The one gym to rule them all. Get in here fam.



In today’s “Friday Review,” let’s talk GYMS!

Ooh la la… la baguette… la croix… la fitness! Β πŸ™‚

I LOVE my gym. We have been LA Fitness members since 2014, and it has honestly been perfect for us.

I have mentioned before that I run a lot, and many of my runs (especially in bad weather) happen at the gym. I also do a bit of strength/cross training, which is all aimed to support my running.

So here are a few reasons why I love my LA Fitness:

Proximity to home. My gym is only a few miles from my house, and I love that I can easily go from driveway to treadmill in 10 minutes flat.

Parking. There is a large, free parking lot right in front of the gym. I have never seen it more than 30% full. I never have to park farther than 20 meters from the door.

Convenient hours. I am normally an early bird. When I am in marathon training, I am up at 4am and running by 5am (when it’s still dark). Although my town is pretty safe, I don’t like to run in the dark. However, as my gym opens at 5am on weekdays, I can happily run there. On weekends it opens at 7am, which is still perfect because I “sleep in” on weekends πŸ™‚

Treadmill plethora. There is no shortage of treadmills (or machines in general) at my gym. I have never had to wait for a treadmill, not even during the busiest times.

Clean machines. This is the cleanest gym I have ever been in. The cleaning staff are totally on top of their game. They are out there every single day vacuuming, scrubbing, disinfecting, and wiping everything from top to bottom. The cleaners have become familiar faces to all of us “regulars.”

Camaraderie. All of us 5am regulars know each other. As you might imagine from the early hour, there aren’t that many of us πŸ™‚ maybe 20 people, who consistently come at 5am. I really like that the gym feels like a group of friends.

Pool. When I was injured with plantar fasciitis, I needed to find other ways to get my cardio in. I got good use out of the bikes, until I found my favorite way to cross-train… in the pool! I loved pool running, especially since it is the most similar type of cross-training to “real” running (aka land running). The pool at my gym is indoor and heated, which is awesome for runners who happen to get injured in the winter πŸ™‚ or people who like to swim all year round!

Sauna.Β I loved the sauna after pool-running. As you may have gathered, I had my foot injury in the winter time. It felt so good to sit in the warm sauna for a few minutes after my workout in the pool.

Classes. Ok so I haven’t tried any of the classes offered at my gym, mainly because I’m there at 5am before most classes begin (I think the first one starts at 6 or 6:30am). However, I love that I have theΒ option of jumping into a class at any time if I want to.

Personal training. When we first started going to our gym, they gave us a free session each with a personal trainer. I didn’t end up using mine, but Joel did, and he said it was really informative. I often see people with their personal trainer at the gym, and have thought about buying a few sessions of my own. Especially to help me build upper body strength.

Weights. There are a variety of well-maintained weight machines and free weights to suit your every muscle’s needs! I tend to prefer the lower body machines the most (runner here), but Joel really likes the free weights and upper body machines.

Lockers. Lots of clean lockers, for free! I use the lockers most when I do pool workouts, as I store my clothing in them. I do have a combination lock that I bought specifically for the gym lockers, but honestly I don’t use it… I have never felt like someone would take anything (I also don’t bring my wallet, so there’s not much to steal) πŸ™‚

Childcare. We don’t have kids (yet), so we haven’t had a chance to make use of the childcare feature, but you better believe when babies come along we WILL be dropping them off at the awesome childcare in the gym. There is a large playroom just off the entrance with all kinds of kid-related things, like toys, colorful play mats, and climbing obstacles. I can’t say enough how much I love that this is an option!

Do you have a regular time that you always work out? What gym do you go to?


56 thoughts on “The one gym to rule them all. Get in here fam.

  1. It’s great you found a gym you love! Right now I don’t belong to a gym because I’m using that money for something else really important (hi student loans…) but when that’s done I definitely want to find a good gym that I love. I like working out in the morning but I only do that on Saturdays for my long runs since it’s dark out otherwise.


    1. Oh i hear you on those student loans! Its smart to get those paid down first, good for you girl. Hope you have an amazing long run tomorrow! 😊


  2. maybe i should sign up for a gym. your post kind of gave me a different reason to join the gym, i want to experience all of them.


    1. definitely! there are so many upsides that i have discovered after signing up πŸ™‚ i hope you find an amazing one near you! have an awesome weekend! πŸ™‚


  3. My gym is the beach, the community pool, and my bike. But I am NOT an early bird like you. This morning we headed to the beach at 10 am for our “early” morning walk.


  4. My exercise center is the shoreline, the group pool, and my bicycle. Be that as it may, I am NOT a brisk riser like you. Toward the beginning of today we made a beeline for the shoreline at 10 am for our “initial” morning walk.


  5. Thanks for passing on your thoughts on your gym. Is great you have a passion for health and fitness. I find it hard to find a gym without the gym junkies spoiling my experience.


  6. Gyms have become a booming business in my country these days but it’s still difficult to find a good one. Its nice that you’ve found a one where most importantly you have clean machines(I’m super hygiene conscious). Nice read!!


    1. Its amazing what a difference it makes! I went to a few gyms before settling on LA Fitness, and no other place could hold a candle to them! 😊


  7. Nice breakdown of your gym. I don’t have a gym, because I have awesome neighbourhood trails where I can walk/run but the bigger reason proximity, we don’t live that close to any gyms.


  8. That’s awesome that there’s a childcare there! That’d be a winning feature for me with my little one. The things I look for most are regular and interesting classes, and a pool! The gym I used to go to had an indoor rock climbing wall which was awesome.


  9. Its good that you found a gym that you like as this means you will be consistent in taking the opportunities it offers. It’s also good that your husband also likes that gym . My husband I also go a gym that offers amenities like yours. I do weights but I also enjoy zumba and yoga stretching classes.


    1. That’s awesome! I haven’t tried the classes at our gym yet, but they look like a lot of fun and a great workout! Hopefully one day soon I’ll get to give them a try! 😊


  10. I know that I have used LA Fitness in the past. They did seem to have some pretty good amenities. It just wasn’t for me when I was there. But that’s great you have found some great things about your gym. I have heard a good things about getting a couple of trainer sessions as well.


    1. yes! that’s one thing i haven’t tried yet – the personal training – but i see the trainers all the time with their clients, and they seem great. maybe one day!


    1. it’s definitely much easier on the knees/joints than walking or running. it was great for when i was injured. all you need is a pool that is deep enough to be upright without touching the bottom. πŸ™‚


  11. I always workout in the morning I find it’s a great way to get my day started and ensure i don’t skip it. Currently enrolled in 3 gyms right now since I was training for a triathlon lol love working out!


    1. I’m definitely a morning workout person too – if it doesn’t happen in the morning, there’s a 99% chance it won’t happen at all! 3 gyms –> 3 times the fun I’m sure! 😁


  12. Great review! I don’t have the time for a gym right now with my kid’s school schedules, but I workout at home. I have been to LA Fitness a few times, though, when I am visiting family and go with them. The only reason I used to be a member of a different gym was for the racquetball courts. But I definitely liked the atmosphere and cleanliness of the LA that I’ve been to.


    1. Oh racquet ball is so fun! We have courts at our LA fitness but I don’t know if every LA fitness has them. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have an awesome rest of the day! πŸ™‚


      1. Yeah, at least the ones close to me don’t have them. We used to live in an apartment complex that had courts on site and played a few times per week! Of course, that was before kids!!


    1. It works out nicely if you don’t have a treadmill or a pool at your house. But if your home workouts are working for you, no need to change it up! Thanks Barbara, have an amazing week!


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