Friendsgiving, pong, and holiday decor!


Hi guys!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving week is in full swing around here, just like I’m sure it is where you are!

Our thanksgiving celebrations started a week early when we had friends over for Friendsgiving! It was a total blast. Everyone brought a dish to share, which made for a wide variety of delicious options!

Joel and I brought two pie selections: a pumpkin pie and a “triple berry” pie. We picked them up at a local grocery store’s bakery section, as we have been longtime fans of their baked goods… ESPECIALLY the berry pie! Both of the options were delicious, but the berry pie was the mega hit with our friends. There’s something about yummy berries and flaky buttery crust that made for the perfect combination. I think the pie disappeared in about 60 seconds. If you are ever near a ShopRite, you MUST try their berry pie. I am not exaggerating — I literally went there specifically for this pie.


In total we had 5 different pies, cheesecake, and cookies — no shortage of dessert options! There so much food leftover that everyone left with more food than they came with (don’t ask me how that is possible hah!).

It was such a good time hanging out with everyone. My throat was sore the next day from all the talking and laughing!

Somehow with all the different dishes that everyone brought, no one brought cranberry sauce — EEK! good thing we always keep a can on hand for such occasions! Cranberry sauce is one of my favorite holiday dishes. And STUFFING!!! With cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey, I am in heaven. Another favorite of mine is sweet potatoes (especially when they are roasted), but honestly if I had to choose between sweet potatoes and stuffing, stuffing wins hands down!


After eating way too much, we played a couple rounds of Heads Up. One of my friends has the app on her phone so we used that instead of the board game. If you haven’t played, you really must. It is such a hilarious game.

And then after that, we played some ping pong. We mostly played doubles since there were a good number of us. We all agreed that a tournament NEEDS to happen very soon.

Speaking of ping pong, I thought I would let you know that interestingly enough, I have a decent back hand but a “meh” forehand. In tennis it is the opposite — my tennis forehand is way better than backhand. Who’da thunkit? But I guess none of that matters because I’m not great at either game hah!


While ping pong was in full swing (very punny hah!) we got to hear a little bit of a song that one of our friends is composing. He is coming out with an album soon and it was really cool hearing the song before it is released! It sounded awesome! He’s going to do some touring when it officially comes out.

The past day or so has been fairly low key as we get ready to have family and friends over for thanksgiving day. I love having everyone together. I didn’t celebrate thanksgiving growing up because it isn’t a “thing” in Kenya, but I have fully embraced it!

While we’re discussing thanksgiving, I would like to know: what is your favorite way to prepare the turkey? We usually put the bird in an oven bag, which helps to keep it from drying out. Joel’s mom used to cook her turkey that way, so that’s where we got the idea. A friend of mine loves to brine her turkey. Also delicious!!

This year we contemplated the deep-fried turkey thing since we have all the supplies from our lobster bake. I’ve heard that deep fried turkey is ridiculously delicious –> of course you gotta be careful not to start a forest fire though! In any case, we ended up not going that route this time around, but are definitely interested for the future.


I am still in the process of deciding what holiday decor I want to put up at home. Back in our old apartment, we put up a small (3 foot) faux tree and that’s about it. We still have that tree, so we’ll probably put it up again this year. Maybe next year we will get a real tree. I’d like to also do something with the mantle (garland?) and other spots in the house. I haven’t done a ton of decorating over the years so I’m fairly new to the whole thing. I’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspiration, which has given me a lot of cool ideas.

Over the weekend we went to 3 places in search of holiday decor: TJ Maxx, Target, and Pier 1. They all had some great options which gave us more great ideas. At TJ Maxx I saw a set of stocking hangars in the shape of snow flakes and I almost bought them until Joel pointed out that they were scratched and dinged. Bummer! Oh well. I plan to look for something like it on Amazon (here’s a similar option).

On a random note, Joel and I were in agreement that burgers and fries sounded stellar, so that is exactly what we had for lunch. It totally hit the spot! What are your thoughts on ketchup? Joel likes it on his fries but NOT on his burger. He’s a strictly mustard guy when it comes to burgers. I am a ketchup lover who puts it on fries AND burgers! I even like ketchup with my fish & chips (instead of tartar sauce) hah!


For the rest of the day I am tying up some loose ends at work then popping over to the store to pick up last minute food items. I am sure the store is going to be totally bonkers with all of us last-minute shoppers trying to get in there!

I hope you all have an AMAZING thanksgiving tomorrow! Enjoy the delicious foods, and soaking in all that precious time with loved ones!

What’s your favorite holiday food/dish? How do you prepare your turkey? Where do you love to buy your holiday decor?  



16 thoughts on “Friendsgiving, pong, and holiday decor!

  1. Can you tell I’m a recent college graduate because when I saw pong in the post title, I thought you meant beer pong…oops! Sounds like a wonderful celebration. Funny enough, I do all of my grocery shopping at ShopRite but have never bought any of their premade bakery items. Definitely going to keep that in mind about the berry pie next time I’m in a rush and need a dessert.

    For your mantel, try using fake snow with some lights and then hang the stockings there. That’s what my mom does and I think it looks darling. Plus you can add a few more small items as well to spruce it up a bit more!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dawn 🙂


    1. Lol Maureen! It’s been so long since college for me that I didn’t even think of beer pong! That’s hilarious! I love the fake snow & lights idea for the mantle! I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving!


  2. my favorite holiday leftover is to put stuffing in a bowl, cut up some turkey and top it all with gravy. warm it up and enjoy.

    I always prepare my turkey in a roasting bag. I’ve heard fried turkeys are yummy, but heard mixed reviews on the ease of preparation. I’m all about ease on Turkey day


    1. Yummy, I’ll have to try your leftover combo, it sounds awesome! I love the roasting bag! That’s how we’ve done it for several years and it’s always easy & delicious! I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!


  3. I eat ketchup on hot dogs, but I don’t put it on anything else. When I was a kid I’d put it on rice. The thought of that makes me sick now. My mom puts it on everything (even breakfast stuff) and I give her crap about it. I say that ketchup is a “child’s condiment” haha. I sure do love food related posts. 🙂


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