Thoughts from the week :)


Hi friends!

Happy Friday 🙂 And what a good one it has been so far. After feeling under the weather earlier in the week I’m thrilled to be back to feeling 100%.

I am glad to see that WordPress seems to have corrected whatever glitch was happening a couple days ago, so we are back to our regularly scheduling posting! 🙂 Here is a collection of photos and thoughts from the week!

Joel picked up some of these Kind bars at our grocery store. They are pretty tasty! We had these on the brain after seeing them for sale in the airport. Fun fact: if you want to buy ONE Kind bar at the Hartford airport, you will have to part with $5 (aka highway robbery). They are pretty tasty though. Get ’em HERE!


Dinner included Broccoli rabe, grilled chicken, and a small piece of lasagna on the side. We eat regular broccoli all the darn time, but I have decided that we need to have more broccoli rabe in our lives.



Another dinner consisted of salad, lasagna, and homemade bread. Joel put a ton of olives on his salad. I inwardly cringe when I see olives –> I’ve never understood his love for them. Are you a fan?


We set up our anti-squirrel birdfeeder and are happy to see that the birdies are enjoying it! We sometimes still catch squirrels trying to steal the seed (cheeky!) but it seems to be a little tougher for them to get into this one compared to our other feeder. I am excited about watching the birds from the patio when it is nice and warm.


Chicken noodle soup was a welcome delight when I felt under the weather. There is nothing like a nice hot bowl of comforting soup when you aren’t feeling 100%.


Our hearth cushion finally arrived! We had an upholstery fabric person make the cover to go on the cushion, and he dropped it off yesterday. 🙂 We love it! It is exactly what we were envisioning for extra seating in the living room. Our small group came over last night and a couple tushies gave it a test-drive –> they confirmed it is quite the comfortable spot to sit! Money well spent indeed. In case you are looking for something similar, HERE is the cushion we got (we cut it to size ourselves), and we picked up the upholstery fabric at Joann Fabric.


We have had this little chair since we got married –> we brought it back with us from Kenya after our wedding (we honeymooned in Singapore). The leather seat comes off and the legs fold up for easy storage, and it is all hand stitched and hand carved. I have been using it as a footstool, and it’s been great for keeping those pregnant feet elevated. Joel was joking around with me last night and went to sit on it, and the poor chair completely gave out under him! We both busted up laughing! But man, what a sad day for our faithful little chair. I sent my dad a note right away requesting a new one (they are coming over from Kenya to help with the baby this summer).


Joel got up early and went to the grocery store so that I would have Crystal Light and grapes when I woke up. He knows the way to this preggo gal’s heart, and I happily confirm he is the very BEST OF THE BEST. ❤

Good news! My fiddle leaf fig is growing a brand new leaf! This fig has managed to grow one or two new leaves every spring. I’m pretty happy to see this, especially since I always worry about our house being too cold and dry for this fig!


Joel is working on landscaping the area next to the driveway/house, and had a huge pile of wood chips delivered for that purpose. He definitely gets his exercise out there with all the work he does around the property.

This has been a week of clementine lovin. These little suckers are so darn good. I’m convinced all the vitamin C helped me get better that much quicker. Clementines have a special place in my heart.


A couple nights ago I started wedging small pillows under my belly at night, and let me tell ya –> it makes a world of difference! I never understood why preggos always talked about needing a lot of pillows (hah) but I can 100% say that I completely GET IT now! My head isn’t the only part of me that needs a pillow… nowadays the belly and the knees have joined the pillow party too.


Last night all I wanted for dinner was a big salad, and all Joel wanted was some seared tuna. We each got exactly what we wished for from Eli’s! This salad disappeared into my tum in record time. All the toppings went together so perfectly that I didn’t even need to add any dressing. Joel very much enjoyed his seared tuna –> side note: years ago in Houston I ate some awful sashimi tuna and have not been able to eat raw/seared/sashimi tuna ever since. Just thinking about it turns my stomach. But I still do happily enjoy sashimi salmon, yellow tail, etc (when I’m not pregnant hah).

Our smallgroup came over last night and Jeff brought over some very tasty pizza. We also played a couple rounds of Taboo before diving into our discussion. You guys know how much I love our smallgroup. (also, if you haven’t played Taboo, you should, it’s super fun –> Find it HERE!).


We have a humidifier in our bedroom to help ease the dryness of the winter air. It was due for a cleaning and I was very thankful that Joel stepped up to the task. Friendly PSA: keep your humidifiers clean folks – they can harbor bacteria and gross stuff.


A very good bowl of chili happened at some point…


…and so did a brownie (leftover from smallgroup –> Jamie made this and it tasted delicious!).


Remnants from a Panera lunch with Natasha. I am perfectly content talking with her for hours on end – she is the bestest.


Last night was a restless leg kind of night (aka not the most fun pregnancy symptom), which meant a lot of tossing and turning until I finally gave in and cracked into my book. Have I mentioned that my book club is reading Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng? It is so very good and made my sleepless night that much more enjoyable. I love her writing style, and find myself pulled into the story and caring about the characters. Highly recommend! Find it HERE.


I’ll leave you guys with a quick bump update: Here we are at almost 30 weeks! This little boy is super active and kicks quite a lot, especially the ribs on the right side. The cutest thing on earth is when I feel his tiny hiccups. Can’t wait to meet you little guy!


What do you have planned for your weekend? How do you deal with nighttime restless legs? Got any good books to recommend?

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts from the week :)

    1. Broccoli rabe definitely tastes quite different compared to regular broccoli! The chili was pretty good, I wish I had more! Thanks Maureen, I’m really glad to be feeling better too. I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weekend weather! 😆


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