What’s your fave slow cooker roast, and a few more photo memories!


Hey there friends!

First thing’s first – what did you do over the weekend? We went and picked up paint for one of the bedrooms — super excited to get some painting done! The “grey cloth” color is going to look so lovely. I seriously want to eventually do the entire house this color. We had wanted to at least get started with painting the room, but time got away from us. We aren’t in a huge rush, so we’re fine with delaying it for a rainy (or snowy) day.

The fact that Christmas is only a week away is mindblowing to me. Since we did a big trip to the Bahamas for Christmas last year, we decided to stay local and low-key this year. Plus, it’ll be our first Christmas in the house!


We recently discovered a new-to-us restaurant nearby called J Roos. One night we decided that salmon sounded great — the first place that popped into mind was actually Red Lobster, but I wasn’t enticed by their salmon dish (it came with shrimp and I’m not the hugest fan). Joel suggested J Roos, it’s a restaurant we drive past at least once a week and always say “we should try it sometime”… And I’m glad that we finally did! They have an awesome menu, generous portion sizes, plenty of side options to choose from, and seriously delicious food. My dinner leftovers tasted awesome the next day for lunch! We will definitely be back to J Roos to try more options from their menu.


All this brisk weather has given me the hankering for soup. There’s nothing better than a big bowl of hearty soup when temps dip below freezing.


It’s hard to believe I have yet to bust out my lovely little slow cooker yet this season. However, we just picked up a roast, so we will be putting the ol slow cooker to good use for that. What’s your favorite way to make a roast in the slow cooker? My sister-in-law gave me a recipe a while back that involved condensed mushroom soup, and I loved it! I need to hunt around to find that recipe again!


Well hey, now is as good a time as any to share a few more photo memories from the archives! Get ready folks!

Back in college, Joel and I used to take road trips to Maine every summer to visit his family. On one of these trips, we went to a flea market just outside his town. Joel was pretty interested in the golf clubs! I think he ended up buying a set which he STILL has an uses (different golfbag though). He didn’t used to golf very often, but now we have a country club near our house and he’s gone several times this year already.


My college roommate Emily and I at a Baltimore Orioles game! We took a road trip down to Baltimore with a group of friends. Emily has the most hilarious personality and incredibly musically talented! We roomed together during our junior and senior year. One of my favorite things about Emily is that she never took herself too seriously, and was SUCH an awesome friend!


In our senior year of college, Joel and I hiked about 20 miles of the Appalachian trail. We brought sandwiches, snacks, and water in our backpacks, and set off on the trail! We aimed to hike to a certain natural formation (I think it was called “Table Rock”?) – it was supposed to be a big flat rock with an amazing view, so we wanted to have lunch there. Sadly we must have walked right past it without realizing, oops! We ended up eating lunch on a random rock (still a great view though)!


The summer after junior year was spent in Kenya volunteering at several medical clinics/hospitals. I was a biology pre-med major in college and had every intention of going to med school to become a surgeon. That summer, I shadowed several doctors, and spent a lot of time in medical facilities. I didn’t end up going to med school (I went the grad school route) but I’m still grateful for the experiences that I had. While in Kenya I also got to watch some good rugby! It was a lot of fun, especially since I rarely get to watch rugby in the US. Below is the varsity rugby team from my former high school. They were participating in a tournament called Black Rock, which includes teams from all over Kenya. It was a blast catching up with some of my former teachers who showed up to spectate. One of the bigger guys on the team came up to me and was like “DAWN!! DO YOU REMEMBER ME!?” …….and for the life of me I could not figure out who he was!… turns out we had been in choir together 3 years prior, and he had grown about 2 and a half feet taller since the last time I saw him!


Halloween party back in 2006. I had recently graduated from college several months before this, and was still figuring out how to do “life” on my own. I moved to New York to work in Health Public Relations and fend for myself. That Halloween I was a referee haha. I was living out of suitcases in a studio apartment on Staten Island and commuting 4 hrs round trip to Manhattan every day. This was the only costume I found that I actually wanted to wear. I remember that I had also just come down with some nasty bug, and was feeling pretty sick that night. I kinda wanted to leave the party early (parties are way less fun when you’re sick). But I didn’t want to ask my friend who gave me a ride to leave, because she looked like she was having fun. So I took one for the team and curled up in some random corner lol. At some point that night I ended up going outside and calling Joel to tell him that I felt ill haha. He was in Texas  (his first post-college job moved him to Houston) and of course couldn’t do anything about it except tell me that he was sorry I felt sick. Ah memories haha!


Last photo: when I graduated with my PhD, my family came to Texas to celebrate from all over the globe. My younger brother and sister got to come hang out for a while. It was so fun taking them to our favorite spots in Houston, and introducing them to our friends! Lots of warm fuzzies from that time 🙂


Looking at old photos brings back some major memories, and a few feels! It makes me wish I had taken even more photos over the years! 🙂

What’s your preferred photo printing service? Do you have a favorite soup? Have you ever been to a flea market? 

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10 thoughts on “What’s your fave slow cooker roast, and a few more photo memories!

  1. I forget the type of meat that my mom uses but I’m pretty sure it’s a beef roast. Anyways, she puts veggies like carrots and potatoes into the slow cooker with the roast with some beef broth and put it’s on low all day. The meat just falls apart and it’s so good!


    1. I agree Cassy! Old photos make me feel so nostalgic! The hike photo was taken on the Appalachian Trail — I can’t remember where exactly we accessed the trail, but it was somewhere in PA near our college campus in Mechanicsburg! 🙂


  2. Awesome photos! 😀 I’ve always wanted to hike the Appalachian trail. Out of curiosity, what did you end up doing during/after grad school? I’m also a biology pre-med student, and I shadowed quite a bit this past summer in both hospital and office settings. I’m hopeful about my chances, but if I’m not accepted into an MD or DO program, I too will be going the grad school route!


    1. Oh I hope you’ll be able to hike the Appalachian! I ended up getting 2 masters (public health and psychology) and a PhD in psychology. Best of luck with your medshool applications! My fingers are crossed for you! 😁


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