How big is your tree, and what should I buy with this coupon?


Hi friends!

How is your December going so far? Ours is has been niiice and relaxing! Over the weekend Joel went to the driving range with a couple of his friends to hit some golf balls. They had a nice time hanging out together. While the guys were out I stayed home and got some things done around the house while listening to Christmas music. I felt really productive! The next time they go golfing I may join them — I am not big into golf but we have a country club near us so I’m excited to check it out at some point. Other than that we mostly chilled out and caught up on errands and things around the house.

So guys, I was scrolling through old photos and came across this one from our very first Christmas together! It made me lol a little bit. Joel looks so young! Christmas of 2008. Well technically it was our second Christmas as a married couple because we were still honeymooning during our first one! Correction, actually we had spent other Christmases together while we were dating… BUT this one was our first Christmas where we decorated our very own home! πŸ™‚

all pictures 1881713898410..jpg

We LOVED our first tree — as you can see, it was teeny tiny! πŸ™‚ Nothing fancy, but I remember thinking it was the cutest thing ever. It was so fun seeing it set up with lights and ornaments. I wish I knew where those ornaments went… we’ve moved several times since and our original ornaments went missing years ago. The tree was was only 3 feet tall, so it was super easy to store away in a closet or attic of our little townhouse.

Now that we are in a bigger house, we have the space for a taller tree (sidenote: I’m actually still on the hunt for the perfect tall tree — I think I may have found it, but more on that later!). I plan to have a couple trees up in the house, one of which will be a small 3 foot tree in our foyer! I’ll just order from Amazon since Christmas is coming up soon (eek!) and I don’t want to spend time searching different stores for the perfect little tree –> I like this one* or this one*! The pre-lit ones are the best – they always look gorgeous and you don’t have to waste time detangling lights! πŸ™‚


We have an awesome deli near us that makes amazing breakfast and lunch foods. We picked up lunch there and this salad totally hit the spot. The only modification I made was to hold the egg. It’s funny, I don’t typically opt for salads like this but for some reason this crispy chicken ceasar salad sounded and tasted like PERFECTION. It was bursting with so much flavor that I didn’t even need to add any dressing πŸ™‚


While at the deli I thought onion rings sounded great too, so we ordered a side to share. You know, I went YEARS without even thinking about onion rings, and I have now had them twice in a short period of time hah! We didn’t realize how big their portions are but hey, you won’t hear any complaints from us! Who else eats onion rings with ketchup? In my opinion the onion rings from Wayback Burgers were a little better (I like a crispier outside and thicker cut onion) but these were pretty good too!


My sister gave me this scarf before she left for Australia, and it has become one of my favorites! I love the different tones of pink and blush, and the subtle pattern. She got it somewhere during her travels all over Asia so I couldn’t find the exact link, but here is one that isΒ similar*. I feel like I LIVE in scarves from December to April!


One of the things we did over the weekend was get caught up with yard work. I’m sure you know that leaf cleanup is just part of the deal when it comes to homeownership. I’m just glad Joel enjoys (and is good at) maintaining our property. He spent a couple hours blowing and removing all these leaves.


I always imagined that in the fall we would have huge piles of leaves that we could jump into (did I watch too many movies growing up? maybe)… It turns out that our leaf-blower actually collects the leaves into a huge bag, which makes it easier to dump in the acres of woods behind our house without having to rake up big piles. And you know what, I’m totally fine with not jumping into leaf piles because it turns out I’m lowkey terrified of getting bit by TICKS! Last week after Joel took food waste to our compost, he came back to the house with a big ol tick hanging onto his sweater YIKES! I’m glad I saw it before it burrowed into him or got lost somewhere in the house… lyme disease is no joke!


Has anyone else tried this pomegranate juice from Stop & Shop? I am slowly working my way through this bottle. I LOVE pom juice but there’s a super odd aftertaste with this one. It’s my first time trying this brand so I’m not sure if it is just an off batch/bottle. It’s not expired or anything and the weird aftertaste isn’t too overpowering, so I’m trying to look past it and enjoy it as much as possible haha!


Is anyone else getting inundated with shopping incentives? I received this $25 off coupon for my next JCrew purchase in the mail. I browsed their website but nothing in particular jumped out at me. What’s your fave thing to get at JCrew? I don’t own a ton of their stuff (it’s kinda pricey, isn’t it?) – but I like the way their business dresses fit…. however, I don’t need any more work attire right now. Hopefully they’ll have some good sales coming up. I wouldn’t mind something versatile like a chambray button-up shirt. Or maybe a Christmas gift for Joel.


What is everyone up to the rest of the week? I have breakfast with a couple girlfriends tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that! We’re going to a new-to-me spot in New Haven so it’ll be fun trying out a new place. Maybe while I’m in the area I’ll pop into the JCrew in New Haven to see if anything in the store “speaks” to me haha πŸ™‚

Do you have a little Christmas tree? Do you have a favorite item of clothing for the winter? If you shop at JCrew, what do you like to buy there?Β  Β 

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10 thoughts on “How big is your tree, and what should I buy with this coupon?

  1. my sons each have one of those 3′ trees in their bedrooms. The ornaments are a combination of ornaments that both my husband and I had on our own 3′ trees (mine from college and his from his office). We have a 9′ tree ine house. I keep saying I want a second tall tree, but it wasn’t in the budget this year


    1. I know what you mean about a second tall tree! I would love to have a couple tall trees too. Hopefully there will be some great after-Christmas sales!


  2. Dawn – that colour and scarf look fabulous on you!

    Hope you find The Tree which you will enjoy for the season! We are unfortunately going to be tree-less this year, because we really have no room, so we will have to decorate in other ways!


    1. Aw thank you! You are so sweet! My sister did a lovely job picking out the scarf! I am sure you will find lots of amazing ways to decorate for the holidays! πŸ˜„


    1. I love a cute little tree! They are so adorable! We will probably put a small one in our foyer too and a bigger tree in the living room.


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