Feels like forever + can you find them?

Hi friends!

It feels like forever since I have been able to write a proper post. Not having power for almost a week and not having internet/wifi at home for almost 2 weeks was not the most fun thing in the world, but we made it! But I’m happy to report that all of that has been restored, and life has returned to normal (phew)!

But let’s back up to last week…

The tornado that whipped through our area did a number on our property. It was pretty bad, but I try to remind myself that it could have been a lot worse.

One of the trees took out our playset –> Although we didn’t really use it (I was hoping our baby boy would one day hang out here) it’s pretty sad to see it looking in such a state.


Joel was a champ and got to work cleaning everything up — chopping up trees and raking up the branches, leaves, twigs, and random debris that got strewn all over the lawn. It was hard work, and he was quite the trooper. He somehow doesn’t get overwhelmed with the magnitude of the task –> he says he breaks up the big job into smaller manageable “action items” so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. I think that is a good mindset for other things in life too 🙂


It drizzled all day long and his boots and clothes were completely soaked. He rigged up this contraption to help speed up the drying process. I tell ya, life without electricity is somethin else. It felt pretty similar to camping except not as fun hah.


On one of the days last week a few friends came over to help. It’s true what they say –> many hands really do make light work. Being almost 9 months pregnant meant I wasn’t able to help out as much as I would have liked, but I tried to lend some good moral support and picked up  pizza and drinks to help fuel their manual labor. There are 6 people in the photo below… can you find them all? 🙂


When there is no electricity, books come to the rescue! I finished The German Girl –> it was my favorite book club pick to date. I was truly pulled into the story, so much so that I cried at some points! I love it when books can touch your heart so deeply.


While engrossed in my book, I discovered the deliciousness of untoasted marshmallows. Normally I only have marshmallows toasted in smores, but I found they are pretty yummy untoasted on their own. My friend Rachel poked fun at me for eating what is essentially just sugar (hah), but I gotta say, it was tasty!


Another book that I blazed through while the electricity was out: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I have not seen the movie but I can confirm that the book is incredible. If you haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend picking it up. It is told through the eyes of a child, which lends a voice of innocence to a very dark time. I was thoroughly captivated by every word. Some parts of it made me cry! There’s nothing like a good book.


Working from home gets a little more complicated when you don’t have electricity. Joel took a couple days off to work on the backyard but there were a few meetings he couldn’t reschedule, so we went over to the library parking lot where he could connect to their wifi and participate in one of his shorter meetings. Our library also has private rooms that he used for one or two of his longer conference calls too.


Something else we did one night while the power was out  –> we put a puzzle together! This puzzle was so much fun. It was easier than our other one that we did the last time we lost power (only 300 pieces as opposed to 1000). I wised up and used an LED flashlight instead of candles, which made seeing the pieces and colors much easier.


Cooking at home in the dark did not sound appealing (plus we were itching to get out of the house) so we headed to Red Lobster for some eats. I almost never order shrimp — it’s not my favorite seafood… but for some reason the grilled shrimp skewers sounded good so I went with it. The broccoli and asparagus were pretty great too.


We hung out at the library a lot to charge up our phones and laptops, and catch up on work stuff. I forgot my water at home bottle at home so stopped at the store to pick up a drink. A nice cold carton of coconut water sounded (and tasted) particularly delicious!


Another one of our post-tornado dinners was at Longhorn Steakhouse — I got a strawberry and orange salad with grilled chicken. It was pretty darn good. I just realized that although we have gone to Longhorn multiple times, I have never actually had their steak. Joel ordered his steak medium rare but was disappointed when it came out medium. I feel like steak is hard to get perfect, right? He said maybe next time he should order it rare, then it will come out medium rare.


We finally got power back a couple days before my girlfriends and their husbands and kiddos arrived for Memorial Day Weekend. In total, we did not have electricity for 6 days, which is the longest I have not had power. Phew! My friends would have been fine “camping” in our house without power, but as the host, I was certainly glad to get electricity back.

Lydia and her baby Amani arrived first, then Evan and Kristi and their daughter, followed shortly by Amy and her 8 week old baby, Grace and Sang and their 1 year old boy, Rachel and Pete and their daughter Acacia, and lastly Colleen!


I grew up with these girls, and we all went to the same boarding school in Kenya. Through the years our friendship has remained strong and I can’t imagine life without them. We try to get together annually for a reunion, and I’m tellin ya, I’m already looking forward to the next one! I’ll fill you in more on the weekend next time! 🙂

What did you do over memorial day weekend? Have you ever lost power for longer than a couple days? Do you ever eat marshmallows untoasted?



3 thoughts on “Feels like forever + can you find them?

  1. That is an awesome life motto!
    So good to have friends who are there in the good times and the bad. Glad you have power back- enjoy!


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