Happy one month! 30 days of blogging by one word-obsessed writer.



Hi friends!

In lieu of this week’s “What if Wednesday,” I thought I would let you know that… the blog has officially been up and running for ONE WHOLE MONTH!

It’s certainly been a whirlwind of a month, that’s for sure! I came into the blogging world knowing nothing! It has been a big learning experience. Although I still have an absolute ton to learn, I feel like I’ve made decent progress.

Without further ado, let’s do a vitals check…


As of 5pm yesterday, the blog had 351 followers. whaaat. All I can say is THANK YOU! Thanks for following, reading, and engaging! I appreciate that you come back 🙂 And most of all, I’m excited to get to know you even better!

Google analytics.

I finally got access to my Analytics account, and am poking around in it… Still learning how it works.

Here are a few highlights:

  • The majority of you guys are between 18-24 (28%) or 25-34 (34%) years of age.
  • You guys are about half and half male/female.
  • Most readers are tuning in from the USA. However, we’ve got strong representation. from the UK, India, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Germany, South Africa and so many more! A total of 79 countries are represented so far. Woah! I love it 🙂

The posts.

The most popular post to date is the one about thing you should wrap your lips around. I am not sure if it’s because of the suggestive title or the mouthwatering photos, but this post seems to be a crowd pleaser! Another popular post is about how weird habits keep you grounded. This started out as a post about earplugs and before I knew it, I was writing about “bigger stuff.” Interestingly, the day that received the highest viewcount was the day I posted a story about a cockroach’s dinner. And the second highest viewcount day was when I wrote about boarding school. Oh, and side note: stats for the highest viewcount revealed that the major referrer was StumbleUpon (a site completely new to me) — many thanks to whoever shared the post on there! I have since signed up for an account, and am loving it! Who knew there were so many amazing sites, blogs, and random things to LITERALLY STUMBLE UPON??


I continue to be impressed by all the ways I’m able to connect with you all. In addition to gobbling up other bloggers’ posts via the Reader, I am also enjoying getting connected with you on social media. Good stuff all around. If you haven’t already, please do connect with me on #alltheapps! 😀

Reflecting on month #1.

I came in planning to write a post daily. This worked out really well in Month #1. I only missed a couple days at the very beginning, so I more or less have an entire month’s worth of posts.

I now have some pretty cool data to poke around in. It’s interesting what a month of data can reveal!

I have always loved to write, and I feel “off” if I don’t get to stretch those writing muscles daily. However, I do work full time, and it’s hard to get everything done in a day.

  1. Write and edit my blog content –> I find this really enjoyable and also quite time consuming.
  2. Read other blogs –> I’ve learned a TON about blogging and writing in general by reading the content others put out.
  3. Engage  –> writing and responding to comments on here and on other blogs.
  4. Interact on social media –> connecting is fun and an awesome way to easily share content!
  5. Learn bloggy things like coding and all that good stuff.

As much as I’m enjoying it, I must say, it’s tough to do all of these things every day after work. Realistically, I probably should focus on only a couple on any given evening in order to do each well. Given this, I’m thinking it makes sense to adjust the schedule. So, let’s see how it goes to have a new post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, shall we?

Posting topic and structure.

One of the best things I ever did was design a plan for blog themes/topics early on. The structure gave me a framework on which to write, and I never felt stale or forced.

Since I’ve had such a good experience with it thus far, it makes sense to keep a similar structure moving forward.

Mondays. You’ll see posts about memories, discussions, tips, or running!

  • Memory Monday. Just random memories, like the time I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, or what boarding school was like for me.
  • Discussion Monday. This is where we as a community get to engage in what I hope will be lively discourse. For example, would you delete someone from your life or memory? Should sick people pay higher health insurance premiums than healthy people? Share your thoughts and opinions! All perspectives are welcome.
  • Monday Runday. This is a running-centric theme. I will recap my weekly miles, share thoughts on running, and maybe even tell you about races I have completed.

Wednesdays. You’ll see posts about “What if’s,” rambles, and tips!

Fridays. You’ll see posts about faves, reviews, “what’s in my”, and stories!

  • Friday Faves. Here is one of my first posts on my favorites. It’s a collection of things that I genuinely love!
  • Friday Review. My first review is on the Saltaire restaurant in Port Chester!
  • Friday What’s in My. I like the idea of sharing “what’s in my”….bag, desk, fridge, pantry, pocket, recent calls list, notebook, playlist, netflix queue, wishlist, etc.
  • Story Friday. This is where I share stories or poems, like The Knight’s Rose and The Roach’s dinner.

Also, I still plan to do Giveaways every now and then… 🙂

What is your favorite type of post to read? What social media app do you use the most? 


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