A story about a roach’s dinner



Welcome to this week’s “Storytime Saturday.”

If you’re interested, you can also check out my previous installments: a poem calledΒ “The Knight’s Rose”Β and a poem about Mount. Kilimanjaro. πŸ™‚

Today’s story is about a cockroach looking for dinner in a recently-cleaned kitchen. Now, I know most of us don’t like roaches. They are pests, ew! …which is why I thought it would be an interesting challenge to attempt to write her (the roach) in a way that didn’t villainize her.


— The Roach’s Dinner —Β 

She skittered hastily across the glossy tiles in the darkened kitchen. Moonlight peeked through the window, reflecting softly off each tile and sparkling on her back.

She hopped with feline agility over the grout ditches between tiles, and quickly reached the edge of the floor where grout met cabinet. Her fleet feet transitioned neatly to the vertical wooden surface. Climbing came naturally, and with each strong pull, she ascended higher. At the top, she slipped easily onto the cool granite plateau.

A moment’s pause and sniff revealed that although a delicious aroma lingered in the air, her favorite foraging spot would not yield any crumbs tonight. Deducing that They must have cleaned the granite shortly before her arrival, she jogged to her left, heading for the smooth steel valley.

Due to steep and slippery inclines, it was risky to descend into the valley. However, the risk was necessary on nights when They cleaned. After peering carefully over the edge, she gingerly approach the edge, and skidded down. Haphazardly she fell, legs scrambling to regain footing on the wet, slippery surface.

At the bottom of the incline, she rolled nimbly and skidded to a quick stop. She paused to regain her bearings and wipe the wetness from her face.

A dark crevice loomed just steps away. She squinted into the deepness of the chasm, sniffing the air for hints of a meal. The scent of both fresh and decomposing food wafted enticingly up from the depths. Dinner at last.

With spry athleticism, she leaped from wet steel down to granulated rubber. Gripping the rough, rubbery surface, she crept lower still. One light hop, and she was inside the chasm, surrounded by inky darkness.

Balancing on a large metal blade, she paused once again to test the balance of fragrances swirling around her. Guided by her sharp senses, she located a soggy, delicious morsel, and quickly wolfed it down. Another tasty nugget quickly followed the first. And then another.

Once sated, she sighed. She turned to go, leaving the remaining particles for others in search of food.

She retraced her steps out of the depths and back onto the black rubber surface. She scaled the wet metal wall slowly and carefully, pulling herself upwards towards the granite. Upon the cool, bare granite, she cruised lightly, slowing only to position herself upright on the vertical wooden surface.Β She climbed downwards expertly, bounding onto the tile floor.

Moonlight glittered on her back as she cruised once again across the floor, back from where she came.


She’s quite the little roach, isnt she?

We followed her as she scurried over the tiled floor, climbed up the wood cabinets, jogged across the granite countertop, slid into the steel sink, and jumped down the disposal!
There you have it! Just a roach looking for dinner. πŸ™‚

Have you spotted any cockroaches recently? What did you have for dinner? Β 


29 thoughts on “A story about a roach’s dinner

  1. You have an incredible talent to be able to write a story about a UGH!!! “nasty roach” and by the end of the story the reader is happy the roach found her dinner!!!


  2. The last time I saw a roach it was dead in the kitchen of an apartment I was looking at renting. Needless to say, I did not sign a lease there! I could totally see this being a cute children’s book with colorful drawings.


    1. Hi Maureen! Not a good sign if you see a dead roach in a potential apartment! :/ Such a good idea to turn this into a children’s book, I hadn’t thought of that, but it would totally fit! πŸ™‚


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