What I’m stocking up on, and my plant survived a near-death experience!


Hi friends!

How was your weekend? What were you up to? I had a couple deadlines to meet so ended up working from home for part of the weekend. But I definitely made sure to get in some relaxation time too — I’ve learned the hard way that over-working does not make for a happy gal.

Remember these flowers we got for thanksgiving? This is a photo I took on Friday – they are still going strong! Granted the leaves on the stems are crispy, but the actual flowers are looking pretty great. I’m impressed with how long they have lasted!


Do you ever just get a hankering for something that you don’t have in the house? This is currently how we feel about ramen noodles. We REALLY wanted ramen for dinner last night but didn’t have any at home. We have an Asian grocery store about 20 min away that sells the kind we like, but didn’t feel like making the drive over. We ended up ordering takeout from a Korean restaurant near our house. It was insanely good and totally hit the spot!


When I was in high school my friends and I used to make ramen noodles and hang out together after school. Maybe this is why I have a lot of good memories and warm fuzzy feelings associated with ramen. A couple of my closest friends are from South Korea, and they would bring all kinds of amazing noodles back when they went on trips back home. I texted one of my friends to ask for her recommendation of what to order from Amazon, and she recommended this kind which is the same we get from the Asian grocery store:


They also make a black noodle version which is also delicious, but it was twice as expensive so I stuck with these. My pantry will thank me once it is stocked up with this 20-pack! 🙂 Do you add anything to your ramen noodles? I like to add a fried egg and whatever veggies I have in the fridge. It’s got to be one of the easiest and yummiest meals.


We are in the process of setting up a den in our basement. It will be nice to have a space for movie-nights that has good seating for larger groups. We found an awesome sectional couch which should be perfect. We will pick it up in a couple days. In the meantime, I have been preparing the space by re-shuffling around some furniture. I moved the coffee table that used to be in the formal living room down into the basement. Then I moved the coffee table that used to be in the family room into the formal living room. Here is what the formal living room looks like now:


One of the things we’re planning to do is turn these pinecone into ornaments for our tree. Joel collected a bunch of pinecones from our back yard a couple weeks ago while he was working on the lawn. We will tie string (fishing line) to the ends so that we can hang them on the tree. I’m excited about that – it’s going to look very pretty!


Here is one of the newer developments in our house: I’ve been super worried about one of my fiddle leaf figs because it was dropping some leaves at its base. But in the last couple days, it has sprouted a couple brand new leaves at the top! I always get excited when my fiddles grow new leaves! My other fiddle (not the one pictured here) consistently grows a couple new leaves every year for the 4 years that it has lived in my home. I just got this second fiddle 6 months ago and these are the first two new leaves it has grown since coming to live with us 🙂


Joel always gets these raspberry flavored yoghurts from the grocery store. I decided to try one and boy are they yummy! I might have to jump onto that yoghurt bandwagon with him. I used to exclusively eat Greek yoghurt, but somewhere along the way stopped (I think I just ran out and forgot to get more) but the regular ol’ yoghurt is pretty great too!


This leafy little plant is situated very comfortably on my mantle. I love how it looks, and how it adds a splash of green to a white backdrop. I got this particular plant back when I used to live in Boston 5 years ago! It has done very well over the years with only ONE near-death experience. The day before we moved to Connecticut, we went through the whole house making sure we hadn’t forgotten to pack everything. I didn’t want to forget this plant, so we decided to put it in the car for the night. The temperatures dropped pretty drastically overnight, and when I saw the plant the next morning, all the leaves had dramatically collapsed and gone completely limp, leaving the entire plant looking quite traumatized. I thought it was definitely done for! It didn’t seem like it could possibly make it. But this hardy little guy somehow survived the drive from Boston to our new apartment in New Haven. And over the next day or so it slowly came back to its lively self. Every year since it has bloomed with a single white flower, which always makes me happy!


Both Joel and I had some work to catch up on over the weekend, so we did some work from home. Joel has a home office in the basement so he was down there. My home office is upstairs in the bedroom but I decided instead to park myself on the couch. As you can see, there was also a bit of backgound TV and chatting with friends too! 🙂 I feel like sometimes my brain just needs a break from work, and a little TV plus catching up with friends helps me to feel refreshed and ready to dive back into it.


That’s all for now! I hope your week is off to a lovely start! 🙂

Do you add anything to your ramen noodles? Do you make your own Christmas ornaments? What do you do to refresh your brain when you work long hours?   

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12 thoughts on “What I’m stocking up on, and my plant survived a near-death experience!

  1. I feel like ramen has gotten a huge makeover since the last time I ate it! I haven’t had it in so long but I bet it’s great from an Asian food restaurant. Listening to music while I work long hours is a great way to distract myself from the work. It’s not unusual to see me singing along if I’m at home while I work too 🙂


    1. Yes, “real” ramen is amazing! I am also excited to try more dishes from the Korean restaurant! I love listening to music while working too, it’s nice and relaxing! 😊


    1. I totally agree! Its such a cozy meal and so delicious! I can’t wait to stock my pantry with noodles so I can make it at home!! 😆


  2. I have a Japanese restaurant nearby, and although they don’t serve ramen, they have udon, which is another one of my favorites! The restaurant shares a space with an Asian market too, so I’m never far from my favorite foods. Have you been to the Ramen Museum in Yokohama? So many different kinds of ramen to try, and they’re all good!


    1. I love udon! Yummy. Sounds like you have the perfect setup with the restaurant + market! I haven’t been to the ramen museum but it sounds super interesting and delicious! Maybe one day I’ll get to visit and sample a few kinds of ramen!!! 😀


      1. Yes! It’s totally touristy and tacky (think post WWII Japan with audio to add to the ambiance), but the ramen is so good! My favorite ramen is from Sapporo–it’s subtle and delicious!


      2. I can totally deal with touristy if it means delicious ramen! I would love to try Sapporo — it sounds right up my alley!! 😊


      3. And, some of the best places to get ramen in Japan are in the basements of train stations. No joke! 350-500 yen for a bowl. I want a hot bowl of ramen now! lol


      4. That’s such a good tip! I will remember to check out train station basements the next time I travel to Japan!! 😁


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