Superbowl weekend + the nicest human


Hi guys!

How was your weekend? Congrats to the Eagles and their fans on quite a Superbowl win! Joel is a Patriots fan so he’s not thrilled with the outcome of the game, but it was a good one to watch!

Let’s rewind to the end of last week –> we host a smallgroup every week which usually involves food, games, and discussion of the Bible. It was Ming’s turn to bring snacks this time and he brought over this UNBELIEVABLE homemade Kahlua Cake. Dessert should not be allowed to be this good…


There was some freezing rain that night so a few folks were late… which just gave us more time to hang out and chat while we waited for everyone to arrive πŸ™‚


Dooz announced that he is moving back home to Pennsylvania 😦 We will be so very sad to say goodbye but are excited for him to start his next chapter of life. Saying goodbye always makes me wish I could round up all our friends and family from around the world and bring them to Connecticut. It would be so nice if we all lived in the same place!


After the smallgroup discussion wrapped, a few of the guys headed down to the basement for ping pong. Joel is pretty good and hasn’t lost a game to any of our friends… yet… πŸ™‚


Joel headed off for a weekend camping trip with our friend Walter. Bear in mind we are RIGHT in the middle of a New England winter… the weather decided to test their cold-tolerance and gave them highs in the 20’s and overnight temps in the single digits. Brr! Way too cold to sleep outside! Just thinking about it gives me a chill. Spoiler: the guys survived their winter camping trip and had a great time!


Before Joel left, he made some trail mix to snack on while he’s out there (you know, gotta have a snack while freezing your buns off hah). Granola, craisins, raisins, honey peanuts, salted peanuts. He also took a couple eggs with him but they froze solid and did not thaw until he got back home.


My dinner Friday night –> leftover broccoli, carrots, quinoa, and bok choy! Not very exciting but I always feel good when I eat leftovers.


Saturday’s breakfast involved a scrambled egg with quinoa and a glass of orange juice. I haven’t had OJ in quite a while but there was some in the fridge and it looked enticing.


I drove over to meet Bernice at her apartment. We then walked over to downtown New Haven. It was only 30 minute walk or so and it felt great to get some activity in. I finally remembered to charge my Garmin watch (similar Garmin HERE), so it was fun being able to track mileage again. On days like this I am tempted to get a fitbit, but then I remember that my Garmin is better for running. The only thing my Garmin doesn’t do that a fitbit does, is count steps. It was a nice sunny day but very cold (I couldn’t imagine camping in this!).


We made it over to Battel Chapel with plenty of time to spare before Dr. Cornel West’s lecture. We grabbed seats in the front as soon as the security guards and dogs did their sweep. Look at how beautiful this chapel is! Fun fact: a couple Christmases ago we came to this same chapel with my youngest sister Kabi for the Hallelujah Chorus Sing-a-long!


Dr. West. He is brilliant, passionate, empowering, charming, funny, and utterly inspiring! We need more people like him in this world.


After the talk, Jessica surprised us by popping over to our seats –> turns out she was sitting across from us the whole time and we had no idea!Β Bernice and Jessica stood in a long line to get their books signed and pictures taken with Dr. West. I did not have a book to sign but tagged along as the designated photographer and fangirl.


We were super hungry afterwards so the 3 of us walked over to B Natural for a bite. I got the turkey avocado sandwich which sounded amazing… but sadly it ended up being kinda meh… it could have used a LOT more avocado, and also the turkey was on the dry side. Not the best sandwich I’ve ever had, but it felt good knowing all the ingredients are pristine. The next time I go back to B Natural, I will try their power bowl or protein bowl –> those looked amazing and I don’t know why I didn’t just go for one of them?…


We chatted for a while and then decided we still had room for dessert πŸ™‚ so we walked over to a vegetarian place called Claire’s Corner Copia. I’ve heard awesome things about Claire’s and was excited to give it a try. Jessica got the vegan Lithuanian Coffee Cake and let Bernice and I sample bites (very tasty indeed) and Bernice got a vegan chocolate chip cookie which was also good (not quite the same as a regular cookie but still good!). I got a hot Russian Fruit Tea which had chopped apple and some type of red berry in it. Very yummy! It would probably be amazing in the summer as an iced drink too!


Superbowl Sunday was quite eventful… did you watch the game? It was a nail-biter at times! We made 3 different types of chicken wings and also cake for dessert. Friends who came over brought potluck style dishes including mini hotdogs, chili, cheese platter, chips & salsa, roasted chickpeas, kale salad, bean dip, and veggies & hummus! We had quite the amazing spread! The hits of the night were Kelly’s bean dip (which was literally SCRAPED clean) and also her kale salad of which I happily consumed 2 heaping plates!


Ugo (behind me in the glasses) is seriously one of the nicest humans in the world. His wife will be joining him in Connecticut in a couple weeks and I am super excited to meet her! I just know she will be amazing based on how awesome he is and all the cool things I’ve heard about her! I hope she is fully prepared to be my very good friend because THAT is happening. πŸ™‚


Just a few of us gals proving that we can still be friends despite our differences (Jessica is a major Eagles fan but I will forgive her for that haha).


Everyone minus Elise and Amy — how did they not make it into the shot?? There were equal parts Eagles fans and Patriots fans in attendance so there was a good bit of banter/rivalry going on. The game had a lot of twists and turns, which I suppose makes it more interesting than one team totally demolishing the other –> although Joel would have been fine if it was the Patriots who were doing the demolishing πŸ™‚


What’s your favorite superbowl dish/snack? Your thoughts on winter camping? Doing anything to celebrate/honor Black History month?Β  Β 

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6 thoughts on “Superbowl weekend + the nicest human

  1. “even managed to have a good time…?” hahahaha

    Seriously, those boys are crazy. I can’t believe Joel’s eggs froze! That is a good sign that they should not have been out in that weather.

    I am so happy our dishes were hits! We had a great time at your house (as always).


    1. Joel had an awesome time camping, I hope Walter did too! They are tougher than me, that’s for sure. I am still pretty baffled on how they manage to ENJOY winter camping… i mean, HOW!?? Lol! I couldn’t believe his eggs froze either, but he still ate them at home after they thawed! Your dishes are ALWAYS mega hits!!! 😁


  2. Don’t you hate when you order something and then it ends up being kind of a let down 😦 The sandwich sounds like it would be so good! Hopefully the other menu items are better.

    Joel is crazy for going camping in the middle of winter. I hope he had fun!


    1. He really is crazy! I cannot imagine camping in that kind of weather! But you’re right, he had a great time and even wants to do it again! πŸ™ˆ


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