Girlfriends + what is this leaf?

Hi friends!

Welcome to Friday! Even though this has been a short week, it feels pretty great to have another weekend upon us.

My friend Lydia taught me a new way of cutting watermelon that takes about 60 seconds to slice up the entire thing. If she posted a video I’m sure it would go viral! Who wouldn’t want to learn a hack for cutting watermelon? Maybe that is just my pregnancy craving talking πŸ™‚


When my friends were here, us gals got to go out for breakfast one morning. It was nice being able to leave the kids at home with the guys so that we could enjoy some girl-time. It’s been 16 YEARS since the 7 of us were ALL together — we have reunions every year but there always seems to be 1 or 2 people missing each time… until now! πŸ˜€ I wish from the bottom of my heart that we all lived in the same city. We had the best time at breakfast! Not only was the company top notch, the food was also pretty amazing too –> I got the “loaded waffle” with strawberries, blueberries, and banana, which I ended up splitting with Lydia (she gave me half of her veggie omelet). Quite the perfect breakfast!


I am still drooling over these incredible cupcakes that Colleen made. She is an undeniable prodigy in the kitchen and bakes professional-level creations. Remember when she baked Jack’s cake for his 1 year birthday party? Read more about it HERE! Check out Colleen’s instagram here:Β @tuzos_portions! She also baked a pretty fantastic chocolate ganache cake (can you spot it behind the cupcakes?) which stole my heart ❀


Grace and Will did the majority of the cooking for our group over the week/weekend and they ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT! Grace planned out all the meals and took very good care of all of us (20+ people!). We were all very much impressed by their culinary expertise. I need to be better about meal-planning – she should teach me her ways! This is just one of the dinners they prepared: Korean bulgogi, breaded chicken, steamed rice, a Korean version of gnocci, and a salad topped with raisins… yummm…


These girls are some of my favorite people on earth. It’s hard to believe we have known each other since we were little kids. We all went to the same boarding school (I talk about the school in THIS post). I can’t wait for our little boy to be BFF’s with all of their kids πŸ™‚


My youngest sister Kabi (she is the sister that lives in Australia) sent gifts for our baby shower but somehow they did not get opened until a few days after the shower :/ But boy am I excited about this super cool baby carrier and whale nightlightΒ — whales are so cute. I can’t decide which is cuter for baby stuff, whales or elephants. I love them both πŸ™‚


I left the balloons from the shower up around our house to remind me of all the awesome memories. I love the colors Kristi chose for the shower! She picked mint green (or is it pastel green?), yellow, and white. I thought all the decorations were super cute and it all came together so nicely! These balloons looked nice and peppy until about halfway through the week when they started looking a bit sad and deflated. It’s a good thing the memories are forever! πŸ™‚


By Friday there was just one balloon left standing. When Kristi and Rachel bought the balloons, the person at the store told them that these particular balloons (or maybe the helium?) would only last 4-6 hours unless they upgraded to the fancier and more expensive balloons/helium. I’m glad they didn’t upgrade because these balloons were absolutely PERFECT for at least 3 days and didn’t start looking deflated until the 4th day. πŸ™‚


Joel has been working on prepping our garden for some new plants. He has re-structured the garden and is adding terraced rows (hence the rocks). We are a tad late on the gardening this year due to a lot of out-of-town travel and then dealing with the tornado fallout. But we’ve still got high hopes of getting some yummy veggies from our garden!


For smallgroup last night we had planned to sit on the patio around a fire, roast smores, and have a worship night. But due to the rain we took things indoors. The discussion was refreshing per usual – I tell ya, there’s nothing like a good conversation with awesome people. After everyone left for the night, dinner involved a small cheeseburger with ketchup, mustard, and relish. It was getting late and I needed some protein, and this little guy came to the rescue.


…followed by dessert of a cupcake left over from the shower. I have a bunch of these lil beauties in my freezer just chilling (no pun intended hah) and waiting to be enjoyed over the coming weeks.


The watermelon love is still going strong around here. My mornings are 250% better when chilled watermelon is involved. It’s funny how my cravings have evolved over the course of this pregnancy. Remember when I was ALL ABOUT cantaloupe? Then green grapes? I went from being obsessed to kinda apathetic about cantaloupes and grapes. They don’t sound amazing and they don’t sound terrible – I’m just kinda “meh” about them hah. But w.a.t.e.r.m.e.l.o.n… yes please!!!


What kind of leaf is this? We were sitting on the patio googling leaves to figure out what kind of trees were in the woods behind our house. I think this is an elm leaf. What do you think?


Joel found this pair of earphones in our dryer — they must have been put through the washer and dryer when my galpals did a load of laundry. You would not believe how well they cleaned my house before they left — they even washed all their sheets and towels! These headphones appear to be the only casualty — turns out they belong to Colleen. Even sadder, they are the second pair of earphones she has left at our house. Sorry Colleen! :/


Ever accidentally put electronics in the laundry? What’s your favorite cupcake + icing combo? Got any watermelon-cutting hacks to share?Β 


13 thoughts on “Girlfriends + what is this leaf?

  1. When the iPod shuffle first came out, my older brother had it in his pocket and it got put through the washer and dryer. Small electronics are great until you forget they are in your pocket. It is so kind of your friends to clean your house so well and do laundry for you. Gotta love amazing friends!


    1. I remember the iPod shuffle! I agree, it’s easy to forget those little electronics are in your pocket! And YES, gotta love incredible friends, they are pricessless! πŸ™‚


  2. That is so awesome that you were able to see all your friends all at once! Did they all stay in your house!?!? As far as cupcakes I love red velvet with cream cheese icing, yellow cake with chocolate icing or chocolate cake with peanut butter icing!


    1. Yes they (and their husbands and kids) all stayed with us! We had a very full house πŸ™‚ It was so fun having all the hubbub, and after everyone left we felt like empty nesters! haha


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