Game Night + a New Cafe + the Golden Globes!


Hi guys!

How was your weekend? Ours was a perfect mix of down time at home and hanging out with friends. Did I ever show you our deck after Joel shoveled the snow? I am pretty sure we got around 14 inches last week during that crazy storm. I’m happy to report that this week will be MUCH warmer! It’ll be 50 by Friday! 🙂



The cantaloupe obsession continues over here. This has become my breakfast staple and I am totally ok with that.


Dinner Friday consisted of sweet potato, polska kielbasa sausage, and cauliflower! This is a combination I’ve been eating a lot of recently. How do you cook your sweet potatoes? I have started cooking them in the microwave (5 minutes does the trick). It’s so simple, and so much faster than using the oven. I used to poke holes in the sweet potato before sticking it in the microwave, but then one day I totally forgot to do that and it still came out perfectly. So now I don’t even bother! Just throw it right in, and out comes a perfectly cooked sweet potato! 🙂


How do you like to prepare your cauliflower? I tend to roast it in the oven with olive oil and salt, but this time around I decided to cook it on the stove top instead. Turned out great! I can’t decide which way I prefer. I guess I love me some cauliflower no matter how it’s cooked! 🙂


The dry winter air makes me feel dehydrated pretty easily, so I have been drinking a ton of water. I have had many many water bottles over the years, but THIS ONE is my current favorite! I like the narrow neck because I don’t spill nearly as often as when I use bottles with wider necks. 🙂 I take this bottle everywhere I go.


I started watching “The End of the F**ing World” on Netflix. Definitely weird, but kinda interesting at the same time. Not sure I’d recommend it unless you like shows that are off the beaten path, but there ya go.


Friends of ours invited us over for dinner and game night on Saturday! I made corn bread to go with the vegetarian chili that Kelly made 🙂


Her vegetarian chili was AMAZING! I had two bowls but I should definitely have gone for a third!


Joel and Walter did a good job sampling from Walter’s whiskey/bourbon collection. Whenever we get together, Walter always brings Woodford Reserve. Now whenever I see the bottle, it reminds me of him!


The first game we played was Pit! (find it HERE)! It’s a game of exchanging stocks with the goal of cornering the market in a certain commodity. It’s really easy to get the hang of, and once you have “cornered” the market by collecting all the same card, you ring the bell and win the round! The game moves really quickly and can get pretty rousing at times. It’s a fun one to play with 4-6 people!


Walter thoroughly trounced us in Pit… we played to 500 and he got there first. In second place was Joel with 20 points, then Kelly with 10, and I brought up the rear with a grand total of negative 50 points) hah!


We moved on to our next game: DIXIT! This is a good one for creativity and thinking outside the box. It’s kind of like the picture version of the old classic Scattergories (I grew up playing Scattergories! – anyone else?) –> Dixit is another awesome group game.


The cards are printed with unique colorful pictures. When it’s your turn, you think of a word or phrase to go with one of your cards. Each player (including you) then puts down one card from their hand that they think could match the phrase. The cards that were put down then get flipped over, and each player tries to guess which of the cards they believe is yours (no one knows who put down each card). If you get at least one correct guess on your card, you get points. But if everyone guesses your card correctly, you don’t get points. So the objective is to make your clue obscure enough to confuse some but not all of the players! 🙂


It was such a fun night of delicious food, fun games, and amazing company! We love a good game night and are fortunate to have some pretty incredible friends in our lives! I always feel so grateful to have the COOLEST people as friends.

Fast forward to Sunday and running errands after church. Here is a pile of snow in the Target parking lot which is about twice the height of our car:


We found an awesome new-to-us spot called the State Street Cafe! It is an unassuming gem in North Haven that has incredible food, decent prices, endless coffee refills, and the friendliest service. It’s super family friendly and I could tell that it is a local favorite. We grabbed lunch there in the midst of errand-running and immediately decided that we will be back again soon! I got a burger with avocado, lettuce, and tomato with sweet potato fries (the burger was pretty filling so the fries got packed up and came home with me). Joel got the “Alpine burger” with swiss cheese and mushrooms. We want to go back and try out their breakfast/brunch menu! 🙂


After all of our errands were run, we came home for some much needed hot chocolate! This is my favorite hot chocolate! I have had this hot chocolate with cow’s milk and water, and it’s great, but my absolute favorite way to drink it is with ALMOND milk! A delicious and perfect hot drink to enjoy when it’s cold outside!


We also watched the Golden Globes 🙂 I’m so thrilled for Sterling K. Brown who won for best actor of a tv series (he plays Randall on This is Us) — I am completely obsessed with This is Us and cannot WAIT for the next episode to kick off tomorrow!

Also, regarding the Globes: who else got CHILLS during Oprah’s speech? She is so inspirational!


Dinner was a late one and consisted of lasagna — not our favorite lasagna ever, but it managed to hit the spot.


Do you live in a state that is getting warmer temps this week? What’s your favorite game to crack into during game nights? Got a favorite lasagna recipe to share?  

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15 thoughts on “Game Night + a New Cafe + the Golden Globes!

    1. wow, what a big difference in temperature! it’s really warmed up for you guys! i miss those mild texas winters… i would LOVE a day in the 70’s right now 🙂


    1. I haven’t tried that, but it sounds like it oculd be pretty amazing! I’ll have to do some poking around on pinterest! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!


    1. That sounds so good! I’ve never tried the bagel seasoning but I’ll keep an eye out the next time we go to Trader Joe’s! Thanks for the suggestion Eileen! I hope you enjoy your warmer weather!!


  1. It’s supposed to hit 57 on Friday here in central New Jersey! That’s insane for January although it wi;; be raining which is sad but I’ll take it either way. When it’s a two person game, Alex and I enjoy Mastermind. One player makes a code and the other has to try to guess it and it’s a lot of fun.


    1. 57 is going to feel hot! My sister and I used to play Mastermind together, its so fun! I haven’t played it in a long time though so I’m definitely out of practice. I hope you enjoy you’re having a nice evening Maureen! 😁


    1. Thanks Chava! I love getting a glimpse of what others are up to, it’s always interesting to me 🙂 We are totally on the same page about cauliflower!!!


  2. We’re sitting at 46 in my area with temps to push 50 on Thursday! I’m jealous that you have friends who you can have regular game nights with. When my husband and I visited friends in Chicago in 2016 we played some games and again when we all went on a cruise this past Sept. We had a small group who we were doing game night with every other month in the summer but 1 person had a baby and the other 2 nearly forgot the one time as well as skipped out on 2 other events they said they were coming to and gave no warning/apology so we since stopped having game nights. It’s hard to find good games for just two players though we did enjoy Wii Jeopardy on New Year’s Eve. I make a crock pot lasagna recipe that uses frozen ravioli instead of lasagna noodles; a lot simpler but just as tasty!


    1. Playing games on a cruise sounds like such a blast! I’ve never been on a cruise so anything cruise-related sounds incredible! I agree, sometimes it’s hard to find others who enjoy game nights, especially when everyone is so busy with kids and families! I hope we’ll be able to continue the game night tradition even after kids come along, but who knows! Crock pot lasagna sounds so good! Anything simple and delicious is right up my alley 🙂 thanks for the suggestion!!


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