They are here!

Hi friends!

Happy Friday! It’s a good one around here 🙂

Despite still not having internet/wifi at home and writing this from my phone, I am a decidedly happy camper.


Because some of my favorite people on earth are here for the holiday weekend!

Lydia and her daughter Amani arrived yesterday afternoon, and shortly thereafter Kristi, Evan, and their kiddo rolled in.

Fun fact: Kristi and Evan went to the same college as Joel and me! We go way back 🙂

Another fun fact: Kristi, Lydia, and I went to the same boarding school in Kenya! We grew up together.

We have more friends arriving today which we are all crazy excited about. I can’t wait for the house to be packed to the gills with awesome people.

More photos to come whenever Comcast gets our internet back up and running. For now, I hope you’re having an awesome Friday wherever you are!


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