My new fave snack might surprise you; my current show; our anniversary!


Hi friends πŸ™‚

It is officially our 10 year wedding anniversary today!!! We are so excited to celebrate the past decade of marriage together! Fun fact: we also commemorate our DATING anniversary (our 14th this past October!)… we usually don’t do anything big for that, but it’s fun to remember πŸ™‚

So what are you guys up to this weekend? I bet I can guess… I’m sure many of you will be traveling for Christmas (if you aren’t already at your Christmas destination)!! To those who are going to be traveling: I hope you all have safe trips wherever you are headed. I wish you all the safety and smooth travel — may you encounter ZERO traffic and NO delays of any kind!


As for us, we are staying put here in the northeast for Christmas. It will be so nice! I’m excited to cook a lovely meal together, enjoy some time off work, and get ready for another new year. Depending on what the weather does, we might spend some time outside, like go for a walk or hike. The forecast shows rain today and tomorrow, and a possibility of snow on Monday… so it looks like we just might have a chance of getting our White Christmas after all! πŸ™‚

The week before Christmas is always so busy… we ran a few errands, including dropping packages off at FedEx. The line at FedEx was INSANE! Everyone must have been trying to get their last-minute holiday mail shipped. We waited in line for about an hour… which is officially the longest I have ever stood in line at FedEx.


When we got home, we did a little more sanding in the bedroom to prep the baseboards for paint. I’m excited to get that first layer of white paint on the baseboards! We took all the pictures off the walls and put them in the hallway. The walls are looking pretty bare now. It always amazes me just how miserable the switches and outlets look without the covers on them lol!


I felt like grabbing a snack and decided on a banana topped with nutella! I don’t always reach for bananas (they are more Joel’s thing) but this totally hit the spot. I don’t know why I don’t eat this combination more often… it’s such a nice treat! I will have to keep it in the snack repertoire and add it into the rotation more often πŸ™‚


You’ll never guess what Joel found… he found our 2 foot pre-lit Christmas trees! Apparently they were up in the attic all this time. We haven’t set these out in YEARS — since we lived in Texas! I honestly thought they had gotten lost in the move! Joel wanted to put one in his office, and we’re still deciding where we want the other 2 to go. Eventually I may put one in each guestroom to add some festivity to the bedrooms. We won’t have overnight guests this Christmas, so I’ll probably wait to do that next year.


Just cooking up a whole lot of broccoli — our favorite way do broccoli is with extra virgin olive oil and kosher salt on the stove top. It’s so easy and tasty! I usually cook them over medium or high heat until they turn bright green with just a little bit of char. It normally takes just a few minutes for smaller batches. Since this was a larger-than-normal batch, I used lower heat with a covered pan. Stirred frequently to prevent the ones on the bottom from burning. It took a little longer than usual but totally worth it! And it made for some great leftovers!


I chopped up my broccoli to match my chopped up salmon — the salmon started flaking apart while cooking so I just embraced it – made it cook faster anyway hah! Quinoa was added to the plate after the photo. Side note: ever since my sister gave me her rice cooker, I have been using it to cook quinoa, beans, and rice! (It’s so much easier to cook quinoa in a rice cooker compared to boiling it in a pot… it comes out perfect every time!)


Our current foyer situation. We don’t wear shoes in the house and I like to leave a shoe mat near the front door so that guests have a place to put their shoes. The bench was a craigslist purchase and makes for a good place to sit while taking off or putting on shoes. The coat rack is from Pier 1 – we bought it a few years ago and it has served us well. Eventually I would love to get some “real” foyer furniture — I’ve seen some nice (but pricey) options from Pottery Barn. But that’s more the long term plan, because what we’ve got works just fine, so there’s no immediate rush to change things up just yet.


Joel had some projects to catch up on for his job, and decided to work on them after dinner.


While he was hard being a productive human, I parked myself on the couch and caught up on episodes of Rectify! I’m really enjoying this show. I love the character development and the acting. The story follows a man who has been released from prison after DNA evidence showed that he was wrongfully convicted. It makes me really think about how tough it must be to re-acclimate to the general public when you’ve been removed from society for so long. The show has a slow-moving feel, which I am really enjoying, because it makes the characters and storylines feel more real. I always tell my brother in the entertainment industry when I find a good show, and he texted me saying that it had gotten good ratings. If you’re looking for a good binge-worthy show, you should consider Rectify!


And I’ll leave you with a parting shot of my dinner from 2 nights ago… brown rice, broccoli, and rump roast! I can’t get enough of this roast! All we did was add some teriyaki sauce to the crock pot –> ridiculously good πŸ™‚


I hope you all have AMAZING Christmas and/or holiday celebrations! Enjoy all the cookies, candy canes, and pie, and soak in every single precious moment with the ones you love!

What’s your favorite mid-day snack? Where are you spending Christmas?

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6 thoughts on “My new fave snack might surprise you; my current show; our anniversary!

  1. If you want the bench to look more like “real” foyer furniture, buy some stain from Home Depot and color it. Makes such a difference to the pine color.
    My go to mid day snack is yogurt during work and chips and crackers or cheese and salsa on the weekends.


    1. I’ve thought about painting it one day, that’s a good idea! I love yogurt for a snack, healthy and easy! Crackers & cheese is a favorite of Joel’s, same with chips and salsa! Great choices all around! πŸ˜€


    1. Christmas in Texas was nothing like it is up here, that’s for sure! Thanks so much Julie, I hope you have an amazing Christmas and happy New Year too!! 😁


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