Fridge update + a nostalgic restaurant!


Hi friends!

How was your weekend? We had a pretty relaxing weekend around here. Friday started out bright and early with… you guessed it!… cantaloupe! I am slowly (or not so slowly) making my way through Connecticut’s supply of cantaloupe.


We decided to get a jump on our taxes this year. We were getting all our documents printed and organized when we realized we needed more printer ink. Cue a trip to our local staples to pick up a cartridge. Why is printer ink so expensive…


After picking up our ink, we drove passed Lumi Asian Fusion and figured we’d check it out for dinner. We had never been before but always talk about going whenever we drive past it. I don’t think we have been to an Asian fusion place since living in Texas. They seem to be all over Houston but not as many in Connecticut.


I normally like spicy salmon sushi rolls or salmon sashimi, but this time opted for a couple rolls from their “cooked rolls” section: shrimp tempura and a mango roll. Joel got a tuna roll and a couple other raw ones that I can’t remember. My shrimp tempura was a very nice change from my usual raw sushi choices, but my heart remains with all things salmon.


The restaurant surprised us by giving us a cute little dessert on the house. πŸ™‚ I love fruit for dessert! Growing up in Nairobi, my family always had fruit for dessert. I don’t think we ever did “normal” desserts… just a lot of apples, oranges, mangoes etc… *sigh* I sure do miss having mangoes all the time.


Saturday was a warm day for February (50 degrees!). I met up with a friend, Natasha, for lunch at Rice Pot. This was Joel and my favorite Thai place when we lived in New Haven, and it felt nostalgic to be back.


I normally like to get either a noodle dish or their sizzling chicken. But this time I decided to try their sizzling beef.Β  It came out on this enormous platter… more than half of it came home with me for leftovers. It was super tasty, but I have to say I prefer the sizzling chicken –> the chicken tastes like it’s cooked differently compared to the beef (maybe seasoned and baked?), and it also comes with a wider variety of veggies.


Natasha opted for a chicken dish and I was 100% eyeing it the entire time. As you might imagine, I had major order envy! πŸ™‚


Joel worked on finishing up the window muntins and getting them back onto the windows. He wants to go around the trim with paint one last time to clean up some of the edges of the walls. This project has taken a good bit longer than either of us anticipated, but we are almost done! πŸ™‚


We decided on a mini date-night that evening, and so headed to the movies. Originally we wanted to see the Last Jedi but it was no longer playing at our theater. Joel has already seen it but I guess I will just have to wait till it’s out on Netflix. Instead, we opted for Jumanji. It was a pretty funny movie — Kevin Hart is hilarious and the dynamic between him and Dwayne Johnson just tickles me. Now that we officially have our MoviePass cards, we will be back for many more movies!


What is your favorite movie snack? I like popcorn as much as the next person (kettle corn or plain salted are my 2 favorites), but this time around I brought in some Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in a ziplock bag. It was the perfect snack!


Sunday was quite the rainy day. But at least it’s warm enough to rain instead of snow, amirite? πŸ™‚


We left church later than expected due to catching up with friends (not a bad reason! haha) — we had planned to go the grocery store right afterwards but were way too hungry by the time we left. So we made a stop at one of our favorite Indian buffets… Zaika!


Their buffet changes each week, which I appreciate a lot. Joel politely inquired about whether there was any beef (there were no beef dishes in the buffet that day) and the lovely server surprised us by bringing out a bowl of curry beef just for us, at no extra charge πŸ™‚


With tummies full of awesome Indian food, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some essentials for the week.


My absolute favorite find at the grocery store were these “nothing added” dried mangoes! No sugar, sulfur, etc! It was so delicious. I love dried mango! I tried to make dried mango in the oven once and it didn’t work out very well.Β I should probably get a dehydrator so that I can make my own proper dried snacks.


The rest of Sunday afternoon/evening was spent at home. Joel did some tinkering with the fridge (we’ve been seeing a weird error message and hearing strange alarms beeping for a few days)… he found that the evaporator was completely frozen over, so there may not have been enough refrigerant flowing through the expansion device. <– direct quote from Joel who is an engineer and knows way more about this stuff than me. πŸ™‚


We transferred all the food from the fridge to the deck in plastic bags (good thing this happened in the winter — the temperature outside was perfect for this) and all the frozen food to a cooler packed with ice. Then we unplugged the fridge and let it completely defrost.


Once everything was totally defrosted, Joel plugged it back in and we let the inside of the fridge and freezer cool down again. The good news is this seems to have corrected the issue –> no more error messages or beeping alarms! πŸ™‚ Let’s hope we won’t have any further issues with this or any other kitchen appliance.

My Sunday dinner consisted of grapes –> I wasn’t super hungry given our Indian lunch and grapes just sounded good. I’m pretty sure these are some of the best red grapes I have ever had. Connecticut pals: the red grapes at Stop and Shop are absolute PERFECTION right now, go get some! πŸ™‚


My brother Gibbs is currently at Diani Beach on the coast of Kenya. He’s actually there for a few meetings, not a vacation… but just LOOK at how beautiful it is. I wouldn’t mind being teleported there right this instant!


What’s your favorite snack to sneak into the movies? Have you ever made your own dried fruit snacks? What movies are you excited to see this year?

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14 thoughts on “Fridge update + a nostalgic restaurant!

    1. I don’t know why I never thought to bring cereal in a ziplock bag before but it is my new fave movie snack! Joel is a good person to ask these kinds of questions, he sure knows his stuff πŸ™‚


  1. My guilty pleasure is movie theater popcorn! I know it’s definitely not healthy and I can make popcorn for myself at home but it’s just so yummy.

    Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure some membership stores (Costco/Sam’s Club/BJ’s) will refill cartridges with printer ink. Something to ask about if you are considering getting a membership to any of those places!


    1. Movie theater popcorn is pretty good too, I totally agree! Sometimes it’s nice to have the classic movie snack! Oh we will definitely have to look into the ink refills! That would be so much better than buying new every time! Thanks for the tip 😁


    1. Oooh we need a sign like that in our grocery store! It would come in really handy for the cantaloupe-obsessed like me! I’m glad we were able to figure out the fridge situation too, and very happy that it wasn’t an expensive or time-consuming solution! 😁


  2. I am SO glad y’all figured out what’s up with the fridge!
    I usually pack snacks in my purse for the movies. Most of the time it’s something easy like cereal, sometimes popcorn I popped myself at home.


    1. I like the idea of bringing popcorn that was popped at home! I don’t know why this has never occurred to me before, but it’s a great idea! πŸ˜€


    1. I agree! I might have to do home-popped popcorn the next time we go to the movies! It would save money AND I’d get to munch on my all-time favorite kettle corn!


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