When the fridge is on the fritz


Hi guys!

What a weird week weather-wise! We’ve had everything from snow to sleet, rain, sun, fog, and freezing rain. Temps are expected to be mild (40’s) over the weekend so I am excited for the relatively balmy weather. I feel like every winter is a weird winter, but this one seems to be particularly weird. hah! Check out the sheet of ice currently sitting on our patio.


Our kitchen appliances seem to be revolting at the moment — namely, our fridge. It started randomly beeping the other day with quite the strange error message.


Joel tried to look up what the message means and how to fix it, but it isn’t anywhere in the manual…?? So we are not quite sure what to do about it at the moment. The inside of the fridge and freezer seem to be operating fine, and there are no issues with the compressor or parts in the back. So our food is safely chilled/frozen (phew!). We aren’t sure if this error is just an issue with the computer on the front of the fridge. If you have any insight, please feel free to share!


My awesome friend Priscilla and I have been friends since freshman year of college. We lived on the same floor of our college dorm and were both Biology majors. Our friendship solidified when we took a statistics class together –> who remember college stats? At the time I swore it would be the LAST stats course I ever took for the rest of my life…. little did I know that I had YEARS more of statistics ahead in graduate school! Hah! Anyway, Priscilla now lives in Queens NY and has a cute 7 month old baby boy. We were video-chatting when he woke up early from his nap. I love his adorable bed-head πŸ™‚


I finally headed back to the gym after a long hiatus. Usually I stick to the treadmill when I am at the gym. I normally hop right on, run 6-7 miles, then head home. But this time I opted for the elliptical instead. It felt good to get some cardio and ease back into that workout life. I must admit though… the elliptical is just not exciting to me for some reason. I felt like the time passed waaaay slower compared to the treadmill?? Each minute felt like 10 times longer than that. Maybe I need to listen to music while working out instead of an audiobook.


My post-workout lunch –> salmon, broccoli, carrots, and quinoa! Salmon is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. I love to cook it in butter on the stove top and then add a spritz of lemon juice. Yum. πŸ™‚


Just a photo of some waterfalls from Joel’s camping trip with Walter last weekend. They hiked around 25 miles total. Joel’s sleeping bag is made for temps down to 30 degrees but it was definitely much colder than that overnight — single digits! He used the foil blanket that I got after my first marathon as a heat shield blanket – he wrapped it over his sleeping bag at night. Brrr.


The other day I was heading out of a meeting when the hunger pangs struck. I made a beeline for RubambaΒ and got myself a Columbian style arepa. They also do Venezuelan arepas but in my opinion the Columbian arepas CANNOT be beat. They are well and truly crazy good! I could have done without the yellow rice, but the combination of the seasoned beef, the sweet arepa (under the beef), the savory guacamole, the hot sauce, and plantains really hit the spot. If you have never had a Columbian arepa, you need to run — do not walk — to your nearest Columbian restuarant! You will not regret it πŸ™‚


Connecticut friends: while you’re at it, get yourself one of these cards at Rubamba… after 10 meals, you get one half off! I am happy to report that my next meal will be 50% off! YISSS πŸ™‚


Bernice, Ro, and I got together for our monthly “breakfast club”! We go to a different place each time, and in the process we are discovering a lot of really awesome eateries in the area. This time, we met up at the State Street Cafe! They do great breakfast and brunch foods (they also have *killer* burgers) and the prices are super reasonable. I started out with a hot chocolate, which seems to be becoming my breakfast club tradition.


Ro and I both ordered the “Big 2” which includes 2 french toasts, 2 meats (I got sausage), 2 eggs (I had mine scrambled), and homefries. Bernice is still in the midst of a huge challenge at her gym and is staying far away from carbs, so she stuck with an omelet with mushrooms, tomato, and spinach. The portions were so big that half of this came home with me and was later consumed as my dinner. πŸ™‚ I will be back at some point to try their Californian Benedict (eggs benedict with avocado) and other things on their menu. As always, I felt refreshed from the inside out after spending time with these ladies. I don’t know how I got so fortunate but there’s no denying I have hit the friendship jackpot.


The 3 of us swung through Target briefly to pick up some essentials. Of course we HAD to spend a little time in the candle isle. I found my all-time favorite candle (rosemary mint soy vegan candle) and was very tempted to purchase a backup. I still have one at home plus another randomly scented candle that I haven’t even burned yet, so I could not justify purchasing it. I hope this candle is a permanent thing at Target because I will 100% be back for it in the future.


Bernice and I went on a 3 mile walk together and chatted about life. We passed a gas station and had to pop in. She picked up a strawberry blow pop (her only indulgence) and I spied these Necco candies –> Joel loves these, and seeing them made me think of him. I picked up a couple for him — I think it’s funny that he likes these old-school candies.


Your thoughts on Neccos and other “classic” candies? Ever had a kitchen appliance go on the fritz? What’s on your workout playlist?Β Β 

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14 thoughts on “When the fridge is on the fritz

  1. Goodness, Dawn! I really feel for you – having the fridge on the blink is a traumatic experience. Ours died a couple of years and we couldn’t have the new one delivered for a couple of days, so we had to transport all our stuff to the fridges at Husband’s school. Fortunately they had 2 mostly empty ones we could use, otherwise we would have had to throw out EVERYTHING! So, keeping fingers crossed, yours will stay well!

    Priscilla’s baby is such a cutie!!!

    I’ve only had Peruvian arepas and LOVE them. Wonder if they are similar to the Colombian ones.


    1. Your fridge experience sounds a little traumatic! I’m glad you didn’t have to throw anything out. Fingers crossed we wont either! I’ve never tried Peruvian arepas but I will keep my eyes open for them! They sound yummy! I hope you have an amazing weekend! 😁


      1. Actually, we did throw quite a bit out, but we lovingly accumulate a lot of sauces and dried goods in our fridge and freezer and I would have hated to lose those!

        I am in love with Peruvian food! To be far, I haven’t had the opportunity to try Colombian cuisine. I have heard it is all quite different though.


  2. I hope you figure out what’s going on with the fridge. Did you google it? It looks like system error to me. Maybe unplug it, wait a minute, and plug it back in to see if that works? Now I sound like an IT person. Lol
    Food looks yummy! Great that you got out with friends. That’s important!


    1. Thanks Julie! Joel said he unplugged it and plugged it back in, and the error message went away (I was excited) but then came back again. Very baffling! He’s going to call and talk to customer support… gotta love fridge issues haha!


  3. appliance trama is never a fun experience. I hope you can figure it out and not have it totally die on you. I always look at the food you post about and wonder if I would like it. I guess I’m not very adventurous? Hope you have a great Friday


    1. Fridge issues are not fun — we’re still trying to figure out what this error message is about, but fingers crossed it doesn’t die completely! I can’t say I’m thrilled about the possibility of buying a new fridge right now lol!


  4. I agree with you about the elliptical! I find it easiest to do some sort of workout where the resistance and stuff changes. Makes time fly by!

    Huge breakfast portions are the best! Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner later that day?!


    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds that time slows down on the elliptical! I am going to try listening to music and maybe even catching up on TV shows next time. I totally agree breakfast for dinner is right up my alley! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes! It’s the weirdest thing but I’m glad others feel the same way. I agree — the treadmill is much more appealing than the elliptical, bike, etc! πŸ™‚


  5. Salmon is my all time favorite dinner and I’ve never thought about cooking it in a little butter – I can only imagine the deliciousness!! Def going to have to try that this week!


    1. It is sooo crazy good and easy that this is my favorite way to cook salmon now! I also add a little lemon and salt — yum! πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy it Sarah!


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