A movie and a rule breaker


Hi friends!

Did you have a good weekend? Ours was very low key and relaxing — exactly the kind of weekend that leaves you feeling recharged for the week. We have a busy week up ahead so it felt good to have a couple chill days.

Some of our smallgroup pals went up to Hartford for “Worship Night in America”. Joel and I couldn’t make it but it sure was fun seeing all the photos in our group chat.


Looks like there was quite the turnout! The last time we were at a similar event was when we saw Hillsong United at the Lakewood arena in Houston.Β It was fun living vicariously through the photos! πŸ™‚


Meanwhile, Joel and I headed to the movies –> we wanted to see the new Avengers movie, but the seats were sold out, so we saw Amy Schumer’s movie instead (I Feel Pretty). It provided a good amount of humor to fuel our weekend. She is hilarious!



My movie snack consisted of Nothing Added organic dried mangoes. I am very thrilled to see these back in stock at Target. I can’t recommend these enough. If they weren’t on the pricier side I would keep large quantities in our pantry at all times.


Dinner happened at home after the movie. I was still full from the dried mangoes so I was content with just a couple pieces of watermelon for my dinner. Joel didn’t have a movie snack and had worked up quite the appetite from yard work, so he was happy with his burger, topped with avocado, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, and a side of fries.


The best way to start a Saturday morning is with a nice big bowl of watermelon. When did we as a society make the transition over to seedless watermelon? I don’t think our grocery store even carries the kind with seeds. I remember as a kid having to spit out the seeds with every bite — ah memories haha.


We stopped in at Home Depot to pick up another can of teak oil so that Joel could oil up the remaining 2 patio chairs. I always feel drawn to the house plants, is it just me? I love having plants of all kinds at home. My very first plant was a bamboo which I purchased for our tiny Houston apartment at a local Asian market. The kind that sits in water, no soil. I still remember how excited I was about that little ol’ bamboo –> I wish I could remember what happened to it.


A mid-morning snack involved a bowl of granola and almond milk, always a winning combination in my book.


I grabbed a new pair of earbuds (similar ones here). My other ones randomly died, which shouldn’t be too surprising as they were maaany years old. I love in-ear earbuds because they don’t fall off, and are comfortable to wear even while working out. I like to tuck the cord behind my ear so it doesn’t hit me in the face.


Have you guys seen these little container tub things? I picked up a couple packs of large ones (here) and small ones (here). I use them for everything! They snap securely shut, and you just give the sides a little squeeze to pop them open. I like to store my earbuds in one while they are in my bag so they don’t get all tangled up. I also use the tubs when I travel since they are so easy to clean and are great for storing random things like vitamins, mints, jewelry, or toiletries.


We dropped Joel’s car off at the shop for a new tire (he had a flat last week). I need new tires on my car too, something I have not been looking forward to due to the cost… tires are so darn expensive.


While waiting for Joel’s car, we grabbed a late (ehh 4pm) lunch at Panera. Joel’s favorite sandwich from there is the steak and arugula. My favorite is the chicken frontega. He also got a small bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. This soup and I go way back –> I remember getting it in college when my friends and I would decide to get a meal off campus. We would sometimes go read magazines or study at the Barnes and Noble that was right next to the Panera, or stop in at the nearby mall.


After picking up Joel’s car from the shop and spending a few hours getting chores done around the house, we went back to the movies (thank you MoviePass!) and managed to get seats for the Avengers. Yay! We also decided to actually buy concessions hah and grabbed some plain popcorn and a coke.


You guys, the movie was so good! I love all the Marvel movies so I knew I’d enjoy it. There was QUITE the shocker of an ending –> I won’t spoil it for you but if you haven’t seen it yet (and you like Marvel movies), you really should!

Sunday was a little cooler (60) and very overcast –> all day long it looked like it was going to rain any second. It ended up drizzling in the evening.


We put the cushions on the chairs so that we could have lunch out there. Patio life is the best life.


We then got the teak table and chairs set up for the season. I am getting more and more excited for all the meals that will be happening out here.


The rest of Sunday afternoon was quite uneventful –> we both spent a few hours getting caught up on work. Not the most exciting of afternoons, but we felt very productive. When dinner time rolled around we opted for salad and some lasagna. It was more like lasagna soup because it didn’t hold together in the slightest, but it tasted good. πŸ™‚


Why use a napkin when you have a convenient belly to catch falling food?


And finally, dessert was had while watching a Clint Eastwood movie. Instead of a bowl and spoon, Joel went with a plate and fork for his ice cream. What a rule-breaker πŸ™‚


What did you do over the weekend? Have you seen the new Avengers movie? How do you feel about house plants?Β  Β  Β 

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9 thoughts on “A movie and a rule breaker

  1. Avocado and bacon on a burger is so tasty! Alex was thinking of going to see the new Avengers movie but I haven’t seen any of them haha so I need to catch up before we can see the new one.

    Ice cream on a plate with a fork reminds me of being at a birthday party and having cake and ice cream.


    1. Haha! That is so true, ice cream on a plate with a fork is totally what you do with ice cream cake! And now that I’m thinking about ice cream cake, I wouldn’t mind a nice slice of one! yum πŸ™‚


    1. I have had lasagna soup, can’t remember where or when, but I remember liking it. I’ve never tried to make it myself but I’d be open to giving it a go at some point! 😊


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