Flocked Christmas Trees and Two Random Foods!


Hi friends!

How is your week going so far? Ours is going pretty darn well here in Connecticut. The weather has been slightly unpredictable but it’s definitely starting to feel more like winter.

We are all caught up on lawn stuff too, which feels great! Joel has been doing lots of leaf cleanup around our property — our yard looks pretty stellar! 🙂 He put away our patio furniture for the winter, and now our patio looks a little bare. I am already looking forward to all the backyard parties coming up in 2018!


You’ll never guess what we did a few nights ago (or maybe you will because I’m sure lots of you did the same)… we FINALLY found, purchased, and set up our Christmas tree!

Let me take a step back: A few weeks ago we saw this 7.5 ft flocked tree at Michaels and I immediately fell in love. We had gone to so many stores and looked at SO MANY trees, and this one was by far superior in comparison to anything else we’d laid eyes on. However, at the time, the retail price of the tree was $300… which was waaaay more than I wanted to pay for a tree.


A couple nights ago we were out running errands, and we decided to pop back into Michaels to see if Black Friday sales had changed tree prices. We were pleasantly surprised to see that all the trees were heavily discounted! There were only a few trees left in the store and none of them was “The One” we wanted. Suddenly Joel spotted a box by itself in the corner… it turns out it was our tree! THE VERY LAST ONE!


We scooped it right up there and then. There was a crumpled looking “for sale” sign stuck to the box saying $129.99 (which sounded a heck of a lot better than $300). We grabbed a few ornaments and got ourselves into the checkout line.

Speaking of, the line was ridiculously long — longer than I have EVER seen it — and I heard a couple women talking about “everyone showing up for the 4pm sale”… When I googled it, I found that Michaels was having a One-Day sale starting at 4pm and EVERYTHING was 20% off with this coupon (it was on their website). So when all was said and done, we only ended up paying around $100 for the tree… pretty good considering we saved $200 🙂


We were so excited to set up the tree that we got RIGHT on it as soon as we got home. Let me tell you: I love love love flocked trees! Growing up my parents had the typical green faux tree every year. Joel and I always had green mini trees in our home. It never really occurred to me to get a flocked tree. You know what, green trees are great and all, but I find that flocking adds such a refreshing, wintry feel! I also feel like it makes the entire setup that much more beautiful when you have the Christmas lights on. Oh, and while we’re discussing lights, this tree is PRE-LIT, which makes setup soooo much easier… no long strings of lights to detangle!

I took inspiration from Pinterest and decorated with grey, silver, and clear ornaments — got them 50% off from Micheals. Sidenote: the CLEAR ones are my favorite! They may not translate in photos — you can just barely see them… but they are gorgeous in real life. They make the tree look all “glisteny” 🙂 I also bought some burlap-ish ribbon, also from Micheals, and tucked it around the tree. I really like how it turned out!

Here’s what it looks like in the daytime:


…and here is what it looks like at night:


As you can tell, we are pretty thrilled with our tree situation! 🙂 I am pretty sure that they are all sold out of this tree at Michaels 😦 …but here is a 7’6″ Flocked Bavarian Pine which is very very similar! Here is another Pre-Lit Flocked Spruce which is a little shorter (5 ft) but the same idea!

We still need to get a tree skirt and/or basket situation to cover the bottom part where the stand is, but we’re feeling pretty accomplished with what we have so far. For now I’ll just use a white sheet or table cloth as a makeshift tree skirt. We’ll probably check out skirts/baskets this weekend, and also browse decor for the mantle and garland for the stairs. But you know what, even if we don’t pick up any more Christmas stuff this year, I’m fine with that! (we’ve talked about possibly waiting until after-Christmas sales to get more decor). There’s no rush — we can collect Christmas stuff over the coming years 🙂

After getting our tree all set up, Red Lobster was calling our names. Who doesn’t love their rolls?? They are so addicting!


I opted for a big ol’ salmon salad with vinaigrette. This salad gave me some SERIOUS feels for vinaigrette! It was just so delicious. I don’t often have it at home, but this incredible salad inspired me to pick up a bottle of vinaigrette at the grocery store right afterwards.


My sister-in-law (she used to live in Delaware and currently lives in Kenya) introduced me to this Blush Wine Vinaigrette a while back. I am still HAPPILY in love with it! If you have not tried it, you really truly must. It’s got that nice vinaigrette “bite” while having some sweetness as well. The bottle says it’s great with strawberries — I’ve never tried that but am fully on board to give it a go the next time we have strawberries at home!


And for dinner, we ordered Thai food — the wok stir-fried beef with garlic sauce sounded awesome and that is exactly what I had. They did not hold back on that garlic! Phew! But hey, I am a garlic fan so I liked it 🙂 There was plenty left over for lunch the next day too. I have a deep love for Thai food!


I’ll leave you with two slightly random foods we enjoyed… soft-serve ice cream from McDonald’s (this REALLY hit the spot) and some fresh melon! Yum! The melon wasn’t as juicy and sweet as usual, but it was still quite delicious.

Do you like flocked Christmas trees? What’s your favorite type of salad dressing? What do you have going on this week? 

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12 thoughts on “Flocked Christmas Trees and Two Random Foods!

    1. Thanks! I think so too!! It’s the tallest and nicest tree we’ve ever had in our home lol 😁 it makes me happy every time I look at it!!


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