Current state of the bump + cornflakes in chocolate!?


Hi friends!

Today’s been foggy and overcast but I’m happy that the temps have been far above freezing (mid-50’s –> progress!). My friend Rachel in Minnesota sent me this slightly depressing photo of her rooftop yesterday — they got 7 inches of snow. Even though it would be nice to say that we’ve seen the last of snow here in Connecticut, the forecast shows EVEN MORE coming our way this weekend. Boo.


Joel was recently in France and Germany for a business trip, and brought back a few treats for me to sample! He brought some fancy looking lavendar candies, plus some Ritter chocolate (love this) and also some chocolate from a local chocolatier. We sampled some of the Ritter chocolate last night… yum. The ones in yellow had cornflakes mixed in and wowzers they are delicious. Cornflakes + chocolate might not sound like an appetizing combination but trust me on this one: it is awesome (find them HERE).



My friend Kristi sent the below image to our girlfriend’s group-chat on WhatsApp… thankfully it was an April Fools joke! Phew. Fun fact: Kristi is expecting a baby right now too, and is only 6 weeks behind me in her pregnancy. I can’t wait to see her next month 🙂


Easter leftovers made an appearance for lunch yesterday. Amy’s pasta-bake and ham did a stellar job of hitting the spot. This makes me wonder why I don’t make more pasta-bakes. I didn’t grow up doing the casserole or pasta-bake thing so it’s been never my go-to, but I should definitely be making more food like this –> Amy said it’s one of the easiest dishes ever to prepare, and it certainly packs a big punch taste-wise.


The current state of the bump. The little guy inside loves to wiggle around at night and in the early mornings. This morning he gave me a poke in the side that gave me a jolt because it felt super ticklish. Are you ticklish? I am.


Grape love. Can you taste the difference between red and green grapes? They usually taste very similar to me, but my pregnancy cravings have been all about them GREEN grapes.


My friend Amy who lives in New Jersey (not to be confused with my other friend Amy who lives here in Connecticut) just had a baby boy yesterday! This is her 3rd kiddo, and she is a supermommy. I can’t get enough of this little boy’s sweet cheeks. ❤ He looks so much like his dad and brothers. Side note: when I was younger I thought all newborn babies looked alike, and always wondered how in the world anyone could see differences! Despite this big guy being quite a large baby (9 pounds 12 ounces!), Amy said it was an easy and calm delivery. I can’t wait to meet him 🙂

The foggy and overcast day seemed like a good one to enjoy a piping hot chocolate. It’s funny, before getting pregnant I hardly ever drank hot chocolate. But since getting pregnant, I find that I have 2-3 cups a week. I wouldn’t exactly call it a craving, but I’m definitely enjoying it more now that I am pregnant.


I received my Beautylish package this morning. I love how they wrap their packages, it feels very nice and luxurious. For most of the pregnancy I have not been interested in wearing any makeup whatsoever. It was nice to simplify my life and not have to put in the extra effort to look nice (haha)… Over the past week I have slowly been venturing back to the world of makeup. It’s definitely not a daily occurrence –> honestly I do not have the interest for that… but it’s fun to feel pretty every now and then. Hence my Beautylish purchase of a new-to-me powder that I am excited to try out. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this powder and am interested to see how it fares on my skin. Is it just me or do you guys also do a TON of research on anything you’re thinking about introducing to your skincare/makeup regimen? I am very acne-prone and my skin breaks out at the drop of a molecule, so I have to be super super careful about anything that comes in contact with my skin.


Neither of us felt like cooking last night so we got pizza from Toninos. It’s been fun discovering all the amazing pizza joints around town. New Haven (and the greater New Haven area) has a lot of ridiculously good pizza, and we are rarely disappointed. If you’re in the area, you should definitely try the Spinach, Mushroom, and Gorgonzola White Pizza from Frank Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven. Also, anything from Modern Pizza will make you want to pick up and move to New Haven.


I got to catch up with Priscilla via WhatsApp 🙂 I remember back before video-calling was a thing. I also remember back when you needed calling cards in order to make long-distance or international phone calls. I’m pretty happy with how far we’ve come with technology. It makes living far away from friends and family so much easier!


Priscilla sent me this Lavender Pisco Sour cocktail recipe. She and I are excited to make this together after the baby has made an appearance! It sounds pretty delicious to me. The only part I’m slightly unsure of is the egg white… I might have to skip that part, but other than that, it looks quite yummy! I’m pretty excited to enjoy my first post-baby cocktail, preferably whilst sitting on the patio.


Remember this chocolate berry bread that I made last week? Joel and I finally cracked into it and I am happy to report that it turned out pretty good! I ended up freezing most of it and am already looking forward to enjoying more of it at a later date.


What is your favorite casserole or pasta-bake recipe? Do you use powder to set your makeup, and if so, which one is your holy grail? What’s your favorite cocktail?     

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6 thoughts on “Current state of the bump + cornflakes in chocolate!?

  1. I love the packaging in the Beautylish package you got. It’s so interesting to me to see how companies package things!

    Could you share the recipe for the chocolate berry bread (or tell me which blog post it was linked in)? It looks delicious!


    1. Sure maureen! I followed a generic Amish Friendship bread recipe, but instead of the 2 packets of instant vanilla pudding, I used instant chocolate pudding. I also mixed in a ton of frozen berries into the batter (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries –> a mixed bag from the frozen isle). I didn’t measure the berries, but it was probably somewhere around 4-6 cups. The bread took about twice as long as normal to bake. After it was done, I added some melted nutella & butter on top then let it cool/chill till the nutella re-solidified. The end result was more of a dessert than a bread, which was a nice way to mix things up a bit! 😆


  2. I love the casserole my dad would make when I was a kid – ground beef, mushroom soup, peas and pasta. Mine never tastes as good as his though:(


    1. Your dad’s recipe sounds pretty amazing! I will have to give it a try. I am definitely excited to experiment with different casserole recipes. They make such good freezer meals too, which will be great for when the baby comes! 😁


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