The winning combo + T minus 2 months!


Hi friends!

I cannot believe May begins tomorrow. The months are flying by faster and faster it seems. What did you guys do over the weekend? We caught up on a few errands and things around the house, did some relaxing, and had a nice little date night.

Our Friday night involved Longhorn Steakhouse –> we had one of these restaurants near us in Houston but we never went. This was actually our first time eating there together (my friend Bernice had a lunch here last month, so I went for that, but Joel missed out because he was out of town).


The margharitas on that drink menu looked pretty darn incredible. Can’t wait to sip a margharita on the patio after the baby comes. πŸ™‚


Soft, delicious bread, warm and fresh from the oven. They know how to do it right at Longhorn.



Salads to start. Joel’s dressing of choice was olive oil. My favorite dressing of all time is THIS ONE <– you have gotta try it.


I went with chicken and asparagus for my meal, and Joel opted for steak. There were chopped jalapenos in the pico on top of the chicken, which I was not aware of until I bit right into a big one and set my mouth on fire. Phew!


Our date night continued with a movie! I am pretty sure MoviePass is one of my favorite things. We tried to see the new Avengers movie but it was sold out, so we went with Rampage instead. I have to admit I had my doubts on whether I’d like it, but I ended up really enjoying it. I suppose the best way to ensure liking a movie is going in with zero expectations haha πŸ™‚


Our date didn’t end there… we then grabbed ice cream at Wentworth πŸ™‚ Chocolate with salted caramel and oreos for me (yess), and rum raisin for Joel. He’s always been a big rum raisin fan, and I gotta say, I just don’t get it..?


Saturday afternoon bump. T minus 2 months till this little guy makes an appearance! I’m feeling big for sure, but surprisingly good still. No issues to speak of, just happily pregnant over here πŸ™‚


My book club book has finally arrived. The German Girl (find itΒ here!) looks like it’ll be an interesting read. I’ve heard good things so I’m looking forward to diving in πŸ™‚


We finally had a day that was warm and dry enough to oil up our teak furniture –> the oil works best above 50 degrees –> something about the pores in the wood opening up…


I love Spring! It feels so good to sit outside. I am pretty sure that the amazing Connecticut Spring is our consolation prize for surviving the winter hah.


Berks + socks on the patio once again –> probably one of my more stylish moments to date πŸ™‚


This very cool guy took care of the entire furniture set himself. That’s right — the big table plus 8 chairs. And not only that, he also spent some time trimming our rose bushes and getting all the plants around the property nice and ready for the season. He’s the best.


After a long day of strenuous yard work (Joel), cheerleading of said yard work (me), and some couch surfing (also me) we were ready for some Thai dinner. Joel opted for a papaya salad with pineapple rice and chicken.


I went with garlicky salmon, veggies, and some of that very delicious pineapple rice –> it all made for quite the awesome experience for my taste buds. 10 out of 10. This will definitely be a repeat dinner.


Sunday morning involved church –> we arrived late and ran into a friend in the lobby so chatted out there for a bit. There were a few paramedics around tending to a young woman who had passed out during the service. She was sitting up, talking, and seemed fine by the time we saw her so I hope everything was ok. Since we were super late by the time we made it inside, we headed up to the balcony where we found Jeff, Jessica, and Mike. Yay for having friends to sit with πŸ™‚


Post-church lunch happened at Tandoor with Jessica and Bernice πŸ™‚ It feels like forever since the last time we saw them, so it was nice to catch up.


The Tandoor buffet lunch is pretty stellar, and the place was super busy this time around, the busiest I have ever seen it! There was a big line for the buffet, which I suppose should not be a surprise, judging by how good the food is. This week the goat curry and tandoori chicken were the stars of the show. πŸ™‚


I also very much appreciated the gulab jamun dessert –> they also had rice pudding, but man oh man, the gulab jamun simply cannot be beat. It’s probably my favorite Indian dessert that I have tried.


We stopped in at the store to pick up a few food essentials, and while we were there, we also picked up our first watermelon of the season πŸ™‚ Last year we planted watermelon seeds in our garden, but they didn’t do too well –> we think there may have been too much clay in the soil, or maybe too many rocks? Maybe we will try again this year since we have some nice rich soil from our compost…


I picked up some Crystal Light in the pink lemonade flavor (here!). It tastes very similar to the regular lemonade flavor which I love, so of course I am a fan. The only difference as far as I can tell is the color πŸ™‚


Leftover Thai food for Sunday dinner hit the spot. There’s nothing better than having yummy leftovers waiting for you when dinnertime rolls around.


The very best way to start a Monday is with a big bowl of perfectly ripe watermelon for breakfast. This is a fact.


When I got home from work, I found Joel cleaning out the grill in preparation for having Joseph and his wife over next week. Joseph and Joel have been friends since freshman year of college –> they were in the same engineering program and had most of their classes together. They went to Burkina Faso on a mission trip during one of the summers, which was a really amazing time for them (I missed him very much while he was gone but it was very cool to hear all about the experience when they got back!). Joseph and his wife currently serve as missionaries in Burkina Faso –> they are temporarily back in the USA and driving through Connecticut on their way to Boston, which is a perfect opportunity to for us to have them over for dinner!


An early dinner happened –> white pizza with the winning combo of toppings: extra pineapple, extra ham, and light cheese. I also added a good amount of red pepper flakes for an extra kick. Yum!



Are you a rum raisin ice cream fan? Do you add red pepper flakes to your pizza? What’s your favorite type of cuisine?Β  Β Β 

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4 thoughts on “The winning combo + T minus 2 months!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about rum raisin haha! Aw thank you so much, that is so very sweet of you. Yes I hope you’ll have a chance to try Longhorn, we really enjoyed it! πŸ™‚


  1. Pineapple rice sounds pretty good! Like you I don’t taste a difference between pink lemonade and normal lemonade but the pink color is just fun to me haha.
    I just added that book to my to read list, it looks like a great one!


    1. Oh good, I’m glad I am not missing something with the pink lemonade taste — I agree, the color is fun! πŸ™‚ I hope you’ll enjoy the book as much as I did Maureen!


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