Errand running & dinner breaks

Hi friends!

How are you this fine day?

Many errands have been run in these parts, including multiple Target and grocery store trips. Among the things we have added to our home are these very important socks that came home with us to replace Joel’s old socks (they had some pretty big holes in them).


Our fridge was looking rather empty for a while there but I am happy to report it is now re-stocked with all the essentials. What is your favorite type of apple? Joel loves the green tart ones. Back when we first got married I used to get fuji apples all the time, but now my all-time fave is honeycrisp. I love the satisfying crunch for every bite. Honeycrisp apples also have perfect amount of sweetness too… they are just so good.


Another gorgeous watermelon came home with us. Joel is the official watermelon-picker in our house. Whenever I pick them, they are either under-ripe or over-ripe. He somehow knows how to pick the best ones. Same with cantaloupe (my first pregnancy craving which has since disappeared).


Just in case you needed to see a honeycrisp apple up close 🙂 These are a major staple in our fridge. Oh and that in the background is the rock-n-play we set up downstairs where the baby can hang out or nap. I got the idea from Amy who brought her rock-n-play for her 8 week old. It plays soothing music and has an auto-rocker. I hope our little one finds it to be a relaxing place to snooze. 🙂


In-between running a hundred errands, we stopped at Olive Garden for some dinner fuel. It’s not normally a place I gravitate to, but Joel was in the mood for lasagna and it was right near where we were. He got the stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer –> they did not look particularly appetizing to me so I opted out, but he enjoyed them hah.


We split a big bowl of garden salad. Anyone a fan of banana peppers? Joel likes them but I can’t bring myself to try them for some reason.


He got the “classic lasagna”, whereas I went with the alfredo lasagna. His looked nicer than mine –> mine was very white/beige and not very pretty haha, but it tasted good 🙂


I appreciated the little mint chocolates that they gave us with the receipt. When we were in Hershey PA last month all the restaurants gave out hershey kisses with the receipt too. It was really nice! Perhaps every restaurant should give out chocolates with the receipt 🙂 I would not be opposed to that.


Raspberry leaf tea made an appearance while relaxing in front of the TV. Priscilla gave me a box of this tea and I’ve been having a cup every now and then. It’s supposed to be great during pregnancy, and it tastes pretty good too.


I finally got a box of my favorite Kind bars. I couldn’t find them in the grocery store and realized they moved them over to the specialty section with all the organic stuff. If you haven’t tried this flavor, you really should, it’s delicious!


We picked up some diapers for the changing tables (well not really tables, more like “areas”) at home — I have most of what I need for that. I set up a changing area downstairs and also one upstairs.


This baby-shower cupcake went from freezer to my mouth in 10 seconds. All I want is a freezer stocked full of these. The lemony icing is so light and delicious. Colleen nailed it! I think she should open up her own bakery so that the world can partake in these incredible treats.


Joel needed to pick up some wood planks from Home Depot (we come here way too often) –> the tornado pretty much demolished the play set in our back yard and he is working on re-building it. Back in Houston we had a Lowes close to our house so we went there all the time. But here in Connecticut the Lowes is farther away so we almost never go there anymore. I feel like we are at Home Depot at least once a week, sometimes more often.


We then stopped in at a furniture store to check out their gliders. All the gliders we saw and tried out were very nice but man oh man, they were SUPER expensive. I tried looking for more affordable options on craigslist but all the gliders I liked were already sold. We ended up ordering one from Amazon. It should get here early next week –> fingers crossed it’s as comfortable as it look in the photos!


Running errands sure works up an appetite, so we grabbed dinner at Rubamba! My absolute favorite dish there is the barbacoa on a columbian arepa. Seriously, there is nothing better than some perfectly cooked and seasoned lamb with a sweet arepa and some avocado on top. If I had a personal chef, this dish would be on the menu at least once a week.


Joel decided to go with a new-to-us dish –> chicken on a venezuelan arepa! He said it tasted like hot chicken salad, which sounds a little odd but he said it was delicious. He also got some rice and beans on the side.


After we wrapped up our dinner, we realized that we had forgotten to put money in the parking meter. The car was parked about 5 feet from the restaurant door so all we had to do was peek out the window –> sadly we could see from inside the restaurant that there was a parking ticket waiting for us on the windshield. Bummer! New Haven has gotten more strict with ticketing compared to several years ago.


Lately I have been quenching my thirst with watered-down ginger ale. I put an inch or two of ginger ale into a cup (or bottle) then fill the rest up with water. It has been a nice way to change up the taste without drinking full-on soda.


When was the last time you got a parking ticket? Are you a fan of stuffed mushrooms? What is your favorite place to buy furniture? 


2 thoughts on “Errand running & dinner breaks

  1. I love Kind bars but didn’t like that one much. I like the maple almond one. 😀
    All of the food looks wonderful and I’m glad you got a glider. I really appreciated mine when I had my son!


    1. Oh that’s so awesome that your glider was useful! I debated whether to get a recliner, rocker, or glider and everyone recommended the glider so i’m glad we got it! 😄


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