Half Marathon Training – Week Recap



In keeping with my plan to write daily on a specific topic, in today’s “Sunday Runday,” I am recapping my week of training!

I have mentioned that I run most mornings. Usually, this means running Mon-Fri. I’m usually pretty good about that, but this week was just “meh”, training-wise. As you’ll see, I started off strong, but couldn’t keep up the momentum.


  • Monday. 12×400. 7 miles total.
  • Tuesday. 7 miles easy.
  • Wednesday. 4×1600. 7 miles total.
  • Thursday. 0 miles.
  • Friday. 0 miles.
  • Saturday. Planned rest day.
  • Sunday. Planned rest day.
  • Total mileage: 21 miles


  • Monday.
    • Workout: 1 mile warmup, 12×400 with 400m recovery, 1 mile cooldown. 7 miles total.
    • What is a 400m workout? Here is a nice description of 400m workouts. …Essentially, you’re running fast for 400 meters (.25 mile), then allowing yourself to recover by jogging slowly. And repeat! 10×400 means you ran 10 sprints.
    • The original workout was actually 10×400, but I felt so good by the time I completed, that I did an extra 2 repeats.
    • I did this workout on a treadmill.
    • 400’s are my absolute favorite running workout. I love feeling strong and fast.
    • My last 3 repeats were the speediest I have EVER consecutively run 400 meters.
  • Tuesday. 
    • Workout: 7 miles easy.
    • Easy running can sometimes feel boring, but this time I was struggling. My legs were tired from Monday’s speed workout. I kept wanting to quit.
    • I finally loosened up around mile 3 or 4, then the rest of the run was fine.
  • Wednesday.
    • Workout: 1 mile warmup, 4×1600 with 400m recovery, 1 mile cooldown. 7 miles total.
    • I find mile repeats intimidating. I doubted myself from the very first repeat, and wondered if I should just call it off and run easy. It was clearly all in my head because I managed to stick with it and complete all 4 repeats.
  • Thursday.
    • No workout.
    • I always have a harder time sleeping when Joel travels, and this was no exception. I tossed and turned all night.
    • When I woke up on Thursday morning, I did not feel rested in the slightest. I opted to skip my run and catch up on some needed sleep.
  • Friday. 
    • No workout.
    • I had planned on 10 miles, but had another sleepless night, so chose to skip it.
  • Saturday. 
    • Planned rest day (no workout).
    • I used to do my long runs on Saturdays. The hours of running, rolling, and stretching didn’t leave much flexibility for other daytime activities. Recently, I have been focusing on family and friend time on weekends.
    • I love having my Saturdays back.
  • Sunday. Planned rest day.
    • Planned rest day (no workout).
    • Another day of no running around here. 🙂

Overall, I’d say this week was mediocre. I ran a total of 21 miles, comprising 2 decent workouts and an easy run. I should be in the mid-30’s mileage-wise, so I can’t say I’m thrilled with how the week went.

That said, I’ve learned the hard way that running without proper rest can lead to injury and burnout. So I am comfortable with the decision to skip my runs on Thursday and Friday.

Do you run? What is your favorite workout?


43 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training – Week Recap

  1. Half marathons have been my favorite racing distance for a while, as I feel like I get the most bang for my buck without crossing over into the really grueling miles. You’re right…overtraining and injuries won’t help at all, so if your body is telling you it’s a bad idea, you should listen. Five days a week is fairly ambitious, so don’t be afraid to take breaks…


    1. Half marathons are becoming a favorite for me too! And its nice not having to take a long break from training afterward (like i do for a marathon). 🙂


  2. I love how you’re sitting over there going “I should’ve been in the 30 miles range this week,” while I’M sitting over here going, “I’M LUCKY IF I CAN RUN DOWN THE STREET WITHOUT MY LUNGS COLLAPSING.”

    I suppose it’s all about progress. I’m sure you didn’t start out running 7 miles in a day, and I know that I’ve been getting better since I can run blocks without panting something awful.

    Great post! 😀


  3. The long run is easily my favorite workout. I love the meditative aspect of spending a lot of time out on the road. A good speed workout is always fun too, though! I think that you absolutely made the right call by skipping your planned Thursday and Friday runs. Kudos to you for recognizing that you were sleep-deprived and being responsible about your training.


  4. Nah, not a runner but love to work out with weights and include high intensity routines. Love that you are passionate about it though. Viewing your daily routine kinda got me motivated to start though.👍🏾


  5. I’m just getting into this running lark – finding it very hard to make the transition to running from fast walking (my calves and shins get so sore/heavy and tight about a day after running). But it’s so liberating, just bouncing along under my own steam! Looking forward to reading more about your exploits!


    1. Hi Charlie! I love how you put it “bouncing along under my own steam!” For tight calves, try using a foam roller to massage them, and also some post-run stretching to keep them loose and happy! 😁


    1. Aw, that’s sweet of you 🙂 i definitely have days (and weeks) of low motivation, but it helps snap me out of it knowing that i feel my best when I’m running consistently. Thank you for stopping by!


    1. Life has a way of doing that to me too 😀 but its all for the best to take a rest-day every week, to let the legs recover from all those miles! ☺


  6. Great job 🙂
    it’s ok to feel meh sometimes , I think sometimes we need to listen to our bodies.
    By the beginning of this year, I felt “meh” for 4 months ! But that’s ok.
    PS: going for my Thursday run in 2 hours


  7. Nice workout… I run Half’s each week but space my runs out into every other day… rest, run, rest, run etc Mon (4.5) Wed (7) Fri (4.5) Sunday (14.0) = (30 miles) mind you the Sunday Run gets longer depending on Marathon training or not ~ hope your schedule suites you well!… mind you I think you have youth on your side! Good luck!


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