Friday Review: Saltaire Restaurant in Port Chester NY


Last week, our date night adventures took us to Port Chester, New York. We have been to Port Chester several times over the years because my brother used to live there. He and his wife gave us a gift card to one of their favorite places, a restaurant called Saltaire.


We timed the drive perfectly to miss traffic and the dinner rush. Thus, it only took an hour to get there, and we found street parking right in front of the restaurant. We had a reservation, but since it was pretty early when we arrived (5pm ish) the place was fairly empty. It filled up quickly over the course of our meal.

The atmosphere is what I would describe as a rustic nautical chic. Lots of exposed brick, wood beams, and refreshing water-themed wall art, like nautical maps and photographs of sailboats.


Our server was very knowledgeable and attentive – the most “on it” server we have had in a long while. The whiskeys looked good so we both opted for neat glasses instead of going with a wine or beer like we normally would.

The food was incredible – check out the amazing menu.


Joel had the tomato soup and I had clam chowder – yum. I love clam chowder. He also ordered oysters, but I’m not a fan so I passed on those (something about the texture does not float my boat). We both had the halibut special for our meals. So good! And dessert consisted of vanilla gelato for Joel and hot tea for me. Perfection! We couldn’t have been happier with it all.


Oh and another thing. This is a little on the random side, but I appreciated that the music wasn’t overwhelmingly loud. I never felt like I was yelling or straining to hear Joel. It was easy to have a conversation, and that made the experience enjoyable for us. It’s possible that as the night progresses, the music volume increases (as is the case with most places we’ve gone), but we didn’t have any issues with that.

We were seated at a table near a window, and I felt a bit of a draft. I assumed it was coming through the window, but it could also have been a vent. I was a little cold, which is partly why I went for hot tea with dessert. I was wearing a dress and had bare legs, oops. Seeing as it is September in New England, the temperatures have started to feel more fall-like. I probably should have worn trousers, or at the very least some nylons. I suppose I’m still in denial that summer is over.

One of my favorite things about this particular evening was that over dinner, Joel and I got to discuss some cool ideas that he has. He’s been thinking about the possibility of starting his own business. It was fun to think of all the “could be’s” and toss around some ideas. Who knows if they will come to fruition, but it was fun to talk about! The combination of great conversation, delicious food, and smooth whiskey made this a perfect evening.

We loved the Saltaire experience and would gladly go back. The only two downsides for us are that (1) it is an hour away from where we live, and (2) it’s fairly pricey. But, we drive past Port Chester whenever we head to NYC, so it would be pretty easy to stop in for lunch or something on the way.

Ever been to Saltaire? Do you like oysters? What about whiskey?

28 thoughts on “Friday Review: Saltaire Restaurant in Port Chester NY

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of oysters but it seams like a good restaurant! I love you lipstick, it suits you so well! Would you mind check out my page? We can follow each other and be internet friends, I’d mean the world to me :)
    Love, Mimi

  2. I love getting gift cards to restaurants! It makes eating out make me feel less guilty since it’s “free” money to me. Seems like you guys had a great time :) I’m not a seafood fan so I don’t like oysters either. But whiskey is different. Granted I’m not into anything fancy but Fireball (does that even count ha!) in apple cider or Jack Daniel’s isn’t bad.

    1. Hi Crystal! In a nutshell, Airbnb is “home-sharing.” We open our home to paying guests. It’s appealing to guests because of the lower cost (compared to hotels). And appealing to hosts because of the extra income. :)

  3. Sounds like a perfect place to eat! My husband and I are celebrating our 29th anniversary next weekend (I feel so old!) and we are going out for seafood. It’s in the suburbs of Chicago, so it’s not at all quaint. But the food is yummy.

    1. haha yeah i feel that way when i read reviews about good restaurants. :) thanks for stopping by and leaving this nice comment!

  4. I love clam chowder (if it’s not from a can) and whiskey (maybe too much). Haven’t been to Saltaire, but it looks like I’ll be putting it on my list. Thanks for the post!

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