What are your Black Friday traditions?


Hi friends!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING thanksgiving yesterday! We had about 12 people over (friends and family) and had such a fun day together. Life is best when you’re with the people you love! So much good food and awesome company. I’m still buzzing from all the good vibes!

What is everyone up to today? Who is going shopping today for Black Friday? I only went Black Friday shopping one time about 13 years ago. I was in college at the time and was spending thanksgiving at my brother Ken’s house. A few other family members and friends were there too, and at some point we decided to check out the Black Friday sales.

Goodness me, let me tell you — it was a purely BONKERS experience! There were definitely great sales happening all over the place, but the mall was nuts! I’ve never been so over-stimulated in my life. The crowds were intense, Christmas music coming from every corner, and lines to checkout were so long that it would take like an hour to get to the counter. That was my only experience with braving the Black Friday crowds — MAJOR kudos to anyone gutsy enough to do it! These days we enjoy a low key post-thanksgiving day, and if any shopping happens, it is definitely online from the couch.


Speaking of online shopping, between now and Cyber Monday we might pick up a few things online… possibly a bench to go at the foot of the bed and other random stuff. It will depend on prices. We don’t actually NEED anything urgently, we just have a couple of things we’ve been thinking about purchasing for a while. One thing we have been thinking about for a long time is small bar-height table with 2 tall chairs for the deck. It’s not an urgent thing — after all, it’ll be like 7 months before it’s warm enough to even sit outside! But who knows, it doesn’t hurt to poke around and get a sense for what’s out there.

What do you guys normally do on Black Friday? Anyone have any cool Black Friday traditions? We don’t have any “set” traditions for Black Friday, but the past few years we have gone to see a movie with family. For a while we were watching Hunger Games movies every year because the movies would come out right around thanksgiving. Last year I think we saw Arrival with Amy Adams which got mixed reviews from our family/friends (I liked it, but my brother didn’t). I think one year we also went for a hike on Black Friday. This afternoon we might see the new Justice League movie. Everyone is currently lazing around at home so we’ll see what everyone feels like doing in a few hours.

I mentioned last week that I am currently reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen with my book club. So far I have completed 4 chapters, and can safely say I am hugely enjoying it! Her writing style is so palatable, and I find the character’s voice very easy to follow.


Something that may or may not happen at some point this weekend is cake-baking! This is an old photo but it’s from the same cake mix. I have a some mix that didn’t get made for thanksgiving (we were very happily inundated with pie!). We’ll see how the day progresses and whether I want to be in the kitchen hah! Is it just me or does anyone need at least a day to decompress from all things cooking-related after big holidays? Plus we still have some pie leftover, so realistically I probably won’t make this for several days yet.


Here’s a random thing I thought I’d share: we recently organized a corner of the garage that was previously spilling over with STUFF. I am determined to have an organized…or at least semi-organized garage! When it seemed like things were getting out of hand, I went up to the attic and dragged down an old plastic storage bin with drawers. It turned out to be the perfect solution for all the random stuff that was piling up in the corner. It would be awesome to eventually get a large sturdy cabinet with shelving, but for now this is a great intermediary solution.


I have been chomping these sweet little clementines all day! They are so easy to peel and perfectly delicious. I like to have a box of these in the house at all times. I swear I can eat like 6 in a row. How do you store your clementines? I usually just keep them on the kitchen counter — they are usually gone within a few days and I haven’t noticed any issues with them going bad before then. My friend keeps them in her fridge because she likes them cold. Do you prefer your clementines by themselves or in other foods? I have had them in salads and they add a refreshing citrusy kick. Last week Joel put some clementines in his dinner… I’ve never had clementines with pasta, kale, and chicken —  it sounded kinda weird to me hah!… but he said it was good!


Another random photo from my office at work. I know, it’s a holiday and who wants to talk about work? haha! Fun fact: my office heats up to like 90 degrees on summer afternoons. It can be absolutely sweltering, and the building management office said they can’t do anything about it because if they turn up the AC, the offices on the other side of the building will freeze. Apparently it’s been an issue for decades (yay old buildings). About a year ago, my solution was to put these sun visors against the window! Almost the entire wall is a window, which means the sun REALLY heats things up. Having the visors up help to block the sun and prevent the office from heating up so much. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but better than nothing. I took the visors down for the cold season. I’m sure people coming into my office must wonder why I have all these sun visors stacked up!


Anyway, that’s all from me folks, I hope you’re all enjoying this holiday weekend, and that you’ve got some super fun plans in store with your loved ones!

What are your Black Friday traditions? Are you a fan of clementines? Got any books to recommend?



11 thoughts on “What are your Black Friday traditions?

  1. I come from a family of medical professionals who typically worked every holiday. We never actually celebrated Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving but somehow, somewhere, we almost always obtained some turkey and my mom would take us to the beach the day after Thanksgiving for turkey sandwiches and all the fixings.

    Quite possibly my favorite Thanksgiving/Black Friday tradition. We have tried to carry it on with my sister’s kids but these last few years have been too stormy at the beach for a picnic. I never realized how much I missed it until recently.

    Also, I don’t know how feasible this is for your office but we were able to cut down on summer heat in our hot hot office by hanging insulated blackout curtains in the window. It’s nice to have in the winter because they keep the heat in at night as well.


    1. I like the idea of blackout curtains for work! Much easier to open/close compared to the sun visors. I love the sound of your thanksgiving picnic tradition! It sounds so special. Turkey sandwiched sound pretty stellar too! I hope you have a wonderful Black Friday!


  2. Not really a tradition per say, but I took advantage of Black Friday to start my Christmas shopping. It’s only become a thing here in Canada for the last few years so we’re actually getting some decent sales now.


    1. I love a chill black friday! It’s such a great way to decompress after all the big fun on thanksgiving. I like your new tradition! 🙂


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