Who hit my car? + a friendly PSA regarding your bank account + brunch pals!

Hi friends!

It is SO MUCH warmer this week compared to last week! It’s amazing what a difference one week can make. Today was in the 40’s and it felt incredibly balmy! My friend Kelly said she saw someone in shorts and a tank top! You won’t see me in a tank top until probably April or May, but I am definitely enjoying the unseasonable warmth :) It will be in the 50’s in the next couple days! I guess Mother Nature decided to send some warmth my way for my birthday — my birthday is on Friday!) :) I’m super excited to celebrate with family and friends!

Let’s rewind to this morning: within 2 minutes of waking up I saw that someone had placed an un-authorized transaction in our bank account. It was some weird international transaction fee initiated by a name neither of us recognized. We immediately called our bank to report it –> they were able to reverse the fraudulent charge and block the user right then. Thank goodness it was taken care of so quickly! So this is just a friendly PSA from yours truly, to check your bank accounts and report anything “off” right away!

Onto more tasty topics! Guess what I had for breakfast this morning… I know you are thinking CANTALOUPE right? And on any other day you would be right! But THIS morning I did something a little different:

I mentioned a while back that I get together with a couple friends for brunch once a month. This morning we went to a little place in Westville called Manjares. I picked Bernice up from her apartment in New Haven and we headed over to meet Ro for brunch!


I started out with a lovely cup of hot chocolate! It was delicious — the perfect amount of creamy chocolatey goodness, and it totally hit the spot. I wanted to ask for a refill but I must have gotten distracted when the food arrived because I completely forgot :)


I ended up getting the “Jonah’s plate” –> 2 eggs, bacon, sauteed vegetable salad, and toast. The eggs, toast, and bacon were pretty great! But I have to admit, I didn’t love the veggies… they had that skillety after-taste. Is it just me or can you tell by the taste when food has been cooked in a skillet? I find that the skillet leaves an odd aftertaste that I just can’t get behind. It sure looked great though!


Brunch with Bernice and Ro always makes me feel like a new woman. They are super encouraging, hilarious, compassionate, inspirational, and smart! I’m sure you can tell that I think they are some seriously amazing women and feel pretty lucky to be able to hang out with them. :) We are all in the same small group through our church, which of course has been awesome too. :) Side note: hosting a small group is the best decision Joel and I have ever made — we are crazy grateful our wonderful friends!

After all the refreshing conversation over brunch, we came outside to our cars and found quite the unfortunate scenario… someone had side-swiped my car and busted my side-mirror! Noooooooo :( They did not leave a note :(


After saying goodbye to Bernice at her apartment, I dropped my car off at home so that Joel could take a look at the damage. Thankfully the actual mirror on the front is in-tact, but the back is missing its “cover”. The turn-signal light still works, but was dangling precariously. It’s basically hanging on for dear life. Joel was able to secure the light to the frame so that it isn’t hanging anymore. We will need to order new parts. Joel looked up the cost and it will be over $200 for just the parts :( It’s nuts how expensive car parts are, even the little ones! So yeah, I can’t say that was my favorite part of the day.


As frustrating as it is, the silver lining is that no additional or serious damage was done, and no one was hurt.

Ok, let’s talk about more pleasant things… like how we got a GREAT deal on salmon over the weekend! Joel always finds the best deals! I really appreciate that he keeps his eyes open for things like that, because I know I never do! We decided to buy several extra pounds to freeze. Joel was smart and asked the store to cut the fillets into single portions for us. That made it really easy to pack each portion into its own baggie (makes defrosting single portions so much simpler).

Question for you: how do you defrost your fish? I have been defrosting ours in the fridge –> it usually takes a day to thaw in the fridge, so as long I remember to put it there in the morning (or night before), it is perfectly ready to be cooked by dinner. If I forget to take the salmon out of the freezer in the morning, I just put the baggie in a bowl of warm water to defrost. This is quicker but sometimes the middle doesn’t completely thaw. There is also a defrost button on our microwave which I have used for frozen pastries but I have yet to try it for frozen fish.


I have shared my love of almond milk with you, right? We never buy any other kind of milk anymore! My fridge hasn’t seen cow’s milk in years. It tastes delicious, plus it has more calcium and a MUCH longer shelf life compared to cow’s milk! Joel uses it in his coffee, and I can use it in any recipe that calls for milk :) This Almond Breeze kind in the “original” flavor is what we always get. Fun fact: I once had awful heartburn caused by too much ibuprofen, and I drank almond milk to help manage the symptoms — it’s kind of amazing!


