Our Indianapolis excursion


Hi friends!

We’re back in the Northeast and recovering from our Indianapolis excursion. It sure was a fun change of scenery, even if it means feeling like I need an extra day of rest to get back into the groove.

If you didn’t see my last post about the first part of the trip, it is HERE 🙂 and now let’s recap the rest of the trip!


My friends Terril and Erin (they both lived in Indianapolis) suggested that we check out the Broad Ripple area for its trendy vibes and good food, so we did exactly that! We debated a French place versus Thai, and the Thai place won when we found a primo parking spot right in front of it.


I could hear the salmon and veggies calling my name. I would 100% go back for this dish again. It hit the spot! After dinner we walked around the Broad Ripple area and saw lots of cool restaurants and bars –> we made mental notes to go back to Broad Ripple the next time we are in Indy.


Hotel bump shot. Fun fact: I found this super comfortable shirt while out shopping with Natasha. The fabric is ridiculously soft and makes me wish all my clothing was made from the same material.


Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to see these toes of mine 🙂


After a full day of walking around exploring all the city had to offer, we headed to Upland Brewing Co for dinner.


I am not normally a pork chop kind of gal but the apples and asparagus that came with it sounded like an enticing combo. It was an “ok” meal –> I can’t say I was particularly wow’d, but at least I tried something new to me.


In our explorations of Indy, we happened upon this bar on wheels. I have seen one of these rolling through the streets of New Haven –> the people on it always look like they’re having an absolute blast. I wonder how much of a workout it is, and how difficult it is to pedal (whilst drinking) when there are only a few people on board?


One of the places that was recommended to us was the Bazbeaux pizza place 🙂


We ordered a small margharita pizza with pineapple and spinach added, and a small “Roma” pizza with artichoke hearts added. I was a fan of the margharita, probably because it came without tomato sauce and had my all-time favorite pizza topping on it: pineapple! We only managed to eat our way through a quarter of each pizza, so the rest was stored in the hotel room fridge.


A siesta happened for Joel. He is a much better napper than me –> if I nap, it ruins my night sleep, so I tend to avoid naps whenever possible.


We then relaxed by the fire. The hotel has an awesome firepit, and since the temps cooled off in the evening, it felt great to sit by a nice warm fire.


I can’t wait to replicate this scene in our backyard in Connecticut. Nothing beats a relaxing fire on the patio.


More fireside snoozing for Joel 🙂


The trees in Indy are showing signs of spring a little quicker than our trees in Connecticut. I can’t wait for all the spring blooms to overtake our back yard!


Not sure what was going on with the weather or the heater –> when we went to sleep the room was a comfortable temperature, but around 4am we both woke up SWEATING. The room felt so hot and stifling. Even after blasting the AC and getting the room back to a good temp, neither of us could go back to sleep. Joel decided to use the time wisely by getting some early morning work done.


While he was busy being productive, I ordered breakfast –> a slightly depressing looking omelet with mushroom and spinach on the inside. It tasted a lot better than it looks 🙂



We swung into a Meijer real quick and wowiee, we need to get one of these stores in CT. Meijer is like if Target and your favorite grocery store had a love child. All the cool home stuff plus all the produce/food you could ever need.


While checking out more of Indy, we came upon this vintage McDonalds. Apparently this is what the original McD’s used to look like with the two arches. Do you have one of these near you?


All that exploring, the random early morning due to a hot room, and a few late nights meant we were pretty tuckered out by the end of the day. Rather than go out for dinner, we opted to eat at the hotel and turn in early. Dinner consisted of this plate of perfection: salmon, asparagus, and zuccini for the win.


It’s amazing what a full night’s rest can do! We felt totally refreshed and ready to soak in our last day in Indiana. It was slightly drizzly and a little cold, which felt very different from the warm sunny days earlier in the week, but that didn’t stop us from getting out and about. The engineer in Joel is fascinated by all the ethanol fuel stations in the area. Drivers of ethanol vehicles definitely don’t have any trouble finding places to tank up in Indy!


Lunch happened late in the afternoon and involved Bubs Burgers, another spot that came highly recommended to us by friends. I’m sure this is a super cute place to eat in the summer when it’s nice and warm, and we can take advantage of the outdoor seating.


We both ordered elk burgers instead of beef –> our first time trying elk! It is leaner than beef and has a slightly different taste. Joel thought it tasted more like a turkey burger. I could tell the difference but it was similar enough to beef (to me) that I’m not sure that I would be able to taste a difference if I didn’t already know it wasn’t beef.


We had a bit of extra time before our flight, so we moseyed at a relaxed pace through Indy on the way to the airport.


Our first flight was uneventful, but our layover was longer than expected due to our second flight getting delayed. We grabbed some eats at the BWI airport –> hummus, carrots, and pita. Turns out airport carrots are super dry but it made for some fairly decent grub.


We finally made it home around 2am and although we weren’t pumped to see snow, it sure felt good to be back in our own bed again.

What is your ideal temperature for your house? Is your city accommodating to ethanol and other non-gasoline cars? What did you do over the weekend?         

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6 thoughts on “Our Indianapolis excursion

  1. So glad you posted this! I am heading to Indianapolis for the first time in June and have not started my planning yet. This motivates me to do some research. I’ve bookmarked a few of your favs. 🙂


    1. Oh I’m so glad this is helpful! I recommend checking out the Broad Ripple area – there are tons of trendy restaurants and bars. Also, the Canal Walk and Monon Trail are good places to go for a walk/run. The downtowns of Zionsville and Carmel (suburbs north of the city) are really cute spots too! I hope you enjoy your trip! It should be gorgeous in June! 🙂


  2. Sounds like you had a great time in Indy Dawn! It’s so weird you mention that about your hotel room. A similar thing happened to me back in October when I was starting my job. It was the weirdest thing because I went to be at the perfect temperature!


    1. It was such a good time! Minus the odd room temp night hah. I am not sure what caused the swings in temp but it was quite the interruption of sleep! Glad you had a good half marathon Maureen! 🙂


  3. That is totally strange for the room to just change like that!
    I love Indy as long as I’m just visiting. I have a friend in Perdue, IN and I wouldn’t want to live there. I didn’t think I would enjoy heat but I’m starting to!


    1. I know right! We thought the room thing was super weird too! But that aside, we can’t wait to go back to Indy again, there is so much we didn’t have time to do & see! 😀


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