The perfect movie snack discovery


Hi friends!

Did you have Monday off from work? Joel did not – he had a couple conference calls with clients in Europe. I had a pseudo off day, meaning I got to sleep in a little longer than usual and got some work done at home.

Lucky for me, Jessica was available for a lunch date! We went to Maison Mathis, a place I havent been in quite a while. I debated getting an omelet but finally decided on the quinoa salad.


Hot chocolate and quinoa salad (I added an egg and some avocado). I have to admit it was not the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had… it tasted watered down. :/  However, the food was absolutely delicious! Between the sundried tomatoes, artichokes, kale, quinoa, egg, and avocado, the salad was bursting with yummy flavor –> I did not need to add a single drop of the vinaigrette that came on the side. 🙂 I ate half and brought the other half home. Now that I am pregnant, I get full faster so I can’t eat big meals all at once. I have been eating frequent smaller meals and so far it has been working out nicely.


Jessica and I sat there for a while after finishing up lunch, just chatting about life, work, the future, etc, and all that talking meant that we worked up a second appetite for dessert! 🙂 I had my eye on the layered mousse until I saw the price… then changed my mind to go with the mini-eclairs instead.


When I asked the guy behind the counter about these mini-eclairs, he surprised me by saying that I could have them on the house –> he said I was the nicest customer he’d had all day. 🙂 I thought that was very nice of him! I haven’t had an eclair in forever and these were lovely! Perfectly chilled, and somehow also very light. Yum!


Jessica opted for a strawberry waffle — she let me sample some of it and boy oh boy was it delicious! Joel and I have been talking about getting a waffle-maker for the longest time and this just sealed the deal for me! In the meantime, I will be going back to Maison Mathis for their waffles in the very near future –> they have a “loaded waffle” which comes with a ton of different berries, and has my name written all over it.



I just started a new book: The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters (here). I’m only partway into the first chapter as of now, but I’m interested to see how the story progresses. I picked this book up purely based on the cover when we went to the library and had only 20 seconds before it closed. I didn’t want to leave empty-handed so grabbed this as I was hustling out of there. Hope it’s a good one!


Bernice has been eating rice cakes for her afternoon snack –> when I saw THESE lightly salted rice cakes at the store I thought of her and had to pick them up. I haven’t had rice cakes in YEARS! Back in college I used to eat the cheddar-flavored Quaker Oats rice cakes all the time (here!). They are pretty tasty for a snack. I remember going to the convenience store to buy snacks like this all the time. There was also a specific protein bar I used to get all the time, because it was easy to throw in my backpack for days when I had hours and hours of biology or chemistry labs.


Green grapes for lunch because that is what sounded good to me. I can’t get over how good these green grapes are. They are a little smaller than normal so I assumed they would be tart, but they are actually perfectly ripe and juicy, not too tart at all! I should definitely have bought a few more bags of these. 🙂 Speaking of grapes, what do you think about those enormous globe grapes? They look so huge. Do they taste like regular grapes?


Plantain chips make my day — I LOVE these crispy, salty little things. I have never tried to make my own plantain chips at home, but perhaps I should! I can’t imagine it being too difficult… (famous last words?) haha


Joel and I decided to catch a movie one evening — The 15:17 to Paris! Did you follow this story in the news when it was happening? I remember being glued to my screen when the story first broke. When I heard that there was a movie coming out based on the real events, I couldn’t wait to see it. The actual guys who were involved in the incident portrayed themselves in the movie. The acting was a little stiff at times (can’t blame them, they aren’t professional actors), but the story was pretty interesting.


I have discovered my new favorite movie food… sushi! There is a sushi place right next to the movies, so we stopped in to pick up a snack. Joel got a couple spicy salmon rolls (I can’t wait to eat those again), and I got an avocado roll and a cucumber roll. We asked the restaurant to wrap the rolls in aluminum foil, which made them super easy to transport. Since I did not get any soy sauce or ginger, it was very easy to eat these with fingers without creating a big mess. I’m officially a fan of sushi at the movies, it made for the best movie food ever!


My lunch today: eggy french toast –> 2 eggs on whole grain bread with a bit of kosher salt. I don’t usually add anything to my french toast (Joel likes to top his with maple syrup). Over the past couple days, I have noticed that I have been using mostly eggs as my protein source rather than other meats. This is pretty much because of how easy they are to whip up. Eggs just make life easy.


My nightly snack of late has consisted of fresh peaches –> these are so good! I remember the first time I met Joel’s family, they lived in a house that had a peach tree in the yard. We would pick beautiful peaches and munch on them all the time! His family has since moved away from that house, but I still remember that peach tree fondly. It makes me want to plant one in our yard too. How awesome would it be to have gorgeous fresh peaches right from our own back yard? 🙂


What’s your favorite thing to put on waffles? Have you ever had sushi at the movies? If you had to pick either peaches or grapes to grow in your back yard, which would you choose?   

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6 thoughts on “The perfect movie snack discovery

    1. haha! Isn’t it crazy! I opened the fridge and my eyes went right to the grapes, so I had those instead! 🙂 I don’t know what is happening!!! 🙂 lol


  1. The 15:17 to Paris is one my to watch list! I love that the actual people involved portrayed themselves. I think it makes it much more authentic. Maybe not the right word but hopefully you get what I mean!

    Plaintain chips are so good. I picked up a bag at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and had to limit myself to just a small handful so I wouldn’t eat the entire bag at once.


    1. I totally get what you mean! I kept thinking I can’t believe these are the ACTUAL GUYS!!! Oh yes, plantain chips are definitely a weakness of mine — they are such a delicious snack! 🙂 I might have to pick up another bag this weekend… 🙂


  2. Eggs have recently become my go-to as well – they’re almost too easy and always delicious! I’ve been prepping them by throwing any leftovers I may have (ground turkey, a little piece of salmon, meatless sausage) and veggies into the pan and making a big scramble! Also, I would have to choose peaches, my all time fav fruit!


    1. I love a good leftover scramble! It’s such a great way to eat leftovers while making them taste like a totally new and different meal. I haven’t done that in a while, but you have reminded me how great it can be!!! 🙂


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