Have you guys seen the show “Wanted” on Netflix? It is so good! We finished season 2 last night… I am not sure I like how it wrapped up so I HOPE there will be a season 3!!!


Despite the unfortunate situations involving my car and bank account this morning, I’m happy to report that it was still a pretty good day. I’m definitely not wanting a repeat of either of those scenarios though.

Brunching with the girls was definitely a highlight of the entire day :) I can’t help but feel really fortunate to have some pretty stellar people in my life!

I sure hope you have yourself a wonderful day! And if you are in a state that is having some unseasonable warmth right now, I hope you get to take some time to soak it all in!!!

Any tips on getting a discount on volvo car parts? What’s your favorite brunch food? How do you defrost fish? 

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19 thoughts on “Who hit my car? + a friendly PSA regarding your bank account + brunch pals!

  1. This is possibly because I’m a Brit, but – unless it’s bubble and squeak – vegetables just don’t belong with bacon and eggs :D

    I suffer from awful GERD (on meds for it) and might have to give almond milk a try. I’ve heard that it tastes delicious, and reading that it sorted out your heartburn makes me think it might be good for me!

    As for fish, my husband puts it on a plate in the kitchen, so that any juices that might run out during defrosting don’t get all over other food in the fridge. He actually doesn’t eat fish (strange man lol) but he gets it for me, because I can’t live without my salmon, mackerel and sea bass (certain fish is banned from our shopping trolley, as it’s not sustainable, but those three – along with pollack – are okay, and the pickled herring I buy is Norwegian. Baltic fish isn’t overfished) :)

    1. Give almond milk a try, and also watermelon! Those 2 things really helped to soothe my heartburn. I definitely agree with the use of a plate or bowl to prevent any inadvertent fishy juices from leaking onto other foods. Your husband sounds like a great man! πŸ˜€

      1. I can’t remember the last time I had watermelon! Well, I do, but it was a very long time ago (I seem to remember a preference for honeydew). I find that natural, live yoghurts help with the heartburn issues too – Greek yoghurt and Danish Skyr are two of my favourites (I add dried cranberries for extra deliciousness).

        The hubby is pretty awesome: a geek, like me (although his preference is for Discworld rather than Doctor Who – but we have plenty of other fandoms in common and it’s all his fault that I love ReBoot so much) and also a lover of kitchen shinies and cooking. He’s definitely a good sort :)

  2. I’ve been drinking almond milk for years! I can’t stand the taste of cow’s milk now haha!
    Sorry about your mirror…that’s frustrating! Glad you managed to stay positive! 😊

    1. Me too, the taste of cows milk just doesn’t do it for me! So glad I’m in good company with my love for almond milk! 😊

  3. Oh wow! That happened to me back in May but whomever hit my car took off the entire mirror and it cost over $400 on a Toyota so I can just imagine what you were going through!
    I use Almond milk when I drink anything at Starbucks because I am lactose intolerant and it’s great!
    I thaw mine in the fridge too and put it on a plate, same with other meats. πŸ˜€

    1. Oh man that is super expensive! It amazes me how much car parts cost. I’m so glad we are in agreement on the merits of almond milk! I hope you have an amazing day Julie! 😊

  4. I can’t decide what’s worse – the bank account charge or you mirror. That is not the way you want to start your day!! Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to get discounted car parts. If you can figure out how to fix the part yourself you’ll save a ton of money. I think your best bet is to try and buy the part online if you can and watch videos to do the repair yourself. Fingers crossed today is better for you Dawn!

    1. Thanks Maureen! I like your suggestions. Joel said he will put the part on himself so thankfully we will save a lot on labor. I’m sure glad he’s handy! I hope you have a wonderful day too!! 😊

  5. Almond milk is the best! I’ve tried soy milk in the past, but I didn’t like how it tasted in coffee and tea, so I switched to almond instead. Also, sorry to hear about your mirror and turn signal light. The person who hit your car definitely should have left a note with his or her contact information. You handled the situation very gracefully!

    1. You and I are totally on the same wavelength about almond milk! I tried soy milk too but I prefer almond too! I really hope it won’t be too expensive to get the car fixed… crazy how life happens sometimes!

    1. I feel that way about brunch every day! 😁 I’ve tried the vanilla flavor, its pretty great!! Have an awesome day AJ!

  6. Thanks for the tips Dawn, I will make sure to constantly look into my account. I am enjoying the warm weather as well, the snow is melting slowly. You are going to have a wonderful birthday tomorrow because it’s going to be warm as well. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you Marjie! You are the sweetest! I am looking forward to celebrating! Yay for warmth, family, and friends! :)

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