Calling Australia, Wayback Burgers, and Salt Licorice!


Hi guys!

What’s everyone up to this week? Can you believe it’s the LAST Wednesday of November? Guess what, tomorrow is my dad’s birthday — HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!

I am especially happy that technology exists that allows us to talk with my sister who lives in Australia! She and I use WhatsApp regularly to keep in touch and it’s awesome to be able to catch up for free.

On a random note, does anyone remember years ago when we would have to buy calling cards in order to call family that lived overseas? It was always an expense PLUS the call quality was never great (remember the crazy delays that would happen when talking?) haha! Technology sure has come a long way!


Anyway my sister is currently working on her masters degree in Sydney and will be living in Australia for at least another year. So far she really seems to like it, and it looks like it’s all working out well for her! She took us on a tour of her office and then her apartment. We then took her on a little tour of our house — she saw it when were looking at different homes to buy, but she hasn’t seen it since we moved in. It was fun seeing more of her life and chatting. It’s hot and sunny in Australia currently! ๐Ÿ™‚


We had a coupon for free burgers at Wayback Burgers, and decided it was the perfect excuse to pick up burgers for dinner. We had never gotten food from Wayback before, and ended up really liking their burgers. I love discovering new places! We would never have known it was there if we hadn’t received a random coupon in the mail! Instead of fries, I opted for onion rings, which turned out to be a GREAT decision. I hadn’t had onion rings in forever and they totally hit the spot! Onion rings and ketchup is one heck of a combo. Oh, check this out — this huge “triple triple” burger sign was up in the store… apparently if you can eat one of these huge monsters in under 30 seconds (the current record) you will win free burgers for a year! How on earth someone ate this thing in 30 seconds is beyond me!


I must have had a brainfart because I completely forgot to mention this in my thanksgiving post! Last week we picked up some fresh flowers from our grocery store. They were $6.99 ish for a small “Fall” bouquet. Super pretty! We don’t get fresh flowers often, but I always love when we do! Especially in the colder months when there’s not much going on outside in the way of greenery/flowers — they just have a way of adding something lovely to the home.


When I got home and transferred the flowers to the vase, I felt like the arrangement was a little on the sparse side. To help fill it out, I clipped some grass from our back yard — you can see the white ish plumes of grass here:


The grass helped to fill out the bouquet arrangement, and I ended up really liking how it turned out! Who knew grass could come to the rescue! ๐Ÿ™‚ It made for a nice little addition to our thanksgiving ambiance. The bouquet is still going strong with no signs of wilting. Fingers crossed it will still look nice a week or two from now.


Another photo from our weekend… we made a big brunch with my brother and sister-in-law. Pancakes, kielbasa sausage, bacon, apples, eggs, and clementines! I stuck with the pancakes and sausage –> topped with maple syrup, this is one delicious combination! I love a good weekend brunch!


A couple days ago we popped over to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a humidifier (we had a discount card and gotย this oneย for $10 off). It took a while to find the humidifier section… We circled the entire store and it turned out it was the first section we had passed. I always feel like I can never find anything in Bed Bath & Beyond!


Side note about the humidifier: we turn it on at night but have found that it is kind of loud. It bubbles a lot as the water is boiling and turning to steam. It’s woken both of us up overnight – not exactly ideal, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it with time. But I would like to know: is this just something we have to get used to, or are there quieter ones out there? If anyone has recommendations for quieter humidifiers, let us know!


It turns out our Bed Bath & Beyond has a World Market inside the store! I love World Market so much, they have the coolest stuff from all over the globe. Back in Houston we used to go to our local World Market all the time, and our favorite thing to get there were these salt licorice snacks! A highschool friend of mine from Denmark introduced these to me when I was younger, and I have always been on the lookout for salt licorice ever since! I never see it in the regular grocery store, but it is WAY better than regular black licorice which I’m not a huge fan of — if you ever go to World Market, definitely check out the salt licorice!


I don’t know about your house, but the thanksgiving leftovers are still going STRONG here! We ran out of green beans but still have a lot of turkey, stuffing, mashed & roasted potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and PIE! It’s a good thing Joel and I don’t mind eating the same thing for days on end. If we eventually need to switch things up, I have a few ideas up my sleeve for how to use leftovers.


Oh another thing we still have leftover from thanksgiving are theseย Hawaiian rolls! But you know what, they aren’t going to last too much longer because we are quickly devouring them. They are way too delicious to resist!



Have you ever tried salt licorice? Got any recommendations for quiet humidifiers? What’s your favorite brunch food?ย 



9 thoughts on “Calling Australia, Wayback Burgers, and Salt Licorice!

  1. Hawaiian rolls are SO good! I love how the flower arrangement worked out. I haven’t had fresh flowers in forever but I agree with you that it’s nice during the winter when there’s not much color outside.

    I have a humidifier from Vicks that is really quiet! The nice thing is you can buy these tab things to get some menthol in the steam which really helps with decongestant.


    1. The Hawaiian rolls might become a staple in our house, they are crazy good! Oooh I’ll have to look up the Vicks humidifier! The menthol tabs sound like they could be really useful! Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Isn’t technology amazing? My in-laws are all in Australia and we keep in contact with them through Skype and What’s App. Obviously not as good as seeing them in person but much better than it used to be. We actually have our skype connected to our TV so we get to see them full screen!


    1. World Market is the best! Thanks so much for the recommendation Eileen! I will definitely look into this humidifier. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you have an amazing day!!


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