Our little one’s gender reveal! :)


Hi friends!

It was a pretty big weekend over here! At long last, we FINALLY found out the gender of our little bun in the oven!

But first, let’s rewind to the night before the big reveal. We picked up Freddie and Sonia (my brother and his wife) from the train station –> I am so glad NYC is close enough that we can see them fairly often. We were all hungry so we went to Eli’s for some grub.


I got the same thing I ordered the past 3 times we went to Eli’s: fish tacos! I had them put the slaw on the side and switch out avocados for guacamole –> perfection πŸ™‚ I did not used to be a fish taco person until I tried these. I sense many more fish tacos in my future.



After much anticipation, Saturday morning rolled around! Natasha and Bernice came over around noon to help get everything ready.Β  It’s true what they say… many hands really do make light work!


Amy came over early too and cooked up several amazing dishes for the party. Everything she made was a major… I mean MAJOR hit: bacon wrapped clams, cheesy onion bites, a crazy good chip dip, and more! She also brought pink and blue balloons, helium (which was tempting to play with hah), a frame that everyone could sign for the baby, and a cute banner for the fireplace where everyone could wager their guesses as far as boy or girl! Amy rocks. πŸ™‚


That’s a pretty good looking spread! We had 2 kinds of stuffed breads, red lobster roll bites, lots of different veggies for dipping, chips, gluten free pretzels (Joel’s sister is gluten free), spicy hummus, 3 kinds of cheese, crackers, bacon-wrapped clams, chip-dip, cheesy onion bites, sliced fruit… and of course the star of the show –> CAKE! πŸ™‚


We’re so fortunate to be able to share these moments with our awesome friends! I can’t tell you how incredible these people are. Sidenote: my friend Kristi helped me pick out my blue dress + pink necklace combo πŸ™‚ A quick word about the dress: you can find it HERE! It is my very first maternity purchase and boy was it a good one. Let me tell you, it gets a solid A+++ from me! Super comfortable (which is KEY for preggos), not see-through, adjustable neckline, soft fabric, good sleeve/dress length, and quite flattering! I received a ton of compliments and I give all credit to the dress. I know I will keep wearing this even after baby is here –> and another plus is that the wrap-neckline will be conducive to nursing. Oh, and if you’re not pregnant,Β the regular non-maternity version is HERE!


The boy/girl guesses ended up being split pretty evenly. πŸ™‚


My amazing friend Priscilla and her little boy Edgar –> we’ve been good friends for over 15 years, since freshman year of college! When I lived in Houston, she was living in Philadelphia, and we talked on the phone pretty much every single day. She was my maid of honor and at our wedding in Kenya! She’s a good egg, and I mean it when I say I am VERY lucky to have her as a friend. I am excited for our kids to be friends too! πŸ™‚


I get the feels just looking at these smiling faces! Fun fact: I gave Freddie that blue jacket several years ago as a Christmas gift! It makes me happy whenever it makes an appearance πŸ™‚


Everyone got to sign this frame, and I am excited to hang it in the nursery (once we replace the stock photo with a real one our kiddo hah). We have a few friends who couldn’t make it to the party who will get their chance to sign it later. πŸ™‚


Next up was the onesie decorating contest! We did something similar for my sister’s baby shower –> she had all these special momentos/memories that actually had practical use. Plus, I loved getting photos of my niece wearing the onesie that I decorated for her! It’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving πŸ™‚

Just LOOK at the concentration going on here –> the focus is real!


The official time-keeper (Bernice) gave everyone 15 minutes total, and not a second more, to decorate their onesies. The pressure was ON to come up with a design πŸ™‚


The judges (Joel and me πŸ™‚ then deliberated on the onesies. Picking a winner was tough – there so many good designs!


Obviously we took our judging task very seriously πŸ™‚ Our criteria included originality, creativity, execution, cuteness, and artistic prowess (we made up these categories on the spot lol). We gave points in each category to certain designs. The overall winner (most points) took home a prize!


