I didn’t have grapes and nobody died


Hi friends!

I know you guys are gonna be shocked to hear this, but……I have not eaten a single grape in 2 days! While grapes are still a solid pregnancy craving of mine, we ran out a couple days ago and haven’t had time to pop over to the grocery store. I thought for sure I would miss grapes like crazy but you know something? I was fine! Instead of starting the day with my usual bowl of chilled grapes, I have been enjoying some pretty stellar fruit smoothies. 🙂


Gotta give that blender some love, right? My brother gave us this single serve blender when he moved to South Africa and it’s nice to put it to good use (find it HERE). I love that it’s super easy to use and also simple to clean, which means I am way more likely to want to use it. My smoothies have consisted of mango chunks, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, plus a little water or juice to help the blending process. A nice cold smoothie in the morning is *almost* as good as a big bowl of grapes 🙂



Our fresh flowers that we bought last week are still looking mighty lovely over here! There may still be snow on the ground (and even more in the forecast for next week) but these beauties go a long way to injecting a bit of Spring to our home. I’m always amazed how long these flowers last –> I feel like they last much longer than roses, and are way easier on the ol’ wallet compared to roses too.


Something that’s not looking so fresh –> my old lapdesk. We got this years and years ago in Houston, back when I was working on my doctoral dissertation. The lapdesk came with me to Boston, survived the move to our Connecticut apartment, and somehow also made it here to our house perfectly intact. It was going strong until last year when it quite literally started falling apart at the seams. The bottom cushion is filled with these little white fluffy balls, which started appearing in all corners of our living room. Taping it up extended its lifespan another several months, but the time has finally come to say goodbye to my dear old lapdesk and let it go.


I ordered a new one, and although the weather last week delayed its arrival, it is finally here (Find it HERE). When I work from home, I am either at my desk or on the couch. These lapdesks make working on the couch much more comfortable, because I don’t have to have the laptop directly on my lap. Just LOOK at this brand spankin new lapdesk… it is big enough to fit my laptop and a mousepad on it, is super comfy to have on my lap, and I know it will get plenty of good use (using it right now to write this!). 🙂



Lunch yesterday consisted of leftover Indian food. I love me some lamb korma and chicken saag (spinach & chicken). I hope our kiddo is as big a fan of ethnic cuisine as we are. We will definitely do our best to introduce him to a variety of foods over time.


Lee was in charge of snacks for last night’s smallgroup and he brought over some fresh fruit and a couple stuffed breads. The stuffed breads are Lee’s “thing” he brings them whenever he is in charge of snacks, and they never disappoint! The stuffed breads and strawberries disappeared into our tummies pretty quickly (I was a mega fan of the strawberries) and by the end of the night the only remnants were pineapple and 2 slices of cantaloupe. Question: what are your thoughts on pineapple? I used to LOVE pineapple as a kid, but nowadays if I eat too much it sort of pickles my tongue. My friend Priscilla and my sister Wairimu say it happens to them too. I still love pineapple but have learned to go easy on the fresh stuff. But cooked pineapple? Load up my plate please, because I can eat piles of it cooked.


After smallgroup, Joel and I decided to put down our new area rug in the living room. Look at how enormous the living room is with the couch moved out of the way. I am excited about the new rug because it will finally be the right size for the space. Up until now we have been using a different rug that we had in our old apartment, but it is far too small. That rug will instead go into the guest room (it is the perfect size for that space). We weren’t able to finish the rug task because we realized it would be a good idea to get a rug pad for underneath the new rug. We’ll need to pick one up today –> any ideas on where to look? Ideally we would like a rug pad that adds a bit of cushion and “plush-ness” but we aren’t super picky. I guess we’ll see what we can find that fits our budget!


Joel’s beverage of choice while working on our puzzle was whiskey. He would pick beer or whiskey over wine any day. I can’t say that I miss any of those beverages, but the one thing I am looking forward to after pregnancy is sipping on a nice cold margharita (on the rocks) on a summer’s day out on the patio. Sounds pretty great, right? By the way, Joel is seriously good at puzzles. Maybe it’s the engineer in him, but he has a ton of patience to search for one specific piece amidst the hundreds of pieces, and he also has a good dose of “stick-with-it-ness” and could happily work on the puzzle for hours at a time –> I am rather impressed by his puzzle-solving skills.


That’s it from me! I hope you guys have an AMAZING weekend! 🙂

Recommendations on where to look for a rug pad? Does pineapple “pickle” your tongue? What are you up to this weekend?    

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6 thoughts on “I didn’t have grapes and nobody died

    1. Weird right? The cantaloupe craving seems to have taken a hiatus! 🤔😆 but any kind of grape or berry, yes please!!!


    1. I know what you mean, pineapple is so delicious it’s hard to resist! I love it cooked or grilled, especially on pizza 🙂


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