Lazy Sunday Morning + Heart Pancake


Hi friends!

After Friday’s nor’easter, it was quite the overcast weekend around here. But at least it was above freezing 🙂 Spring is a-comin, and I am waiting as patiently as I can!

My friend Amy is 34 weeks along with her 3rd little boy and looking so amazing! Just LOOK at that perfect belly she’s got going on there. She is an incredible mom to her 2 boys, a loyal friend, and all-round stellar human being. We met in 5th grade at boarding school in Kenya, and have been friends ever since. She lives in New Jersey now and I can’t wait to see her in just a couple weeks! 🙂



I forgot to go grocery shopping before the nor’easter hit on Friday (oops). During the storm, my friend told me that her SUV was blowing all over the road, and after hearing that I had zero desire to venture out in that crazy wind. I made do with what I had at home. Luckily ramen noodles and eggs came to the rescue. Quick, easy, and tasty –> yes please!


By Saturday morning the wind and rain had mostly died down (phew!). I looked outside to find that the winds had blown away our porch lantern. See that black and white disk hanging from the rail? It used to have a pretty solar-powered lantern attached to it. Joel found the lantern’s very sad remains in a corner of the backyard. I will miss that little thing. Looks like we’re gonna need to do some lantern shopping in the not-too-distant future!


Jessica and I met up for Saturday brunch at Maison Mathis. I feel like their menu looks different each time I am there? Or maybe a different item calls to me every time so I don’t notice other things. Last time I tried their quinoa salad (very good, especially with an egg added). This time I could hear those waffles calling my name…


Look at those beautiful strawberries! Strawberries, waffle, whipped cream, and a dash of caramel sauce in one bite made for an insanely good mouthful of YUM. I probably say this at least once a week, but Joel and I need to get a waffle maker for our home! I want to replicate this deliciousness in my kitchen.


We browsed their dessert collection, which looked so very pretty, but after my sweet waffle I didn’t feel the urge to indulge in additional treats. But you know what, I will – repeat WILL – be back for that creme brulee…


I sipped on this overpriced-but-tasty organic blueberry iced tea (Jessica opted for a latte) while we hung out and chatted about everything under the sun. Her apartment is only a block or so from my office, which made me I wonder how many times we have passed each other over the years before we officially met and became friends! …And that makes me wonder how many people I pass on the street that will one day become my friend!


Dinner consisted of Ethiopian food! Jessica had only eaten Ethiopian food one time long ago in Philadelphia, but did not enjoy it. My heart was happy that she was game to give it a second chance. She ordered Doro Wot, a popular crowd-pleasing chicken dish, and ended up liking it! It always makes me happy when my friends love Ethiopian food. I grew up going to amazing Ethiopian restaurants in Nairobi with friends and family, and it will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂


Joel and I enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning together (<– side note, “Lazy Sunday Morning” is also the name of my all-time favorite perfume lol! find it HERE).


Just like most mornings these days, I dived head-first into a big bowl of grapes. Yes, I am slowly but surely making my way through Connecticut’s grape supply.


Joel felt like making pancakes for brunch… more like lunch by the time we got around to eating hah. We have been using this Heart Smart Bisquick for years and years (we use almond milk instead of regular milk). It has never let us down. These pancakes taste yummier than the regular/original Bisquick.


Despite using this mix for YEARS, I have never seen this “refrigerate after opening” message. Maybe it has been there all along, or maybe they changed up some of the ingredients so that it now requires refrigerating? It feels weird to keep pancake mix in the fridge but oh well!


This was Joel’s attempt at making me a heart pancake. Pretty good! ❤



Laundry happened. Have I mentioned how much I love our washer and dryer? When we bought our house, we had to buy a brand new washer and dryer because the sellers took theirs with them. It was our first time buying laundry machines (every house/apartment we’ve lived in came with them), but thankfully we found a great deal on Maytags at Sears. I am thankful that Joel has been super helpful with things like laundry, especially when I was dealing with serious fatigue during the first trimester. He’s a good egg 🙂


I moved our board/card games from our old storage chest to this ottoman in the living room. It’ll be much easier to access the games this way, and the old chest will be more useful in the guest room. Seeing all our games makes me excited to play some of them –> I think it is time for a game night! (By the way, did you guys see that movie Game Night… that is NOT how our game nights usually go lol)


Joel manhandled this antique cabinet from our bedroom down to the basement. Somehow he managed to to do without scratching any of the floors or walls (woo!). He will put it to good use in his office down there.


We also hung up our Photowall print (details and discount code HERE –> code expires March 31!). We were originally going to hang the print in the nursery but decided it looked better in our room. 🙂


After we finished getting stuff done around the house, we headed to the movies (three cheers for MoviePass!). This time we saw Death Wish, which was a very typical Bruce Willis movie if you know what I mean, but still very enjoyable. I love our movie theater’s big reclining chairs — they are so comfy!


What is your easy go-to meal when you don’t feel like cooking? Do you keep pancake mix in the fridge? Where should we look for a new solar-powered lantern?  



6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Morning + Heart Pancake

  1. The wind was intense on Friday! I’m not sure about CT but NJ is supposed to get another nor’easter on Wednesday. I knew the warm February weather was too good to be true lol.

    Two of my favorite go to meals when I don’t feel like cooking is a bunch of roasted veggies or some pasta. Minimal effort required for either but delicious and filling.


    1. We’re supposed to get another storm on Wednesday too — snow, wind, rain, the works! I love roasted veggies, so easy and delicious! I can’t wait for summer temps when we will be able to do more backyard grilling too — grilled corn on cob sounds so good! 🙂


  2. I haven’t used pancake mix in a few years since I found a homemade one I really like, but when I had it I kept it in the freezer. That is where I keep my flours and brown sugar as well. The freezer of our fridge is half full of baking items that I keep in the freezer to keep them fresh.


    1. It makes good sense to keep brown sugar in the freezer — I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about that! That probably prevents it from absorbing humidity and getting all hard. My brother keeps his coffee beans in the freezer too and says it helps to keep it fresh longer. We’re actually thinking about getting a separate freezer for the basement so that we can have more space more freezer meals 🙂


  3. I love me some Taboo. I love playing with someone that you are highly connected to, so that you can easily reference random things that have nothing to do with the word. It makes the game very easy. My wife’s cousin and I got most of the answers with only references from The Simpsons.


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