Announcing the winner of the onesie decorating contest! There were a few honorary mentions for onesies that caught our eye… but the person who took home the prize and all the bragging rights was… drumroll… ELISE!!!Β Her onesie had a toolbelt design which Joel was a big fan of hah (you can see her design in the above photo, it’s the one with the orange belt that we’re standing in front of).


And then, my friends, at long last…… It. Was. Time.

That’s right. Time to CUT THE CAKE! After 24 weeks of wondering, speculating, and guessing…. the moment of the big reveal had finally arrived!!!


Guys. The anticipation and excitement was SO REAL.

When we cut the cake, it took me a moment to process what I saw… I was SO SURPRISED! All the emotions and happiness just bubbled right on up. It was such an incredibly special moment. A couple tears may have happened (I couldn’t help it!) because I just could not contain that amount of joy. It was so cool to be able to share that moment with a few of our favorite people.

I’m so glad Bernice captured the moment on video –> I have re-watched it a million times because I can’t get over the look on Joel’s face when he sees that BLUE ICING!!!

That’s right!… I said BLUE! We’re having a little BABY BOY! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


We are so happy and excited, and CANNOT WAIT to welcome our little fella!

It’s funny, I actually thought it was a girl for the longest time, so I probably did quite a few double-takes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. πŸ™‚ It’s a boy!

I am excited.

Smiles for miles because we’re all just so excited to meet you, little guy. ❀


Got gender reveal stories to share? Any cute boy names to pass along? What did you do over the weekend?Β  Β Β 

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31 thoughts on “Our little one’s gender reveal! :)

  1. boys are fun and there are so many great boys names out there. I choose first names that were not common (actually one of the criteria for a name was I couldn’t have known a child with that name… being a teacher makes it harder) and then they have more traditional middle names (Blake Thomas and Colby Patrick). I figure this was a good balance. Have fun planning for your little man


    1. I love your naming system — and those are some super cute name choices too! I can imagine being a teacher you’d come across a LOT of different names. We’re having a lot of fun talking about what names we like! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you!!! It’s been a long time since we saw you — you guys will have to let us know the next time you’re in CT! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Laurie! I sure am excited to get back into a regular running routine again, I guess I better get a good jogging stroller! πŸ˜‰


    1. Aw thank you Julie! You are the sweetest! It was such a cool way to find out, and I loved the experience of sharing that moment with people we love! πŸ™‚


    1. I think gender reveals must be a fairly new thing? I hadn’t heard of them before living in Houston (this was several years ago), and it seemed like they were popular there. They are pretty fun! 😁


  2. I don’t think gender reveals are a thing in the UK at all, and back when I was pregnant even the expectant mother wasn’t allowed to know the gender. I always knew my son was a boy though. Just a gut feeling I had, and my mother and sister thought the same.

    Major congrats from across the pond! Do you have a name for him yet? πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much! We don’t have a name quite yet, we’re still talking about ones that we like (suggestions are welcome!). Gender reveals weren’t always a thing on this side of the pond, I think they must be a newer thing! πŸ™‚


  3. Congrats, I definitely guessed wrong! I’ve always been partial to J names for some reason… I dated a Jordan and married a Jason – I also like Justin and Jeremy. Elijah’s always been one of my favorites though too. Have fun deciding on his name!


    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I’m with you, I love “J” names too (maybe that’s why I like Joel so much haha). ooh I agree Elijah is such a cute name! πŸ™‚


    1. We are so excited to meet our little boy! Wow, i can’t imagine not being able to find out at all, but my sister didn’t find out for either of her pregnancies and she enjoyed the anticipation. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have an amazing day!


  4. Congratulations! What a beautiful walk through of a lovely evening filled with friendship, love, smiles – and onesie decorating. Thanks for sharing this bright news with all of us. Celebrating with you!


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