Floor seats + lunch crew!


Hi friends!

I hope you had an awesome weekend, wherever in the world you are! My family seems to be having a nice time celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore. My sister in red, her husband, and their two kids (they live in Holland) with my mom and maternal grandmother who live in Singapore:


Meanwhile in Connecticut, our Friday night consisted of a movie date! We are putting our MoviePass cards to good use. This time we opted for The Greatest Showman. The cinema was totally packed and we ended up sitting in the front row –> not ideal seats but the comfy reclining chairs helped to make the movie enjoyable still. I liked the storyline of hard work and acceptance, and had the songs in my head for a while πŸ™‚



Saturday involved ice skating! Our church rented out one of the ice rinks in the pavilion so admission and skates were free of charge to us. The little kids were super cute with their tiny skates. πŸ™‚ It was Bernice’s first time skating so she made sure to get a few helpful tips from Joel.


Joel explaining and demonstrating proper skating technique to her.


Bernice managed to make it all the way around around the rink with the help of Joel and another friend. She is determined to properly learn how to skate so that she can skate at the Rockefeller rink (one of her bucket list items for this decade).


I opted to watch all the skating from the bleachers as I did not feel like risking falling. I made sure to bring a few Rolos (find them HERE) to munch on. They are so good!


I also had my trusty water bottle with me (similar HERE), and my book. My habit of carrying water everywhere started back in college. I felt like everyone at my school carried water bottles with them wherever they went — is this a college thing or was it just my school? One of my college roommates, Kelly, was on the volleyball team. She carried around not one, but three of these liter-size bottles with her wherever she went. THREE. She drank somewhere between 4-6 liters of water every single day.


I am almost done with Beneath a Scarlet Sky (available HERE) –> it is a super enjoyable read and one I happily recommend! I would probably love it even more if I hadn’t taken a hiatus halfway through to read Middlesex (this month’s book club pick HERE).


Random question: Do you have a favorite bookmark? I have been using this 26.2 sticker which I got at my very first marathon. It is my favorite bookmark and always reminds me of my very first time running 26.2 miles. The race was a major struggle but I finished on my own two feet. However, I did not have the race I wanted due to my plantar fasciitis injury. I received a cortisone shot in my foot 10 days before the race and did not run a single step for those 10 days. Not the ideal way to taper for the race (hah) but the good news is I got it done.

I would love to go back to run Hartford again one day. It’s a great course, has decent turnout, tends to have nice weather, and it just happens to take place about 40 minutes from my house!


After the ice rink we were both hungry so decided to stop in at Eli’s again for lunch. Those fish tacos were calling my name for the second week in a row! Joel opted for a Philly Cheese Steak and a wheat beer. My tacos came with a coleslaw and black bean pico on the side, but I didn’t end up touching either of those — I was very focused on my tacos πŸ™‚ Just like last time, I ate 2 there and the third came home with me.


We relaxed at home for a few hours before heading to the Yale vs Harvard women’s basketball game! We swung by Walter and Kelly’s apartment to pick them up, and then met up with Joan later at the game. We got floor seat tickets through one of the coaches who goes to our church. It was the first time in my life to sit that close to a game… it is quite a different experience compared to regular seats!


One of the perks included with our floor seat tickets was access to the lounge and food, including a two salad options, various types of pizza, and a couple types of cookies for dessert. Drinks included wine, juice, and water. Great spread! I felt very spoiled!


The Yale mascot is a bulldog named Handsome Dan. Sometimes Handsome Dan makes an appearance at games –> sadly we did not see him at the basketball game, but we have seen him before at football games. This is the original Handsome Dan from the early 1900’s. Bulldogs used to look so different:


Sunday morning we were late for church, partly because Joel was snow-blowing our driveway, and partly because we took our time with breakfast. I made him some eggy french toast (2 whole eggs and a bit of salt on one piece of honey nut whole grain bread, cooked on stove top with olive oil). He sometimes adds maple syrup on his french toast but this time he opted for raspberry preserves.


After church we headed to Brother Jimmy’s BBQ for lunch. None of us had been there before, and we all enjoyed it!


Joel got the brisket sandwich with brussel sprouts on the side. Back in Houston we always ate brisket with pickles and onions, so he made sure to request some.


The lunch crew! Can’t wait to do this again!


After lunch we headed to our grocery store to pick up essentials for home. Joel and I are in agreement that this is the largest amount of cantaloupe we have EVER gone through. These pregnancy cravings are somethin else. I could skip cantaloupe for a day but that is not something I’m interested in doing anytime soon πŸ™‚


The rest of Sunday evening was super relaxed. We hung out at home watching the Olympics and vegging on the couch. I am currently sipping on watermelon-flavored sparkling water while typing this, with Joel snoozing next to me. It’s a very relaxing Sunday evening around here.


What did you do over the weekend? Do you put anything on top of your french toast? Any books or movies to recommend?Β 

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7 thoughts on “Floor seats + lunch crew!

  1. I love Brother Jimmy’s! There was one within walking distance of my college so I loved stopping in every once in a while. I carried water with me all the time in college. Gotta stay hydrated during class!

    Right now I’m reading “Before I Go To Sleep” by S.J. Watson and really enjoy it. It’s a bit of a thriller so I’m really curious what happens in the end! Also apparently it’s a movie too so maybe I’ll watch that after I finish the book.


    1. Gotta stay hydrated indeed lol 😁 Oooh I loved that book! I recently saw the movie and really enjoyed it too. It’s a good read!!


  2. sounds like a great weekend. and tasty too. I carry a water bottle with me everywhere, but that started way after I went to college (granted I’m a lot older than you so it could be around the same time frame. We have Britta water bottles. I like the fact that I can get water anywhere and it is filtered through the cap.


    1. I like that the britta bottles filter the water for you! Such a good idea. It would definitely give you peace of mind about refilling anywhere! πŸ™‚


    1. The bbq was surprisingly good! I admit I was a little skeptical, but it was pretty delicious. I’m sure it doesn’t quite compare to Texas but since I haven’t had bbq in a few years I really enjoyed it! 😁


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