The most epic pizza, and our plans for ping pong!


Hey there friends!

Happy Friday!!! It’s been a pretty good week around here. Tomorrow is the Yale vs Harvard football game, which is always fun. It is supposed to rain and be cold, which might impact whether I go… sitting in cold rain does not sound particularly appealing to me! Joel and one of his friends said they will go regardless of the weather, but I am not really feeling like shivering for 2 hours hah! Fingers crossed the weather stays nice!

The very first thing we must discuss is this pizza from Tonino’s. I think we have found our favorite pizza spot AND our favorite order! If you are ever in the area, just tell them this: white hawaiian, light cheese, bacon, spinach, and extra pineapple! You will not be disappointed! I add a generous amount of red pepper flakes to all my pizza. It’s the BEST!

I used to eat regular pizza (with tomato sauce) all the time and was never a huge fan. It took me forever to realize that I actually do not like tomato sauce! I mean, like fresh tomatoes just fine… but if they are cooked or in any type of red sauce, it’s a pass from me. When I realized this, I started ordering my pizza “white” –> meaning either no sauce at all, or a garlic & butter sauce depending on the restaurant. This was a total GAME CHANGER!


After we called in our pizza order, we had a few minutes to kill before going to pick it up. We made the best decision and spent that time playing ping pong. This ping pong table was a great investment. When we were in the market for one, we looked everywhere, even Craigslist! Although there were some nearby options for sale, we didn’t have a good way of transporting a pre-owned table. And we didn’t want to shell out for a rental truck. After a lot of thinking and weighing the pros and cons, we ended up getting one from Academy. Delivery was quick and painless — they brought it right to our house with no issues. Here is their selection of ping pong tables.

We want to have a ping pong tournament with our friends one of these days. It seems like a perfect cold-weather thing to do when it’s too cold or gross to be outside. I’m not great at ping pong but I always have fun playing. Joel is way better than I am, and is always trying to do fancy tricks like spinning the ball…


I don’t know about you, but now that we are back to being homeowners, we go to Home Depot a lot! I feel like not a week goes by without us going there… and if Joel is working on some kind of project, he’ll sometimes go multiple times per week. We should probably buy stock in Home Depot. We used to be loyal Lowes customers back when we lived near a Lowes in Houston. But now the Home Depot is much closer to home. Joel could browse Home Depot contentedly for way longer than I can. I am definitely glad he is handy around the house. It’s nice that he can take care of most things.


I recently cleaned out our whole fridge and scrubbed it top to bottom. It was shortly after our lobster bakeΒ that I noticed an absolutely AWFUL smell coming from the fridge. I have a “super sniffer” as Joel calls it, and have a sensitive nose… but you definitely did not need a super sniffer to know something was terribly wrong!

It turns out that some of the lobster juices had spilled/dripped somewhere in the fridge. We had both wiped down the shelves multiple times in efforts to get rid of the smell, but to no avail… the smell persisted! I finally decided enough was enough and got serious about the cleaning. I took all the food out, and really got in there with #allthescrubbing. Every nook and cranny!

I also thoroughly wiped down each item before putting it back into the fridge. This is what finally worked to get rid of the smell. Thank goodness for that! Note to self, NEVER drip lobster juices anywhere in your fridge or house, because it WILL smell like death!


When was the last time you took a peek inside a grandfather clock? We have one in our foyer, and Joel is currently working on it because one of the gears is stuck. The actual time-keeping part of the clock works fine – it is just that one of the weights below the clock isn’t dropping. I think watches and clocks are so fascinating with all the different parts that work together. This grandfather clock was handmade by a man and his son several decades ago. We bought it from him when he was downsizing in preparation for a move to Florida. We love it and feel fortunate to have it in our home.


Any almond milk fans out there? I LOVE the stuff. I am not the biggest fan of the taste of cow’s milk. I started drinking almond milk a couple years ago and have not looked back since! It is delicious, has gobs of calcium and other nutrients, and has a much longer shelf than cow’s milk. Gone are the days of throwing out half finished containers of cow’s milk because they went bad! I usually get the “original” flavor but I know there are varieties like vanilla and unsweetened.


I am excited for the weekend, even if it ends up being a rainy one! We plan to do a little bit of decorating around the house to get prepared to host thanksgiving. I don’t typically do a ton of decorating, but am excited to this year. It will be a fun way of getting into the holiday spirit. Feel free to recommend your favorite places to buy holiday decor!

What do you have planned for your weekend? What thanksgiving food are you looking forward to the most? What’s your favorite place to buy holiday decor?



15 thoughts on “The most epic pizza, and our plans for ping pong!

  1. That pizza looks delicious! I never got how Hawaiian pizza would be good since I don’t think tomato sauce and pineapple would go well together so white Hawaiian is a great idea. You should totally have a ping pong tournament with friends! It would be a great way to get together during the winter.


    1. I’m trying to get more of my friends on board with the whole pineapple on pizza thing — half of them think it’s the worst idea ever (not sure how we are friends hah!). We played a couple games of ping pong last night with a few friends and everyone is now excited about doing a tournament sometime soon — yay!!!


  2. I love almond milk, but the unsweetened kind always tastes a little bit off to me. I actually also really like soy milk!

    I buy most of my holiday decor at TJMaxx and Homegoods. They have a pretty wide variety of cute stuff, and it’s pretty cheap, so I don’t feel bad that I’m buying something I only use for a few months at a time.


    1. Oooh I’m planning to go to tjmaxx this weekend, I’ll definitely look out for their holiday decor! I’ve never bought Christmas stuff from them but it totally makes sense that they’d have some good options! Thanks for the suggestion!! πŸ˜ƒ


  3. That pizza looks amazing!! Pizza used to be my favorite food but then I realized how icky it makes me feel (cheese-lactose intolerant, wheat dough- bloaty, tomato sauce-GERD…). Doesn’t it feel amazing (afterwards :)) to give your fridge a good scrub down? Ha!


    1. It felt awesome to clean out the fridge! I felt super accomplished afterwards! It was refreshing having a sparkling fridge! πŸ˜‰


  4. We love almond milk! Ben is dying to make his own, and now that we finally have a Vitamix (YAY!) I think we’ll actually try it!
    I love that you guys play ping pong haha, we play a lot of chess when we’ve got spare time. It’s so fun!
    PS. Your fridge looks enviably sparkly clean, love it!

    Susie |


    1. So cool that you’ll be making your own almond milk! Joel & i used to play chess all the time, but haven’t in years… this inspires me to dust off that old chess set! πŸ˜€


  5. my holiday decorations come from all over, but my favorite place is to go to craft fairs, then the items are homemade and not the typical items.

    As for pizza have you tried putting fresh tomatoes on your pizza. one of my favorites has oil, tomatoes, ricotta cheese and basil on it… yummy


    1. That’s such a good idea to get homemade holiday decorations at craft fairs. I have never been to a craft fair myself but they sound really interesting! Fresh tomatoes, ricotta cheese, and basil sounds like a delicious pizza!


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