Keeping the cold weather at bay with warm memories!


Hi friends!

After such warm fall temperatures, mother nature decided to bring in some MUCH cooler weather — Where I am, the last couple days that felt more like January than November! Brr… winter is coming and I’m not ready.

It’s much more pleasant to discuss memories of warmer days, right!? So let’s take a stroll down memory lane together!

Earlier this past summer, we discovered that a polo match happens every week near our house! It was a totally random discovery. We were driving one day and saw a small hand-painted sign propped on the side of the road. We couldn’t resist checking it out, and we’re so glad we did! It made for such a fun afternoon! The horses were beautiful and the day was perfection. Neither of us know anything about either team (or much about polo, really), but it was a blast to watch the players do their thing. It must take some serious hand-eye coordination to hit the ball and not fall off, while telling the horse where to go too!


There was some divot-stomping at some point, which apparently is a polo tradition, and it was fun to participate in that. We could drive right up to the field with our vehicles, which was cool. A lot of people had their trunks propped open and were enjoying the game tailgate style. Since it was our first time, we did not know to bring anything, but next time we’ll definitely bring some drinks and snacks to enjoy while spectating. After the game, the players rode around the perimeter of the field to say hello and give high fives to spectators. Joel made sure to get in line to congratulate them!


Another awesome memory was going to the Connecticut Open! We had tickets for the CT Open a couple years ago, but I ended up having to sit it out because I got sick (summer colds are the worst!). Since it was pretty last minute, none of our friends were available to use my ticket, so Joel ended up going by himself. He said he didn’t mind that at all, and ended up having a good time. I got to hear all about it later. When we got the chance to go again this year, we were really excited. It was such fun! Our tickets were for the day of the women’s qualifying rounds, so they mainly played in the smaller courts. There was also a huge stadium which was used for the bigger games later in the week. It was super impressive seeing all the talented women, and we enjoyed taking in all the good tennis! It was a crazy hot day, and there was no shade anywhere. Many people were smart and brought umbrellas for shade. We should have too!


This next memory is from a couple summers ago! Joel and I met up with a few of my siblings in Port Chester and had a picnic to celebrate my brother’s birthday. We were one of the only people in the park, so it felt like we had the entire thing to ourselves. We hung out in a big gazebo and did a lot of talking and laughing the entire time. Time with family is the best! I remember that we had a bottle of wine but had forgotten to bring a cork-screw (oops!). We were trying to figure out how to get it open, and one of my brothers found this youtube video on how to open a wine bottle with a shoe. We definitely gave it a try — let’s just say it did not work, but it was fun trying haha! I can’t remember how we eventually got the wine bottle open, but somehow we managed (I think one of my brothers went to get a corkscrew from somewhere).


Here’s a random memory… we found this super cool rug at Target a while back. I almost bought it! I love the colors, grey and whitish cream, and thought the antique’d pattern was pretty. The dimensions would be perfect for our living room. I must have stood there for 10+ minutes just thinking about whether or not to buy it (I think Joel enjoyed that part hah). In the end, we ended up not getting it because there was some question about the price — the target attendant couldn’t find the price of the rug anywhere even in the online store, and the price they settled on was based on a similar-size rug (different brand) which seemed a high. Oh well, the search continues!


So this next memory isn’t necessarily from warmer days, but thinking about it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, so I guess it counts! Shalane’s big win! Who else watched the NYC marathon a couple weeks back? I was glued to my TV screen! Shalane’s grit gave me goose bumps. When she crossed that finish line I almost shed a tear. So happy for her! I wish more marathons were televised. I don’t know what it is but I can watch runners for hours. I also love listening to any running-related commentary. One of my favorite runners to watch is Desi Linden. Desi is always cool as a cucumber, and incredibly strategic in her running. She wasn’t competing at NYC this year though. Anyway, Joel joined me for the last part of the race, and he kept remarking that Shalane looks like a machine. I couldn’t agree more haha – she’s a beast!


Here’s a random photo from earlier this year… the innards of a grape! When was the last time you sliced open a grape like this? We almost never cut grapes around here, they get popped into mouths whole! But Joel was collecting the seeds to plant in the garden. (We didn’t end up planting them this time around, but maybe next season will be all about grapes!). With the sun back-lighting the grape, I thought it looked kind of cool. Is it just me or do the seeds look a bit like miniature ovaries?


Welp, I guess I outta wrap things up here. I hope you’re enjoying your day!

Have you ever watched a polo match? Ever successfully opened a bottle of wine with a shoe? Do you like watching marathons? 



11 thoughts on “Keeping the cold weather at bay with warm memories!

  1. On Friday night, the radio station in New Jersey said that the temperatures were January like and were potential record lows for November. I feel like Connecticut would be similar since they’re fairly close to each other.

    How random and cool to stumble upon the polo match! I could see that being a really fun way to spend a summer afternoon with friends, drinks and snacks. I’ve never been to a polo match but I think it would be incredible to watch!

    I sometimes have trouble opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew lol so I would probably break the bottle if I tried with a shoe.


    1. you’re so right, it really would be fun to watch polo with a group of friends! Opening a wine bottle with a shoe is a little too risky for me hah! I kept feeling like we were going to bust the entire bottle wide open! The YouTube video made it look sooo easy but we could not get that cork to budge! Note to self, never forget the corkscrew! 😆


      1. One time I tried opening a bottle and the cork must have been extremely dry because it started breaking off into pieces when I opened it. So weird! I’m sure the Youtube person had done it about 28754907 times which is why it looked so easy!


      2. I’ve seen super dry/crumbly corks too, it’s not pleasant to have cork crumbs in the wine! You’re probably right, who knows how many takes or off-camera attempts it took to finally get the maneuver down!


    1. Me too Jose! I love a good warm & sunny day. I miss the perfect weather all year long that I had in Kenya growing up! I guess this teaches me not to take it for granted! 😊


  2. I watched a polo match a couple of years ago after singing the national anthem to start it. No, I’ve never successfully opened a bottle of wine with a shoe. As a matter of fact, I don’t drink wine or any other alcoholic beverage. I don’t particularly care to watch marathons. This was interesting, though.


    1. That’s pretty cool that you sang at the start of a polo match! I’m not sure if they sang the anthem before the match — maybe if we get there earlier we’ll be able to catch it. Thanks Abbie, I hope you’re having an awesome day!


    1. Haha! I couldn’t help thinking the seeds look like ovaries! I am guessing the seedless grapes don’t have those. I guess you never know till you cut it open lol! 😆


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