Last snowday? + Gender Reveal plan!


Hi friends!

It’s a snowday today! I guess Old Man Winter figured that we had gotten off way too easy this season and decided to throw one last snow our way. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this is the official turning point. Let’s hope that it will be nothing but gorgeous Spring temps and colorful blooms from here on out. I am pretty sure Spring is my favorite season. After the dreary cold, it feels extra nice to have pleasant temps and see all the plants perk up again. But then again, summer is pretty incredible too (especially the amazing New England summers), so maybe spring and summer are tied in first place. πŸ™‚


Let’s back it up to the last couple days!

You guys know I am well on my way to forming a deep bond with grapes. Just look at this perfect bunch of grapes… it almost looks fake! My preggo taste buds have decided that nothing is better than some fresh, cold grapes first thing in the morning. The famous cantaloupe craving appears to have given way to grapes, and I can’t complain about that!


I got together with Natasha for lunch at Pho & Spice πŸ™‚ She loves all the same ethnic cuisines that I do and we have intricate plans to visit every Thai, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese restaurant in town.


I ordered a dish called “The Jungle” which came with chicken, steak, and a host of veggies. Natasha has 2 kids and is a wealth of knowledge, so I’m glad she indulges my tendency to talk about pregnancy and baby stuff. πŸ˜€ Speaking of, the 2nd trimester has been AWESOME so far. Without the constant fatigue, daily headaches, and nightly heartburn from the 1st trimester, I feel like a million bucks. Aside from the baby’s kicks and the growing belly, I don’t “feel” pregnant (…I am sure that will change when the 3rd trimester and basketball-belly come around hah!).


After lunch, I walked back to my car and found that I had gotten a parking ticket. 😦 The city must have been REALLY on top of things that day, because the meter had only expired about 3 minutes before I got there! I haven’t had a parking ticket in almost 5 years and this was a bit of a bummer.


That night after work, Joel and I ran a couple errands including picking up a few white onesies. A onesie-decorating contest is in the plan for our Gender Reveal party! We did something similar during my sister Mumbi’s baby shower a few years ago, and it was a ton of fun. Side note: I had never heard of Reveal parties before living in Houston. It seemed like everyone did them there, and they were big deals! Ours will probably be quite casual in comparison πŸ™‚


We also stopped in at Michael’s to pick up fabric paint for the onesie-decorating contest. Seeing these colorful flowers remind me of how excited I am for all the plants in our backyard to start blooming again! I was tempted to pick up a few faux flowers, but was on a mission to find fabric markers so never ended up doing that. I have never had faux plants before a few months ago. I always felt like they looked way too fake, but I found some last summer that looked really nice. I added some twigs that I spray-painted white, and also grass plumes from our backyard, and the end result came out much better than I expected. The arrangement is still in our dining room, and I love that it is a no-fuss thing that I don’t have to worry about watering or maintaining. πŸ™‚


That night, leftover Thai food was on the menu. I realized that Natasha and I had accidentally taken each others’ food home, oops! We texted each other and decided to roll with it –> after all, what better way to sample more than one dish? I thoroughly enjoyed hers (tamarind duck with veggies) and hope she enjoyed mine too.


My snack of peanut M&M’s reminded me how much I used to enjoy these back in college. I don’t have these very often (I just never think about it) but I must say, I like them better than the original M&M’s. If I had to choose between a salty or sweet treat, I normally go for salty (ie, potato chips over cookies) but these made for a very nice mid-day snack.


Joel moved our bird-feeder closer to the house (it used to be next to the shed). We have lots of pretty wild birds in our area and I can’t wait to sit on the patio and watch them visit the bird-feeder. Last summer we loved having meals on the patio and listening to the birds chirping. Come on Spring! πŸ™‚


We picked up seed for said bird-feeder… there are so many options! We went with a mix that would attract multiple types of birds.


Our PhotowallΒ print has found its home in our bedroom. We used to have a full-length mirror here but I think the print makes more sense for this spot. I love this print, it is somehow so relaxing.Β (Discount codeΒ HERE –> expires March 31).


Quick update on my new pillow… I LOVE IT. There is nothing quite like a comfortable pillow (especially after a year of sleeping on one that felt like it had rocks inside). This one has the perfect amount of memory foam – not too firm or too soft!


Indian food for dinner last night and leftovers for lunch today (this was Joel’s dinner plate) –> it was spicier than usual so we were both sweating bullets while eating. I love spicy food but it makes my face sweat, especially my upper lip and eyebrows! I have no idea why my eyebrows sweat but they do lol. Please tell me I am not the only one who gets sweaty eyebrows… πŸ™‚


Joel is a champ at folding laundry. We tag-teamed this pile (it started much bigger) and got it put away in under 6 minutes. During the first trimester I could not use our fabric softener because it smelled so strong it would give me a headache. I did not actually notice a difference in the softness of our clothes/towels when I stopped, so I have not gone back to using it. Our detergent (All) that we have used for years upon years does great on its own, and I like that it doesn’t leave a strong scent.


Do you use fabric softener? If you had to choose between a salty or sweet treat, what would you pick? Do spicy foods make you sweat?Β Β 



12 thoughts on “Last snowday? + Gender Reveal plan!

  1. The best M&Ms are the peanut butter ones. Run to the candy aisle next time you’re at Target or the grocery store to pick up a bag. They’re amazing!!

    I can’t wait to here about the gender reveal party!

    Fake flowers for the win! I discovered that if you bunch them together in a jar or vase then they don’t looks as fake. Cutting the stems down helped me a bunch too. I have three mason jars for the summer centerpiece and in a few colors so it looks like an actual bunch of flowers. But they are definitely fake from Michaels lol.


    1. I will definitely keep an eye out for the PB M&M’s! They sound yummy. We are sooooo excited for the gender reveal party! I can’t wait to find out πŸ™‚ I will have to try your trick of bunching the flowers together, I love the idea of cutting the stems and putting them in mason jars!


  2. That’s funny because I only started hearing about gender reveal parties on tv, nowhere in Houston. You’re doing great! So glad the 2nd trimester is easier on you!!!


    1. That’s so funny! Maybe it was just my group of friends (or my church?) that did a lot of gender reveals, who knows! I am so thankful that the 2nd trimester has been easier, it is a huge relief to feel normal again — I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible before the belly gets in the way haha πŸ™‚


  3. I do not use fabric softener in the wash, but do use dryer sheets. I find this helps with the static (most of the time). When I eat peanut M&M’s I bite them in half and try to pop the nut out to eat separate. Not sure why, I think I like the challenge of this as much as doing it.


    1. Oh i used to use dryer sheets all the time in college! I am not sure why I stopped using them. It’s funny that you bite your peanut M&M’s in half, that is actually how Joel eats grapes too! He bites them in half and eats the inside first. I’m sure he likes the challenge too haha πŸ™‚


  4. I used to use fabric softener but as I started to get more sweat wicking and cold gear running clothes I saw that it shouldn’t be used on them. I typically only use it when doing a load of towels and sheets now but my husband still uses it in his laundry (we do our own because he refuses to separate his). I am all about the sweet snacks – chocolate in any form is wonderful to me. As far as M&Ms I prefer the dark chocolate ones!


    1. I didn’t realize fabric softener wasn’t recommended for wicking fabrics — that’s good to know! I haven’t tried the dark chocolate M&M’s yet but those sound pretty amazing! I’ll have to keep an eye out πŸ™‚


      1. I know Under Armour has it listed on their clothing tags to not use softener so I would only assume it applies to all brands of that material! The dark choc ones are in the purple bags! Have a great weekend πŸ™‚


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