How he saved the day + the most extravagantly sweet place in New Haven!


Hi friends!

We just had another warm winter day around here (high of 40!) so you better believe I was pretty thrilled about that. Crazy to think that February started out in such a balmy way. Granted we do have a chilly weekend up ahead, but I can look past that as long as we get a few warmish sunny days here and there! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s rewind to earlier in the week — I’m still thinking about this yummy dinner of salmon, broccoli, carrots, brown rice, and quinoa. Totally hit the spot! I will definitely repeat this again and again.


The state of our kitchen sink was pretty dire. Luckily we have a dishwasher which makes life easier, but sometimes I just don’t even have the energy to unload and re-load the dishwasher.ย Joel made my day and took care of ALL of it! โค He saved the day! ๐Ÿ™‚


I was a couple blocks away from our old neighborhood in New Haven, and it brought back lots of memories! We really enjoyed our 3 years living in New Haven. I certainly love where we are now, but there are many aspects of New Haven life that I miss. I could say the same thing about Houston life and Kenya life too… every place is so different, but I miss certain aspects about each of them! I guess there will always be something I love and miss about each place that I live! ๐Ÿ™‚


Joel’s lunch yesterday — he added turkey to his ramen noodles and it looked quite stellar. I will have to copy him in the near future. Pretty soon we will need to replenish our ramen stock… I like to get THIS pack of 20 — absolutely delicious!


We took a quick trip to the library last night before it closed. Joel needed to return some books and I tagged along just because. We arrived at 7:55pm (it closes at 8) so I did not have time to browse like I normally would. I ended up selecting this book (The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters) based only on the cover — I didn’t even read the back! Hopefully it turns out to be a good read!


When we left the library, we were hungry. It was late too (for us), so neither of us felt like doing anything cooking-related. We ended up picking up dinner. Given the choice, I normally go for tacos over burritos. But this time I decided to venture into the burrito world.ย ย I opted for this steak burrito (steak, black beans, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and sour cream included). It was tasty, but my preference of tacos remains undeterred.


This morning after my usual cantaloupe (can’t skip that even for one day), I scrambled a couple eggs for breakfast. I haven’t made scrambled eggs in a while! Over easy is usually my favorite but these were pretty great too!


I recently learned the difference between vanilla ice cream and vanilla BEAN ice cream… apparently vanilla bean has little pieces of the actual vanilla bean mixed in (makes sense, right? lol) –> if you look closely, the ice cream has little black dots all throughout! Am I the only one who did not know what those little black dots were until now?… ๐Ÿ™‚


Ro and I got to go out for a walk together! It was so lovely and sunny. There were a lot of people out running and walking their dogs. I’m glad we took advantage of the awesome weather.


The trail was a little wet in certain spots, but most of it was nice and dry. That will all change in the near future because we are supposed to get rain overnight. With the freezing temps expected this weekend, I’m sure the trail will soon be pretty icy! I’m glad we got to get out on it before that happens. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve been doing some strength workouts at home lately and really enjoying it. My go-to routine so far is (2 sets of 20 for each of the following)

  • Legs, hips, glutes:
    • Lateral leg lifts
    • Clam shells
    • Donkey kicks
    • Fire hydrants
    • Weighted double-leg squats (right now using a 5 lb weight in each hand)
    • Weighted single leg squats
    • Hip hikes
  • Arms (with 5 lb weights)
    • Bicep curls
    • Overhead tricep curls
    • Lateral arm raises (not sure if this is what they are called)
    • Overhead press

Eventually I will work up to 3 sets of 20 for each, and also add heavier weights. The lower body stuff was my post-run routine to keep the legs running happy. I incorporated these exercises into my routine after experiencing random pains and niggles in the IT band and piriformis. Strengthening those muscles (along with consistent foam rolling and stretching) seemed to resolve these issues which meant pain-free running! ๐Ÿ™‚


From the other day –> Ro and I were both in the mood for donuts, so we spontaneously headed to “Donut Crazy” in New Haven ๐Ÿ™‚ I was lucky enough to find a parking spot right in front, so I felt pretty cool about that.


Their selection of donuts is insane! So many fancy donuts to choose from! They also have all the “regular” donuts, like glazed, plain, boston cream, and blueberry.


I ended up going with the Black Hawk (bottom photo, middle right) and Ro picked the Peanut Butter Explosion (bottom photo, bottom right). I brought one home for Joel — he picked one called Butternut (above photo, bottom right).


A closeup of my Black Hawk donut! It was enormous — I could only eat a quarter of it, and ended up bringing the rest home. Seriously delicous! Boy oh boy, talk about a sugar rush! It’s a chocolate donut topped with oreos and chocolate icing… phew! This donut is 100% a chocolate-lover’s paradise.


Ro’s Peanut Butter Explosion donut was equally as extravagant — a chocolate donut with peanut butter in the center, as well as peanut butter icing and peanut butter cereal (I can’t remember what it’s called?). She said it was incredible but couldn’t finish hers either lol! She also got a matcha latte which she was was amazing ๐Ÿ™‚


The entire place is very trendy and “instagrammable”. The crowd was mostly young university students, many of whom were working on laptops or sitting in small groups chatting. The friendly environment plus crazy good donuts means this spot was a hit in my book!


Ro and I grabbed seats on one of the couches and chatted about life while munching on our sugary treats. We decided to come back very soon for breakfast or brunch so that we can try out their avocado toast and other things on their menu!


Do you prefer tacos or burritos? What’s your favorite type of donut? What is your favorite home workout?ย  ย 

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8 thoughts on “How he saved the day + the most extravagantly sweet place in New Haven!

  1. Those donuts look delicious! I can imagine it’s over the top sweet though.
    I agree with what you said about you’ll always miss certain aspects of each place you lived. It’s hard not to when there’s so many memories associated with where we live.


    1. It’s so true! All the lovely memories, and also each place being unique in its own special way! (You’re also absolutely right about the donuts –> over the top sweet!!)


  2. I can relate with you Dawn, whenever hubby did those simple act and saved, what a blessing. I am hoping for a warmer February, tired of the cold weather.


    1. I am with you — hopefully February will be nice and mild! I am ready for some warmer weather, and excited for Spring to get here! ๐Ÿ™‚


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