The sweetest place on earth


Hi friends!

Hello hello hello from the sweetest place on earth, Hershey Pennsylvania!

We’re here on our last pre-baby trip – it’s hard to believe that the next time we take a trip we’ll have another little person in tow 🙂

The drive down to Hershey was quite pleasant – the weather was perfect and we didn’t hit any major traffic issues over the 4 ish hour drive. Being the engineer that he is, Joel’s favorite part was seeing the progress that has been made on the new Tappan Zee Bridge. The new bridge is the taller white section (the old bridge is shorter and on the left). It is constructed in the same style as a bridge in southeast Houston that Joel would drive over every day on his way to work.


The town of Hershey really lives up to its name! The roads bear names like Cocoa Avenue, Goodbar Court, Chocolate Ave, and Sweetbay Way. Even the street lamps were in the shape of chocolate kisses — this really is the sweetest place on earth 🙂 The hotel gave us Hershey chocolate bars when we checked in, which made for a lovely welcome. Check out this gorgeous 4-way fireplace in the lobby. There’s nothing like a cackling fire to bump up the cozy level a few notches.



We explored the area a little bit and hung out for a couple hours before grabbing dinner at the Hershey Grill. They brought out a some chocolate-flavored butter to go with our bread, which we thought it was very “Hershey” hah! Although the chocolate butter tasted good, we agreed that we prefer regular butter for bread.


I went with chicken, cranberry rice, and mixed vegetables for my meal. When the food first came out I thought there were potatoes in the mix, but they turned out to be parsnips. I can’t remember the last time I had parsnips — they were yummy!


After dinner we roamed around a bit and found a cute little gift shop. These chocolatey-flavored honey jars looked rather intriguing. We didn’t end up buying any but I am sure any of these flavors would be delicious on a piece of toast or drizzled over granola and yogurt!


The fire looked seriously inviting so we parked ourselves in a couple comfortable armchairs to enjoy it. This was a gas fireplace, which I appreciated. While for outside nothing beats a wood fire, I love a gas fire for indoors. You get all of the warm cozy ambiance without any of that stale campfire smell seeping into your furniture/carpet. Win win. 🙂


We picked up a pack of Hershey cards at the gift shop and put them to good use playing a few rounds of blackjack. One of our annual traditions is to get a new game every Christmas, something we did not do last Christmas, so these cards count towards our yearly tradition 🙂


The following day dawned bright and early with watermelon for breakfast for yours truly. Side note: Joel cut up an entire watermelon for me before we left Connecticut, and we brought with us in a cooler –> what a guy! Our hotel fridge is stuffed with juicy watermelon and I am extremely happy that my pregnancy craving will be satisfied 🙂

Joel had a meeting to go to, so while he was out I caught up on work for a bit. The day was way too beautiful to spend all of it indoors so I found a spot outside to sit and get some quality reading in. I made it halfway through The German Girl (here!) — I’m thoroughly enjoying the writing style and find myself genuinely intrigued by the characters and the story.


While I was sitting outside, the sky suddenly went from clear to dark, and a Severe Weather Alert beeped on my phone –> TORNADO warning! The beautiful day abruptly turned into a pretty crazy situation and sent everyone scurrying back indoors. The wind and rain that pummeled the area was nuts!


Joel was still in his meeting when the tornado warning happened, and he texted me to go inside and stay away from windows. Eek! He suggested hanging out in the lobby, which sounded good to me, so I headed over to continue reading my book by the fire while the wind howled outside.


While hanging out by the fire, I grabbed a hot chocolate. In the process, I discovered something pretty major…

I have officially reached a very important pregnancy milestone –> TABLE BELLY! 🙂 I may or may not have sent this photo to my family and friends 🙂


Later that evening, we decided to get dinner at The Forebay, quite the fancy lil spot. Everything looked decidedly lux and the atmosphere felt nice and relaxed.


Our server brought some salted breadsticks and a mustardy dip to our table to start out. Joel also opted for their soup of the day, which was a red pepper bisque topped with duck confit.


He also got the mussels appetizer. I thought about trying one but couldn’t quite “get there”. Are you a mussels fan? Joel loves them but I just can’t get on board…


He got a pork chop with creamed spinach for his meal, and I went with salmon for mine. I enjoyed the salmon, asparagus, and turnips but was not impressed by the orangey sauce underneath. I also didn’t particularly love the very odd mashed potatoes (they seemed strangely translucent and plasticky?). I ate pretty much everything except the mashed potatoes but I gotta say I was slightly disappointed, especially considering how pricey everything was –> overall I give this dish a 3/10.


Joel closed out his meal with a coffee and a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. I don’t know how he can drink coffee at dinner time, I would be awake all night. I was way too full to indulge in dessert, but if I could fit anything else in my stomach I would have gone with something chocolatey (we are in Chocolate Town, after all!) like the molten lava cake… 🙂


We hung out playing Rummy for a while before calling it a night. The last time I played Rummy was my birthday weekend back in January. I sure do love a good game of Rummy. 🙂


Have you ever visited Hershey? Are you a fan of mussels? Do you get tornadoes where you live?

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10 thoughts on “The sweetest place on earth

  1. Glad you got to visit my “backyard” (ok so I’m like 45 mins to an hour southwest of Hershey but close enough!) but sorry the storms dampened the trip! Have you been there before? I used to go to Hershey Park every summer for a day while in college and sometimes sporadic trips to Hershey Outlets and Chocolate World as well. The Giant Center and Hershey Stadium are my favorite concert venues. I can’t say I’ve really tried out many restaurants there so your input on those was nice.

    Jason and I actually had our first date in Hershey on May 28, 2011… he was living in Scranton and there was nothing really halfway between us so he agreed to come to Hershey. We went to the Ringling Brothers Circus (it was months into dating that I found out he actually hates circuses because of animal cruelty!) and to dinner at The Bears’ Den.


    1. It was so nice to visit Hershey! We have been there before many years ago to visit a friend who worked at the hospital there, but this was our first time staying there for an extended time. We definitely want to go back again when the baby is old enough to appreciate things like the zoo. We will have to try out The Bears Den on our next trip! 😁


      1. I would recommend Hershey Gardens on your next visit as well. I only went once years ago, I believe in June (if you go earlier than that you can see more tulips) and it was beautiful!


    1. What brings you north to my neck of the woods? The Hershey half marathon isn’t until October! Haha I haven’t ran it but I’ve heard good things about it… I’m kind of a tightwad and it’s more on the expensive side but you do get a pass to Hershey Park in the Dark which I think is what drives up the cost.


      1. We have a friend that works for Hershey and we’re paying a visit. Sadly, it isn’t running related haha. I do plan to get some miles in while I’m up there though. 🙂


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