Friends, food, and strollers


Hi friends!

I hope your Monday is going well so far! It’s a sunny day around here which makes for a lovely start to the week, even if winter coats are still a necessity.

What did you guys do with your weekend? We had some great friend time and also managed to be fairly productive errand-wise. One of the errands we ran was returning a few library books… The Paying Guestsย went back to the library –> it turned out to be “meh”. Not terrible, but not necessarily one I’d recommend. Oh well, on to the next!



Joel made himself a quesadilla –> this is such a good way to use up random leftovers. The green and brown sauces in the middle are leftover from an Indian meal earlier in the week.


The balloons from our Gender Reveal party were hanging out in the garage waiting for trash pickup day. Just seeing this reminds me how much fun the Reveal was! ๐Ÿ™‚


I finally got my engagement ring and wedding ring re-sized. I’ve been wanting to do it for a couple years now so I’m glad we got around to doing it. We picked up the wedding band on Friday and will get the engagement ring tomorrow. I love when my rings get cleaned and polished and come back lookin brand spankin new ๐Ÿ™‚


Joel has been working on cleaning up the trees that fell during the nor’easter last week. I’m glad that we’ll have plenty of firewood, but it sure is sad to say goodbye to those trees. When Spring rolls around, we will plant new trees in those spots.


Lots and lots of errands were run on Friday night. While we were out and about, we walked past this leather store and Joel randomly decided to check out their leather jackets. Seeing these cowboy boots reminded me of the years we lived in Texas. I used to have a cool pair of cowboy boots which I loved.


Another one of the things we did was look at carseats and strollers. This is such a new world to us, and it’s been fun learning gobs and gobs of new information.


Out of all the carseats we saw, weย liked the Chicco one best (here). As far as strollers, we liked how light the Graco stroller was, but it was pretty hard for me to fold/unfold it by myself. The Chicco stroller (here) was a little heavier but MUCH easier for me to fold/unfold by myself, even with one hand! Unless we find something we like better in the next several months, we will probably go with the Chicco carseat/stroller combination HERE. Feel free to suggest other brands if you have one you love!


All that carseat/stroller testing made Joel hungry so we stopped at Auntie Annie’s to grab him a pretzel –> Joel likes mustard on his pretzels. Do you? I do not.


We then hit up Home Depot to pick up some rug-padding to go under our new rug…


…and went home to set it all up the living room. This is the rug-padย  –> it is very plush feeling and has a waterproof barrier on one side to prevent spills from going through to the floor.


And here is how it looks with the rug in place ๐Ÿ™‚ There are still a few “bobbles” and creases in the rug from where it was folded during shipping, but those will get worked out over time. The antiqued, imperfect design really floats my boat.


Turns out arranging furniture and manhandling rugs into place can really work up the ol’ appetite. Eli’s sounded good for dinner — ahi tuna risotto for me and salmon salad for Joel! Half of mine came home with me and was devoured for dinner the following night.


On Saturday a few of my childhood friends came over for the day! Colleen, Grace, and Amy ๐Ÿ™‚ We all went to the same boarding school in Kenya and have remained close over the years since. Amy and Colleen live in New Jersey and Grace lives in Boston, so my house is the perfect halfway point for us all to convene. Grace has a little boy who is the cutest butterball you’ve ever seen. Amy has 2 adorable sons and is expecting her 3rd in just a couple weeks. We made brunch together and made sure to get in lots of talking and laughing.


Joel headed outside to work on cutting up the tree. Meanwhile, we chatted up a storm inside. These girls are the best.


Danny and Jack (Amy’s boys) grabbed their toy saws and trooped outside to help Joel. These kids are utterly fascinated by everything that is going on with the tree. They were super excited to help Joel “saw” the tree with their toy saws hah. It was the cutest.


Asher (Grace’s son) kept us company inside –> he is the most laid back baby and is content to sit back and observe all the activity going on around him.


After the girls and their kiddos left, Joel and I decided to make use of our MoviePasses (probably our best purchase of 2018). We saw the new Tomb Raider movie – it was pretty good! Alicia Vikander was super tough and awesome. Sidenote: I saw her give an interview last week where she talked about how hard she worked for all those muscles and it made me like her even more!


My movie snack was plantain chips (find them HERE). You guys know I love these things.


Sunday consisted of (surprise) grapes on the way to church.


And after church, we had lunch at Mezcal with a few smallgroup friends. I got steak tacos a la carte (comes with guacamole). I can’t say enough good things about these tacos… they are perfection.


The rest of Sunday night was pretty low key, and it felt nice to relax at home. Joel and I chatted about boy names we like –> so far we have a list of names we like, but no clear favorites just yet. I’m noticing that we like names that are more traditional (as opposed to trendy). There are just so many cute names out there it is hard to narrow it down!

Got any carseat/stroller recommendations? What’s your favorite brunch food? Seen any good movies lately?ย  ย ย 

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4 thoughts on “Friends, food, and strollers

  1. Mustard and a hot pretzel is delicious! I don’t know what makes the combo so good but it is tasty. It’s so nice you and 3 of your childhood friends are able to see each other fairly easily! That would be such a nice way to spend the day.


    1. Joel definitely loves his pretzels loaded with mustard — and his burgers too! It really was so nice to soak up the time with friends. I wish we could do that more often! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yes! Using leftovers in creative ways is so much better than letting it go bad in the fridge and having to throw it out. ๐Ÿ™‚


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