discomfort. I have had this black pair for several years now, and they just get more comfortable with time. Maybe next summer I will get a pair of theseΒ to add to the collection.

Craigslist. I mentioned before that some of our antique furniture was purchased on Craigslist. It is a great way to find amazing deals on pretty much anything. We have sold a few things on Craigslist too, like our old loveseat, a mini fridge, a guitar, and a microwave. Of course you have to exercise caution and be willing to sift through some not-so-great things in order to find the treasures when buying secondhand, but we’ve had some awesome experiences with Craigslist.

Uniball Retractable Gel pens. Another random thing… but these are my favorite pens. Like most people who work in front of a computer, I type more than I write on paper. However, when I need to take notes on paper or write in my journal, these pens are my go-to. They just check all the boxes. I bought a box of 12 on Amazon! Even though I have a giant mug full of random pens that I’ve accumulated, these ones are now the only pens I reach for.

Dutch Blitz. I mentioned before that Joel and I love game nights. One of our favorite games to play is Dutch Blitz! This is a card game of speed and counting! It’s easy to learn and so fun to play. Four people can play with the original set of cards, but there are extender sets too which allow for up to 8 people (the game gets crazy with that many people though). My friends and I used to play this when we were kids, so it brings back all kinds of fuzzy memories. We got our set from Amazon and have brought it out on game nights with our friends – they liked it so much that they bought it too!

These are just a few things I sincerely and truly love. It’s a pretty random list, right? πŸ™‚ But there ya go!

Got any favorites of your own to add to the mix?


14 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things!

  1. I’m with you on at least a few of your favorites–well, I’d love to try them (Birkenstock sandals–they are almost iconic). Others, BofA–not so much. But I don’t like any banks.I don’t like any airlines for that matter but am forced to deal with them!


  2. So you’re a runner! Well, just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your “favorites” and a big hooray for those Uniball pens, which I still use to log training notes. And by the way, running shorts really are a major issue! For men, too. As are tops, perhaps more so for men than women. An uptown chafing issue.
    Hey! Good luck in your marathon. From what I read, you will be ready.

    Dion Mkiva


    1. Hi Dion! Nice to find another runner who is also a fan of those amazing uniball pens! πŸ™‚ Chafing can really ruin a good run, I should probably have added BodyGlide as another favorite! πŸ™‚


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