Snow day + 2 meals I haven’t eaten in 15 years!


Hi guys!

Happy Friday! We just had a pretty major snow day yesterday and ended up getting around 12 inches, maybe a bit more. It was the very FIRST snow storm of 2018! I love a good snow day. πŸ™‚ Granted, it’s a lot more fun to enjoy the snow from a warm home rather than having to drive around in it.

I worked from home and this was my view for much of the day:

Side note: the lights reflecting in the fireplace are from our Christmas tree — it’s STILL up even though we had every intention of taking it down on the 31st. So our new plan is to take it down this weekend… (how long do you leave your tree up?)

Before I jumped into work, I first dived right into a juicy CANTALOUPE for breakfast! I bet you aren’t at all surprised about that πŸ™‚ After all the cantaloupes I have been eating lately, I have become something of an expert at cutting these up. It takes me around 30 seconds flat to cut one up… ok maybe that is a slight exaggeration… but it’s super quick and easy! I first slice it right in half, then spoon out the seeds. It’s much easier to get the seeds out in one go as opposed to taking them off each individual slice later. After that, I cut the whole thing up into thinner half-moon slices and compost the rinds. I think our compost is around 70% cantaloupe rinds at this point πŸ™‚


Speaking of composting, do you have any recommendations as far as compost bins for the countertop? We usually collect our food waste in a bowl, and when it’s filled up we take it back to our compost area behind the shed. The bowl is often rather unsightly and can sometimes develop a funky smell (lookin at you egg shells). I’ve been browsing a couple options that look nicer and would probably keep our kitchen odor-free. Here is one that I’ve been contemplating


Who else worked from home yesterday? I am sure that many of us in the northeast either worked from home or had a complete day off on account of the storm. One of my friends who works in my department (Walter), does NOT like working from home at all — he says he gets distracted and can’t be as productive. He shows up at work no matter what… rain, snow, sleet, gale force winds, etc… and yes, he definitely walked to work yesterday during the insane storm!Β Anyone else out there an ultra-dedicated super-employee like Walter? Just gotta admire his stick-with-it-ness! πŸ™‚

I gotta say, I don’t mind working from home. It’s a nice change of scenery, isn’t it? One of the things I like about it is not having to plan ahead for lunch or snacks. See, some days (not as many as I would like) I am on top of my game with packing my lunch/snacks for work. Other days I find myself hungry with nothing to eat, and rushing out to buy lunch from somewhere. Although there are plenty of yummy options near my office, this can get expensive after a while. But when I work from home, I can just mosy over to the fridge and grab something!


Case in point… my snack yesterday consisted of (no surprise) carrots and spinach dip! πŸ™‚ We have been going through this tasty snack like crazy. It’s been a fun little experiment to try different variations of spinach dips available at our grocery store. The night before the storm, we popped over to the grocery store to pick up some “snow day food.” While there, we made sure to restock our carrots and dip supply! This particular dip by Marzetti is a nice iteration –> much creamier than other dips we’ve tried. It also has more of a “whipped” consistency compared to the one we normally get. I like it, but I gotta say, I much prefer our regular favorite dip. (THISΒ one is is the one we like best!)


We got a decent amount of snow (a little over a foot) over the course of the day yesterday. It was SUPER windy out there too! When the wind would kick up, I could not even see our patio furniture! I would not have wanted to be out there driving or walking. It was much better idea to stay inside where it’s warm and toasty!


A couple days ago I got a shepherd’s pie from the Playwright Irish PubΒ in Hamden! I haven’t had shepherds pie in YEARS but for some reason, it sounded like the exact right dish to order on a cold day. It was pretty delicious!

Fun fact: I went to boarding school growing up, and the cafeteria would serve shepherds pie every now and then. At the time, I really really really did not enjoy it in the slightest! It was one of my least favorite dishes that the cafeteria served. Any time shepherds pie or chicken pot pie was on the menu, I would just CRINGE. After I graduated, I don’t think I ate shepherds pie or chicken pot for for around 15 years! Fast forward to now, and I have voluntarily eaten shepherds pie AND chicken pot pie within the same week! My high school self would probably faint. And guess what… I VERY much enjoyed them both! (especially the chicken pot pie… yum!).


Now that it’s Friday, I’m excited for the weekend! We are thinking about having friends over on Saturday for a game night –> haven’t had a game night in a while and we are overdue! At some point over the weekend we may check out a collegiate ice hockey game but it will all depend on whether we can get tickets in time. We also plan to put another coat of paint on the bedroom walls πŸ™‚ as long as everything looks good by that point, we’ll be ready to put the outlet-covers back on the walls and clean up any messes we made during the project! It’ll feel nice to have that project completed πŸ™‚

Are you a fan of working from home? What are your weekend plans? Do you like shepherds pie?

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16 thoughts on “Snow day + 2 meals I haven’t eaten in 15 years!

  1. You got a ton of snow! The wind really was crazy yesterday. Only half of my car had any snow on it because of the wind. I’m convinced my entire company is like your coworker Walter because they kept our building open and made us all come in. Stay warm this weekend, I heard the next part of this storm is some cold wind.


    1. The wind was nuts! It’s really cold now and will stay that way for the next couple days. Brrr! At least its Friday and you will get a couple days off from work! Stay warm Maureen!


  2. we are far enough west that we didn’t get the snow yesterday. The schools are closed today because of the wind chill factor. I don’t think I’ve ever had Shepard’s pie and no one in my house, but me, wouid eat chicken pot pie, but both sound really good on a cold day.

    Stay warm!


    1. Makes perfect sense for schools to be closed today — I can’t imagine standing outside to wait for the bus in this weather! I’m actually thinking about having chicken pot pie again lol, it was so good! 😁


  3. I began working from home Dec. 2015. I was answering phone calls for doctor’s offices to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, etc. I became a workforce specialist in the spring of 2016 and still work from home. I absolutely love it. In addition to not planning meals like you said, I love being able to throw on a hoodie and sweats (particularly on cold days) and not worry about looking decent for anyone. Personally I find I’m more productive at home. There are days I have to go into the office for meetings and I find that I just get distracted by people wanting to chat or needing help. At home I can turn on music and put my nose to the grindstone!


    1. It sounds like you have quite the ideal setup, Tracy!!! I can totally see how you would be super productive at home! It definitely sounds like quite the dream situation! πŸ™‚


  4. I’m with you on the snow, it looks beautiful outside with all the fresh snow, but it just makes me want to hide and hibernate indoors! Working from home is great but I find it takes a little more effort to put structure into your day, break time, lunch time etc.


    1. Very true, it does take a bit more self discipline to maintain that structure while working from home. I hear it should warm up (relatively speaking) in the next few days, so I’m excited for that! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    1. I totally agree, Rose! It’ll feel great to get out of the house this weekend! And yes, I totally have a new appreciation for shepherd’s pie! 😁 enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  5. That snowstorm was crazy! We got about 9 inches here, and my cats loved watching it out the window. (I keep trying to tell them that they’ve seen snow before but they don’t speak human so I just sound crazy.) Also that Shepherd’s pie looks awesome! I was thinking about making some in an upcoming meal prep.


    1. Lol! I love that your cats couldn’t get enough of the snow! Shepherd’s pie is such a nice comforting dish to have in the winter! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend Ray!


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