The baking streak


Hi friends!

Happy Good Friday!

This week felt longer than usual, so I’m pretty thrilled we are now at the end of it. Spring has finally decided to stop by, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the last of the snow melting away.

My sister Mumbi sent me this photo of Imara my niece (her daughter) wearing a dress I gave her over a year ago. Imara finally grew into it and is bringing that maximum cuteness! This little girl is the sweetest. Mumbi and her family are currently in Spain, which looks like quite the ultimate vacation land.



I discovered this Double Chocolate Chunk granola (here) and have not looked back. It is amazing as a cereal, a yogurt topper, or just on its own. Seriously the best snack. I love a chunky granola, it is so satisfying.


This “low oil level” notification came on in my car. It must be some kind of error because Joel just added oil a few days ago. He will take a look at it –> I sure am glad he knows his way around cars. I’m slightly useless with these kinds of things.


The scene in my kitchen last night. My baking streak continues: I baked six… yes SIX… loaves of Amish friendship bread. I would have baked eight but I ran out of eggs hah. Our freezer has never seen so much bread πŸ™‚ I texted my mommy friend from the Mom’s Brunch (she is the friend who gifted me the original starter yeast) to tell her what I was up to, and she said she had just finished baking six loaves of bread at her house too! We are on the same wavelength lol.

In a nutshell, the “starter” has yeast, flour, milk, and sugar in a bag, and you let it sit and “grow” for 10 days (you massage it a bit each day and add more flour and other stuff on Day 5), then on the 10th day, you save small portions in 4 new bags and the rest gets baked. This means every 10 days you get 2 fresh loaves of yummy bread plus 4 more bags that will “grow”. It’s called “friendship” bread because you’re supposed to give some of those bags to friends so that they can experience the deliciousness. I didn’t give my bags out because I wasn’t sure if I had messed up the whole shabang by using almond milk instead of cow’s milk (spoiler: turned out fine). I tell ya, that Amish bread is the gift that keeps on giving.


I varied each loaf slightly… from regular “plain” to caramel, butterscotch, and banana. Joel likes to have a slice of Amish bread with his breakfast. He says he likes it by itself slightly warmed, no butter or anything on top.


I looked at a few different recipes on Pinterest and got inspired to turn one of the loaves into a chocolate berry bread, topped with a nutella drizzle. This will be my contribution to Easter dinner (we’re going over to Amy’s).


See this lamp? It was a wedding gift many moons ago. The original lampshade was a taupe ish color, which was not my favorite at the time. I picked out this white/grey number at Ikea and it has lasted very well (10 years and going strong).Β I still like it a lot, so I don’t have any plans to get rid of it –> I will probably put it on a different lamp elsewhere in the house. Anyway,Β I recently wanted to switch back to the original lampshade, but when I looked for it in our attic, I could not find it (I could have sworn I saw it up there). I have no idea where it went?


I ended up picking out a new lampshade at Target. I went with plain white linen for simplicity, because it does not compete with any of the decor. The shape also seems to fit the lamp a bit better too, so I am quite happy with the purchase. $19.99 at Target!


Another Target find… these “nothing added” dried mangoes! The only ingredient is organic mangoes and I am here for it. And yet again, I am thinking about just going ahead with a dehydrator purchase so that I can dry my own mangoes at home…


I got together with Natasha for lunch today! This time we went to Lumi Asian Fusion in North Haven. She had never been before and I was interested in trying out more of their menu (I have had their avocado cucumber roll before which is amazing). We each got a lunch special that started with Miso soup. I am always down for Miso soup.


Natasha got a bento box which looked amazing. I have never had a bento box before but I will definitely be back to try one of these. It looked like just the right amount of everything! Side note: bento boxes are like the fancy version of the metal food trays that we had at my boarding school cafeteria. πŸ™‚


I got broccoli with beef for my meal and it was pretty great. The portion was large enough for 2 meals, so half of it came home with me for later. Leftovers rock.


After work I headed over to the Sephora to return this It Cosmetics CC cream (here). I used this stuff years ago and remember liking it a lot (I used the color “medium”). Perhaps my skin type has changed with age or the pregnancy, but my experience this time around was definitely not the same. This stuff made me look straight up dead. No thank you. I will 100% be sticking with my beloved Andalou Naturals (find it HERE!) –> it has broad spectrum SPF 30, a pristine ingredient list, and a high rating on the EWG website. I don’t know why I ever strayed.


When we lived in Houston I went to Sephora all the time. It was only 7 ish minutes from my house so it was really easy to pop in. Nowadays it is quite the trek to get to a Sephora (40 min or longer with traffic) so I don’t go nearly as often. It’s probably just as well because almost everything there costs a pretty penny. But it was nice to browse around and check out all the shiny new things. If I didn’t break out so easily I would definitely be more brave about trying out different products.


While at the mall I also meandered through a couple different stores and ogled their spring inventory. Turns out walking around the mall can work up quite the appetite. Or maybe it is the whole growing a human in my belly thing. πŸ˜‰ I stopped at a pretzel place for some cinnamon bites –> these things are dangerously good.


Have an awesome Easter weekend, you guys! I hope the skies are sunny where you are! πŸ™‚

Doing anything fun this weekend? What is your “holy grail” face sunscreen? Got any favorite baking recipes to share?Β Β 

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8 thoughts on “The baking streak

  1. Happy Easter, Dawn. I had forgotten about Friendship Bread! What cool memories, I think I might need to try another one. My fav SPF is from Avon. Message me for more info… I just like the fragrance free option. Off the find my Starter directions!


    1. Yes!! I am so glad my friend introduced me to Friendship Bread, it’s been such fun getting back into baking and I know Joel appreciates having fresh homemade bread around! πŸ˜‰ I hope you had an amazing Easter!


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