Repainting our walls, deviating from my breakfast norm, and what I add to noodles


Hey there friends!

Happy FRIDAY everyone! It’s been a long week so I’m excited to get some relaxation in this weekend! Joel was in Michigan for a 2-day business trip earlier in the week, so I held down the fort here at home.

I watched a lot of “Lizzie Borden Chronicles” on Netflix — quite creepy and intense at some points, but very good! I have loved Christina Ricci since the Casper movie (talk about a throw-back!). Lizzie Borden is not exactly a “feel-good” show… it actually got rather gory at times, so be warned! Watch with caution! I feel like my gore tolerance has increased after seeing all the various zombies (and killings thereof) on Walking Dead. So although I found some parts kinda gross, they didn’t render the show un-watchable for me.

While we’re on the topic of shows, who here watches THIS IS US??? It has got to be my favorite show of all time! My favorite character in it, Randall, is played by Sterling K. Brown, who was nominated for a Golden Globe. I really really hope he wins! It would be so well deserved!


Remember all that snow from last weekend? It’s mostly gone now after temps raised to above freezing and it rained… but this is what it looked like when the snow was done coming down — we got around 6 inches total. It was very pretty! There’s something so magical about freshly fallen snow. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. 🙂


Temps have been up and down all week long (mostly down hah), which means I haven’t been excited about spending a lot of time outdoors. But you know what, it sure is nice to snuggle up indoors in cozy blankets! It may be chilly out there, but I love how festive and warm our home is with our Christmas tree lights twinkling. Speaking of the tree, I mentioned before that we were going to tie string/fishing-line to these pinecones and hang them on the tree…


…we finally got around to it! I love how the pinecones look on the tree 🙂 I also really like that these came right from our very own backyard — our first DIY Christmas “ornaments”! It was so easy. I am thinking it would look extra pretty to spray-paint white “snow” onto the pinecones (like THIS!).


Guys, remember how I ordered a 20-pack of ramen noodles from Amazon? They arrived earlier in the week! I’m super excited!

The first thing I did was whip up some noodles for lunch… ramen topped with salad leftovers and grilled chicken! It was pretty delicious 🙂 It’s got to be the easiest and yummiest meal ever! And it’s also a good way of incorporating leftover veggies and/or proteins into a meal without feeling like you’re repeating the same thing over again (although I do not mind repeating meals haha) 🙂


…Case in point… my inability to stop putting this vinaigrette on EVERY salad in sight! I should probably just go ahead and buy stock in this company because I foresee many bottles in my future. I still haven’t tried it with strawberries yet so I think THAT must be my next mission. 🙂

Joel usually eats 2 eggs every morning for breakfast, and on most days I happily join on in on that bandwagon. However, yesterday I decided to deviate from the norm and instead munched on a honeycrisp apple with my favorite peanut butter. For some totally unintentional and unfathomable reason, it’s been a while since I’ve had peanut butter – I think it’s because I was on a nutella kick recently, but I sure am glad to have it back in my life!


So I finished my book club book “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen… it was such a good read! I found myself genuinely rooting for the main character, and I shed a tear at the end because my heart was so touched (I got super invested hah). I love the pace of the writing, and felt like it was so palatable all the way through. I am actually sad that there aren’t more chapters to read. I’ll definitely be checking out more works by Sara Gruen! I’m a fan of her writing for sure.


I can’t wait to meet with my book club to discuss Water for Elephants, and hear everyone’s opinions. We will meet in mid-Jan which seems so far away! I definitely have time to read another book in the meantime. I ordered Wonder and am very VERY excited to get started! 🙂 I haven’t seen the movie yet (I’ll wait till I finish the book) but based on previews and book description, I have a feeling the book will majorly tug at my heart-strings!


So guys, when we bought our house, two of the bedrooms were painted light pink. The previous owners had two daughters so the pink made sense. But it isn’t really “us” so we have been planning to repaint both rooms.

I actually repainted one of the rooms back in February so that Joel could use it as his office. The color we chose was a “blue-toned white” (it reads more light blue than white). The lighter color REALLY brightened up the room and make everything feel incredibly fresh. Sidenote: Joel didn’t end up using that room as his office because he decided he needed more space, so he ended up moving his office down to the basement. The room has now been converted to a guestroom. In any case, we are pretty happy with the new paint color.

We are now finally getting around to painting the second pink room. We picked out a light grey color and got some swatches up on the wall. The color is called “grey cloth” which I think is quite appropriate! I wish our whole house was this color!


On the left is the swatch with two coats, and on the right with one coat.


The floor boards and window frame are currently varnished wood (not sure what kind of wood, but maybe oak?) and we plan to paint all of those white. I love a grey and white color combination! I’m excited to jump into another house project and freshen up this space. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it all done this weekend!

What do you have planned for your weekend? Any fun holiday festivities or parties?

Got any tips or hacks for painting walls? What house projects have you worked on? Did you DIY any of your Christmas ornaments?

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2 thoughts on “Repainting our walls, deviating from my breakfast norm, and what I add to noodles

  1. I love the grey color! I can’t wait to have a space that I can paint and customize to my exact liking (Read: my bedroom at the apartment is currently two colors and I hate it so much). I think the pine cones would also look pretty with the snow and maybe a little glitter/sprakle so that when the light catches it gives off an almost iridescent look.


    1. I know what you mean, it’ll be so nice when you’re in a place that you can paint! I like the idea of using a bit of glitter on the pinecones, that would look so nice! Thanks for the suggestion Maureen!


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