Fine dining vs hole in wall


Hi friends!

Check out Joel’s fancy dessert from a work dinner with his colleagues the other night. They went to a French restaurant and he said it tasted great. I think it looks very impressive but I am not sure I’d know how to begin eating this intriguing creation… mix it all together? or eat each component separately? hmm.



My meal was much less fancy by comparison 🙂 Bernice, Ro, and I went to Nick’s Luncheonette in West Haven for brunch. It’s a little “hole-in-wall” place that we heard about from some of Bernice’s foodie friends. I am a fan of the hole-in-wall vibe, and based on all the good recommendations, we knew we were in for a treat. It was our first time there and we all ended up liking it a lot. It’s a cute little spot, totally unassuming, and very down-to-earth. I wouldn’t know such a popular luncheonette existed there if I didn’t know exactly what to look for. I have actually driven past this many times and had no idea it was here! They don’t have a website and yet were packed to the gills with customers.


While waiting for a table, I watched the chef expertly cooking up some french toast. I noticed that the french toast was a popular order, and there seemed to be some on every table. It looked so scrumptious that I made up my mind there and then to go with french toast for my meal (originally I was thinking waffles). I was not disappointed! I would love to try their blueberry/strawberry waffles next time. I hope our “breakfast club” continues for many moons to come.


They do a great hot chocolate too, which is very important for brunch purposes indeed. Not too watery or too “chewy” hah. Is it weird that I don’t like whipped cream on my hot chocolate? It is like tasteless foam to me.




Last night’s book club was all about Ten Thousand Saints! It has a ton of awesome reviews and I fully expected to love it, so I was disappointed when it turned out to be a tough one for me to get through. I am not sure why it was hard to get into this one. I felt like every chapter went in one ear/eyeball and out the other because I retained next to nothing. If you’re considering reading this, don’t change your plans on account of me –> other girls in the book club really liked this one a lot! I will blame it on pregnancy brain and not the book 🙂


Even though the book didn’t exactly float my boat, I’m pretty lucky that the book club ladies are undeniably awesome company! We decided to do a pizza assembly meal where each person brought different toppings. Pineapples made a big appearance. Speaking of, I have friends who believe wholeheartedly that pineapple is the worst thing that could ever happen to a pizza. It’s funny how strongly people feel about pineapple when it comes to pizza lol! As a serious pineapple lover, I’m sure you can guess which (partially-assembled) pizza is mine hah 🙂


I am not a fan of tomato sauce so I went instead for a garlic butter sauce that Mackenzie helped me to make (melted butter and minced garlic mixed together). White pizza for the win! I also added tomato, red onion, arugula, cilantro, mushrooms, and mozerella. The finished product was pretty tasty but I have to say the dough-to-topping ratio was ever so slightly off –> it could probably have done with more of each topping… either that or a thinner crust. But overall the whole experience was a lot of fun and I quite enjoyed my pizza! I also liked hearing different perspectives on the book and the different characters – that is always fun even when I personally wasn’t a fan of the book.


I looked for my beloved Rosemary Mint candle in Target and did not find it. Boo. It doesn’t seem to be available anywhere online that I am aware of. I hope this candle is not limited edition or discontinued because I will be very very sad if I can’t get it again. 😦 I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled if Target ever restocks their shelves with this.


I was looking through old photos and found this one. The cantaloupe craving seems to have completely disappeared –> I went from total obsession for months on end to now complete indifference/apathy? Pregnancy is weird. I am neither here nor there regarding cantaloupe now. Huh. However, the grape addiction doesn’t show any sign of budging, which I am ok with. Grapes have my heart.


Another one from the archives: my first time meeting Asher! This was back when he was just 2 weeks old! He was born a couple weeks early and was only about 5 pounds at the time. Such a sweet little munchkin, it’s hard to believe how teeny he was. My friend Grace does not look like she just had a baby 2 weeks prior to this photo…


This is Asher now, at 8-9 months old. Look how big he is, and just the cutest butterball! He’s got such a calm temperament and loves to observe all the action around him.


I have officially been introduced to Muddy Buddies (here!). How is it possible that I have never had these before? I’m a fan. I got the peanut butter kind but I have no doubt the cookies & cream version is amazing too.


Another oldie but goodie –> every time I see this photo it makes me happy. My younger brother Gibbs is one of my favorite humans and an awesome uncle to Khee and Petros. Gibbs did shark research in South Africa for a few years and is now looking into genetic/molecular PhD programs. I am secretly (or not so secretly) hoping he will apply to schools near us so that we will get to see him more often. I know our little guy will just love his Uncle Gibbs to pieces.


Have you ever gone from being obsessed with a certain food to feeling quite indifferent towards it? Do you recommend the cookies & cream version of Muddy Buddies? Your favorite and least-favorite pizza topping?    

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4 thoughts on “Fine dining vs hole in wall

  1. My senior English teacher used to make puppy chow (Muddy Buddies) and would sell it for $1. Kids would be lined up out her door whenever she brought it a batch. I think it is relatively easy to make and there are a million recipes out there.


  2. Hole in the wall places are always so good. I also think that the places that look sketchy/a little gross on the outside have amazing food as well!

    I’ve noticed that candles seem to eb and flow at Target in terms of scent. If you don’t see that scent but the brand, my best guess is that the scent is seasonal so you’ll just have to wait until next year.


    1. Oh man, I sure hope I can find the candle before next year, that just sounds super far away! 😣 I completely agree, hole in the wall places are sometimes the absolute best! 😁


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