Our first baby class + a non-fruit breakfast!?


Hi friends!

Happy happy Friday 🙂 I’m excited for some weekend relaxation up ahead. Got any fun weekend plans coming up?

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day and I could not resist sitting on the patio after work. It was one of those days where the socks + berks combo was perfect (the berks were calling my name but it was on the chilly side for bare feet hah).


This pot used to be home to one of my fiddle leaf figs. It didn’t do so well in the cold dry winter air, and ended up throwing in the towel. 😦 Thankfully my other fig is still going strong and even managed to sprout a couple new leaves this spring! I am pretty happy about that.



The other night Joel was out at a meeting when he realized his car had a flat tire. He tried changing the tire but a couple of bolts broke in the process, so he had it towed to shop. By the time I picked him up it was pretty late and we were hungry. Lucky for us, Ruby Tuesday came to the rescue!


Joel started his meal with a salad. By the way, the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday is AWESOME! I don’t know why it has taken me so long to come around to Ruby Tuesday — I think it’s because the one we used to go to back in college was located in a weird little mall and always made me feel a little gross to go there. But the one near us now is great and I will definitely be back for more of that amazing salad bar!


We got matching salmon dinners with steamed broccoli, grilled zuccini, and mashed garlicky potatoes. It was all very very tasty and we left stuffed to the gills.


I stopped in at Target to pick up a few essentials –> their swimsuit section is rather large and impressive. I have never purchased swimwear from Target but there were quite a few cute little numbers. Good job Target.


We had our first baby-related class yesterday! Boy did we learn a lot about breastfeeding. Of course since this is our first child, breastfeeding (and all things baby) is a whole new world to both of us. The class was incredibly informative and we learned an absolute TON of information!


The instructor of the class had lots of props, and it was helpful to be able to visualize what she discussed. She also showed us a video showing proper latching which was incredibly helpful as well. Both Joel and I feel much more prepared after this class, and definitely recommend it to other expecting couples out there! A lot of hospitals/clinics offer them for free or at low cost 🙂


A few of these honey pretzel twists made an appearance for a snack –> I used to love these things in college. They are such a nice alternative to regular pretzels because the honey adds a touch of sweetness. I don’t remember them being as strong in the sesame department (maybe Snyders changed the recipe?) but they are still really yummy! (find them here).


Last night was Mike’s night for smallgroup snacks –> he brought over a few flatbread pizzas (fig and margharita), salads, spring rolls, and chicken from Eli’s. The fig flatbread was the standout in my opinion… it came with fig jam, arugula, prosciutto, goat cheese and mozzarella… it was SO GOOD. I have already made a mental note to get that the next time we go to Eli’s, it was insanely delicious.


After smallgroup, Joel sang a few songs to the baby. Did I ever tell you about this guitar? Back in college when Priscilla was teaching me how to play the guitar, Kristi knew a guy who had several guitars –> she put us in touch and he ended up letting me borrow one of his many guitars for the summer. Later, when I went to return it to him, he told me I could keep it because he never used it anyway. And that’s how I got my very first (and only) guitar! It has moved with us to Houston, Boston, Delaware, and Connecticut, and is still going strong 🙂


Today has been quite the rainy day so far, but I’m hoping the grey skies will give way to sun for the weekend. Joel covered our teak patio furniture with tarps in efforts to keep it as dry as possible. If we have a nice warm sunny day tomorrow, we are hoping it will dry out so that we can get it all oiled up for the season.


Almost every day since I got pregnant, I have had some sort of fruit for breakfast (cantaloupe, grapes, smoothies, and pears are pretty high up there). Sometimes I forget about non-fruit breakfast options like cereal and granola. We ran out of fruit this morning so I opted for some granola and almond milk –> my taste buds sure were happy about that! We’ve been getting THIS kind of granola for years (it’s so good), and THIS is our favorite  almond milk that is always in our fridge. 🙂


I was scrolling through old photos and came across this sweet lil gem of my nieces and nephew. This photo has got to be at least a year old, but these smiles never fail to make my heart happy. The two kiddos on the right are my brother Kenny’s kids, and the little girl on the left is my sister Mumbi’s daughter. My brother David also has 2 older kids (one in college, one in highschool) and Mumbi has since had a second lil boy, so there are quite a few nieces and nephews to keep track of! The perks of coming from a big family. I can’t wait to introduce our little guy to all his awesome cousins! 🙂


My brother David is quite the world traveler — his job is based in South Africa but I swear he is on a different continent every other week. He texted me this morning from the UK where he was enjoying some fish and chips. I haven’t been in the UK in a while but it would be fun to go back again someday soon.


What do you have planned for your weekend? Ever been to Ruby Tuesday? Do you come from a big family?        

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5 thoughts on “Our first baby class + a non-fruit breakfast!?

  1. Obviously I need to find some yummy food- your pictures have made me hungry! We’ve had beautiful weather but it’s supposed to rain all weekend so it will be indoor pursuits for me:)


    1. It rained all day Sunday here too — I definitely hear you on those indoor pursuits! A lot of netflix happened over the weekend! 🙂


  2. I’m glad the class was helpful for both you and Joel! I’m sure it’ll be the first of many baby classes which is so exciting.

    Ruby Tuesday’s does have a great salad bar which you wouldn’t really expect from a chain restaurant. I haven’t gone to one in forever!

    Your granola breakfast looks delicious. Granola is the best but I don’t buy it since I’ll eat the bag way to quickly.


    1. It is amazing how much there is to learn about babies, especially since this is our first we were pretty clueless! 🙂 I keep thinking about that Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar, yummm. I know what you mean about granola, it can certainly be hard to resist when it’s around! 😀


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