Happy New Year! And our last weekend of 2017!


HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!

Who else is excited for 2018? I have a feeling it’s going to be the BEST year yet! 😀

How did you spend your last weekend of 2017? It’s been ridiculously cold here in Connecticut, so we were happy to hang out indoors. Some friends of ours headed down to NYC to watch the ball drop — they had a great time despite the crazy cold! While I admire their gumption, I was pretty content to stay warm at home and watch Black Mirror episodes on Netflix!

My sister and brother watched Black Mirror in the Netherlands last week (they are the ones who told me about it) — my brother thought it was disturbing while my sister thought it was intriguing, but they BOTH said it was thought-provoking. After watching a few episodes, I have to agree with them –> definitely thought-provoking! Some episodes are heavier than others, but they all have “thought-provoking” in common. Each episode is a stand-alone story, so you don’t have to watch them in any particular order. Some of the episodes remind me of Twilight Zone in how they “feel”.


Meanwhile in Europe… several of my siblings spent Christmas and New Years on the ski slopes in Austria!! I got to video-call them on WhatsApp last week, and it was a lot of fun catching up! My brother (the actor/model) and his wife were there for about a week, and just arrived back in NYC yesterday. I’m excited to hear more about their trip! My 2 sisters are still hanging out in Austria and will be there for another week or so — the one on the left lives in Netherlands, and the one on the right lives in Australia! I wish we all lived closer to each other!! (I’m definitely glad my brother lives relatively nearby in NYC!)


Our weekend was really fun! Joel and a few guys took advantage of the weather by playing ice hockey on a nearby pond. There were a few inches of snow on the ice so they had to shovel first. Since it didn’t stop snowing all day, they had to pause the game a couple times to shovel. I’m glad Joel is back to playing ice hockey — I know he missed winter sports when we lived in Houston all those years!


Afterwards we cooked salmon at home and ate it with quinoa and broccoli. Lately I have been cooking salmon on the stove top with butter, and it has become my favorite way to do salmon! So simple and delicious. After it’s plated, I add salt and a spritz of lemon — it’s crazy good!


Joel got to check out a basketball game with one of his friends. It was his first time seeing Quinnipiac play and he said they were pretty good! He watched both the mens and womens teams (both won their games) — this is a photo he snapped before it all started!


Do you crave certain foods when the temperature drops? When it gets REALLY cold, I feel like I crave heartier meals like shepherd’s pie or anything involving mashed potatoes, gravy, stews, etc. Over the weekend, I decided on chicken pot pie from Eli’s! It was probably one of my best decisions yet.


If you are in the greater New Haven area, you should think about adding Eli’s to your restaurant rotation! Their food is so tasty! Their chicken pot pie TOTALLY hit the spot!!! It’s described on their menu as “chicken breast, potatoes, carrots, peas and a cream gravy, topped with puff pastry” –> and it did not disappoint! It was the perfect meal to savor on a cold afternoon! Just LOOK at that beautiful puff pastry 🙂


I love the bags that Eli’s uses for their sides (i.e., bread, sauce). They look like old-timey newspaper clippings! 🙂 Love when restaurants pay attention to the little things like this.


My friend Colleen who lives in Brooklyn loves to bake with her free time. She occasionally sends me photos of her creations. This is her marble loaf from Saturday — I wouldn’t mind taking a big bite of it!


Another random thing we did over the weekend was head over to Westville (a neighborhood in New Haven) to pick up a couch-sectional for our basement den! We’re excited to set up the den properly down there. It’ll be a nice spot to hang out, watch movies, and since the sectional has a pull-out mattress, it will also be another sleeping option whenever we host larger groups of guests! Oh, and by the way we thought Westville seems like a really cute area 🙂


What is your go-to breakfast? Joel and I usually each have 2 eggs over easy…. but lately, I seem to have fallen off the egg bandwagon. I have been branching out to other breakfast foods. The past few days I have been eating piles and piles of CANTALOUPE for breakfast! I swear, cantaloupe just gets me. I’m pretty sure I wake up thinking about it. So yummy and refreshing.


Joel put up our new curtains over the patio door! We debated getting them in white but ended up going with pale blue. It was the right call. There is a second layer of sheer white curtains (might be hard to see in the photo), so we can draw just that if we still want some light to come through. I just love how it looks! 🙂


It snowed another inch or so over the weekend. I love a nice fresh layer of snow 🙂 Although I must say, I miss spending time in the back yard! It will be nice when things warm up and we can have lunch on the patio.


Lunch on Sunday consisted of a burger with sweet potato fries. There is also a generous layer of guacamole in there which made me very happy 🙂


And dinner was leftovers: chicken pot pie and sweet potato fries! The chicken pot pie tasted even BETTER as leftovers!


Our New Years Eve was pretty quiet around here. We watched the NYC ball drop on TV (and gave virtual high-fives to every single person who braved the cold!), I baked a cake, and we soaked in the last few moments of 2017 together! It was a perfect relaxing evening at home and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Have you seen Black Mirror? What foods do you crave in the winter? What did you do for New Years Eve?  



16 thoughts on “Happy New Year! And our last weekend of 2017!

    1. oatmeal is such a good hot breakfast! I love it too. I totally agree with the choice of fruit salad in the summer –> perfect!!! 🙂


    1. Some episodes are definitely more disturbing/odd than others. The writers are certainly a creative bunch to come up with such weird stories! Happy New Year to you too Maureen! 😃


    1. Haha! It really is pretty intense and strange at times! It always makes me think about all the possibilities that technology might bring.


  1. Love your patio door dressing – the curtains frame the door and the snow scene beyond so beautifully.

    New Year’s Eve is usually quiet for us, and this year is no exception as we were packing for a plane ride the next day to Bangkok with the extended family: our family of 4, plus my parents, and my mother’s sister (my favourite aunt) and her Husband. We are here for the remained of the week to eat and relax.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2018 filled with many memorable moments!


    1. Hanging out in Bangkok with family is a wonderful way to start the year! Eating and relaxing sound like a lovely way to soak in the family time together! Thanks so much, and a very happy new year to you too!!! 😄


    1. I think I must go through phases too! I had eggs every morning for months on end, and now I am squarely in the cantaloupe phase! I wonder what will be the next phase! lol 🙂


  2. That marble loaf is calling my name, I have my hot tea ready as well. That will be the perfect combination for me in this cold Jersey weather.


    1. That marble loaf is definitely calling my name too!!! I’ll have to ask colleen for her recipe! It would be so perfect with some delicious hot tea!


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