He really is somethin!

Hi friends!

How is everyone doing this fine Monday? I started my day with a big bowl of beautifully chilled watermelon. Joel gets extra points for going to the store to restock our watermelon supply and cutting it up for me before I made it downstairs. He really is somethin 🙂 I’m a lucky gal!


My book club book finally arrived over the weekend! This month we had planned to read a novel written by one of the book club members who is an author, but she is still working on revising the draft, so we decided to go with something else this time around. I have been wanting to read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini for YEARS! I read The Kite Runner by the same author back in high school and loved it. I’ve heard awesome things about A Thousand Splendid Suns and am looking forward to diving in.


Somewhere underneath all of that tornado debris is our compost area. You may be able to spot a few egg shells. Joel is still working on clearing up all of this brush. It looks a hundred times better than it did before. For some of the bigger trees farther back on the property, we may need to have a lumbar company come out and take care of them, but we’ll cross that bridge a little later on.


Something else we did over the weekend was organize the wonderful gifts we received during the baby shower. 🙂 Our little kiddo is already so loved! For anyone wondering, I registered at Amazon, Target, and Pottery Barn Kids. The Amazon registry turned out to be the most preferred by our friends and family (and us too!). Not only did we receive a free welcome package containing baby supplies, we also get discounts on many of the items in our registry.


My girlfriends thought of absolutely EVERYTHING for the shower! They kept track of who gave us what gift in a big list, and even had guests write down their mailing address onto envelopes. This all makes the thank you note writing process that much easier. I really think Kristi should consider a career as an event planner –> she’s awesome!


Our little boy received the most adorable clothes from our friends and family — baby clothing is just so cute, I can’t get over it A lot of it came from Kristi, but Amy also gave us some hand-me-down clothes from her boys (she has 3) –> so our little guy is pretty well set up with his first wardrobe!


Have you ever seen or used one of these swaddle thingies? This was a gift from Kristi. I’ve heard they are easier to use than a regular cloth when the baby gets a bit bigger. Can’t wait to have our little munchkin in this 🙂 We also received regular muslin swaddles and I’m excited to use those too.


We took a quick break from organizing baby stuff to have some lunch, which involved leftover hotdogs from a BBQ earlier in the week. Speaking of hotdogs, I remember back when I had my first American hotdog (we do have hotdogs in Kenya but they taste different). I seriously couldn’t believe how SALTY it was! Hah! I found that a lot of food in America was either really salty or really sweet. Nowadays I am used to the saltiness of the American hotdogs hah. Probably not the best thing in the world but hey. I just added some ketchup, mustard, and relish and called it a day.


We then put the crib together. 🙂 This lovely little crib is a hand-me-down from Natasha. She’s the best! It felt good to get it assembled and ready for baby. The crib mattress is currently on its way to us from Amazon. At first we went to Target to get a crib mattress but turned out they didn’t have any in our store :/ …so I turned to Amazon –> seriously, Amazon is kinda the best and I love that it delivers right to my door. I sure am grateful for the convenience!


At some point we paused to snack on these dark chocolate and sea salt covered almonds. We find them in the specialty section of our grocery store. They are on the pricey side so we don’t get them often, but they are ridiculously delicious!


On Sunday afternoon, Jeff came over to help Joel out with tornado cleanup. He’s kinda awesome for helping us out! While they were busy with the manual labor, I popped out to a local buffet to pick up some lunch for them. I had never been to this buffet before but it sounded like it would be a quick in-and-out spot to grab something, and it was. It also turned out to be pretty good bang for the buck, which was great.


I grabbed some of these very delicious lychees to snack on too. I just love me some lychess. Whether it’s the fruit, the juice, a bubble tea, or some flavored ice cream, lychees are yummy in whatever form! If they weren’t so expensive, I’d get them all the darn time.


Lunch happened on the patio with Joel and Jeff –> the buffet food turned out to be kinda “meh” in my opinion…not exactly my favorite. It was decent but I found it slightly bland. However, the guys liked it a lot, so that is good. And the weather was perfection which went a long way to make up for the bland food 🙂


My dessert involved a leftover cupcake from the baby shower. This lemony cheesecake on a graham crust was way too delicious. I didn’t even see this kind of cupcake on the day of the shower (I may have been distracted by the chocolate ganache cake) but I fully appreciated it in the moment. Colleen did such a nice job with all the different types of cupcakes that she made!


Do you have a favorite buffet? Are you a lychee fan? Got any baby essentials to recommend?  


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